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  1. Nobody. It's almost never mentioned, but no Arab states are willing to take in refugees who fled from territories occupied by Israel and Egypt has not opened its borders to Gaza due to the security risks. It's pretty much unprecedented that entire generations live their lives in refugee camps. That's how the Palestinian identity was created in the first place, and it's in the interest of the Arab countries to keep it that way, because they can center their cause around the plight of the oppressed.
  2. I find the occupation and ethnic cleansing Israel has been doing in the West Bank for decades pretty horrifying - and I think the radicalization of Palestinians and rise of Hamas is probably the consequence of that - , but I don't see what else could they do in Gaza here and now. What would the 'ceasefire' people advocate for result in? Realistically, the Palestinians would keep supporting Hamas stronger than ever, and they would be able to regain strength and launch terror attacks again. At this point, the Palestinians are so radicalized that it's difficult to see how would they live 'peacefully' with Israel in a theoretical two-state solution.
  3. Yes, the truth is that the majority of Palestinians support Hamas: https://apnews.com/article/hamas-middle-east-science-32095d8e1323fc1cad819c34da08fd87 It's no coincidence that no election has been held by the Palestinian Authority in West Bank for many years - Fatah is afraid they would lose their power.
  4. I hope not. Honestly, I hate the whole master conspiracy theory - that they orchestrated the Dance, the death of dragons and/or Robert's Rebellion - but I fear GRRM is going to reveal some of those to be true.
  5. I think that the primary reason is Doylist: the Sweetrobin-Sansa match may have indeed been planned in ASOS, just scrapping 5-year gap has made it impossible, that's why GRRM introduced Harry the Heir in Feast.
  6. I disagree. Theon could unite the much of the factions of Asha and Victarion behind him, and Aeron would be probably persuaded to support him.
  7. Shouldn't he have killed Jon earlier, before he allowed a horde of barbarian wildlings inside Castle Black? Shouldn't he have checked whether Mance Rayder is really dead? Shouldn't he have stopped Ser Piggy from rigging the vote? Bowen Marsh is one of the best men to ever grace the land, but he lacked the vigilance of Ser Alliser.
  8. https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2022/12/23/a-couple-of-rocks/ "The Lannister castle is not ON TOP of the Rock. It is INSIDE the Rock. All of it. Barracks, armories, bedchambers, grand halls, servant’s quarters, dungeons, sept, everything. That’s what makes the Rock the strongest and most impregnable seat in all of Westeros. The Eyrie, Winterfell, Storm’s End, they all have formidable defenses… but none of them can match Casterly Rock. When Harren the Black built Harrenhal, he thought his immense new castle could defy even dragons. Stone does not burn, he reasoned. But stone does melt, and dragons fly, and… well, you know the rest. And Balerion’s flames proved hot enough to turn Harren’s massive towers molten. But Casterly Rock is a mountain, and its chambers and halls are buried deep inside, under tons of solid stone. No curtain wall in Westeros, however thick, can even come close. What does this all mean? Maybe nothing. I just wanted to set the record straight. Give you all something to think about. (And maybe put an end to all these pictures of a little rock with a castle on top). Casterly Rock will not remain forever offstage, I hope. I have two more novels to go, and my plan is to have one or more of my viewpoint characters visit the Rock in THE WINDS OF WINTER or A DREAM OF SPRING, so I can show you all the wonders and terrors and treasures of House Lannister first hand. Meanwhile, feel free to ponder… could Casterly Rock stand against dragons? We know it can be taken by apes."
  9. Well, it's possible that she does something of a sort. This is a blogpost of GRRM from this year: "Casterly Rock will not remain forever offstage, I hope. I have two more novels to go, and my plan is to have one or more of my viewpoint characters visit the Rock in THE WINDS OF WINTER or A DREAM OF SPRING, so I can show you all the wonders and terrors and treasures of House Lannister first hand. Meanwhile, feel free to ponder… could Casterly Rock stand against dragons?" https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2022/12/23/a-couple-of-rocks/ I doubt that she could 'cook it' from the outside, but if she takes Casterly Rock with the help of Tyrion, I could see her burning down the ancestral castle of the Lannisters from the inside as a 'Second Harrenhal', a demonstration of power and punishment for the crimes of the Lannisters.
  10. Tyrion's arrest seems stupid in retrospect, but it wasn't stupid based on the information Cat knew once Tyrion recognized her. Cat couldn't really anticipate that both LF (risking his job to start a war) and Lysa (betraying her family) are playing her false. Jaime's release was indeed foolish, mostly because it was her rogue action - so it looks like an escape attempt - and because she put too much trust in Tyrion, who has just tried to break Jaime out of prison with disguised members of the 'peace delegation' he sent. A hostage exchange between Jaime and the Stark girls would have been actually reasonable after the deaths of Bran and Rickon.
  11. Well, they might regret their previous actions more, but that's because they did worse things than Barristan. Passively watching an atrocity happen when you have little power to stop it is not as bad as committing the atrocity yourself out of your own volition. The problem is that for all their regret, they do not really start acting on a moral high ground when left to their own. Sandor digs graves in peace, while Jaime still reinforces the Lannister subjugation in the Riverlands and threatens to catapult babies. Meanwhile, Barristan overthrows Hizdahr and prepares to fight slavers while forbidding the Shavepate from comitting atrocities.
  12. I don't see how he automatically becomes a better person by 'going against the status quo'. Personally, I very much doubt that Barristan would have gone after the butcher's boy and murdered him if Robert ordered him to do so. He didn't commit any despicable acts but watched despicable acts being committed - which the Hound also did in AGOT and ACOK (even if he comforted Sansa) and only quitted when Tyrion ordered him to fight in the face of fire. He developed later, but so did Barristan - he observed Dany before revealing himself to her and after Dany disappeared in ADWD acted on what he thinks is right. I agree with the general thrust of your post, but this idea that the Hound (who murdered a child with no regret, when he had the opportunity to report it to Robert) or Jaime (whose selfishness caused a war and he still doesn't take responsibility for it) are better people than Barristan seems ridiculous. Yes, they are more open-minded but that doesn't make them better, because they are generally less decent and most of their criticism of the knighthood is just talk, not act - it's Brienne who acts like a true knight should.
  13. It's a good list, although I don't think that Roose had a choice to surrender - the Boltons needed to participate in the slaughtering of the armies allied to Robv. Cat arresting Tyrion and taking him to Lysa seems a horrible move in retrospect, but based on the information available to her, it was a very smart decision once he recognised her. I don't think she had any rational reason to assume that Littlefinger (risking his position to start a war) or Lysa (betraying her family) are playing her false.
  14. Well, apparently saving Lyanna from an unwanted marriage (if that's what happened) isn't a noble thing. Except it didn't start a continent destroying war, nobody called the banners as an answer to that. Aerys' vile actions caused Jon Arryn to start a war. I compared it in the sense that the actual event probably wasn't what people claim it to be now (forceful kidnapping of a noble girl), and wasn't the event that actually sparked the war.
  15. Except that's not what Lysanma criticised Robert for. Her problem was that Robert is a fundamentally dishonest person who claims to love her but still regularly whores. That's something that Ned also recognises in AGOT, that Robert promises something and forgets it come next day. For all his faults, Rhaegar wasn't like this. He married Elia for duty (there was no love in their relationship) and probably loved Lyanna and didn't cheat on her.
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