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  1. I personally prefer a friendship or apprenticeship line of transmission for Dunk's shield to House Tarth.
  2. And it is times like these I feel so out of place on an English-speaking forum, my family and me being from a country that was once colonized and all that, watching the tragedies of another.
  3. No of course not, they are "Hamas lies and propaganda that are being repeated, over and over".
  4. After reading through the article, I believe most Israeli spokespeople could benefit from such a controlled, collected delivery of their point that sparingly uses the word Hamas. Not that words could undo the fact there are at least 20 dead Palestinians to every dead Israeli since Oct 7th. And I actually like Erdan's little stunts in the UN, he's funny in his own way.
  5. Apologia by the Israel Democracy Institute? Fine, so long as it doesn't repeat "Hamas" in every paragraph.
  6. Not every house produces incestuous siblings, that's really more a Targ thing.
  7. The problem being regional identities survived three hundred years into the Conquest, so holding Westeros together seems really more of a military exploit than anything else. Maybe it is a greater public service to let the Seven Kingdoms go each their own way.
  8. Al Jazeera reports on the Gaza Genocide case: Here’s a quick recap of the ICJ ruling: The court says it has jurisdiction to rule in the case. The court orders Israel to take measures to prevent acts of genocide in the Gaza Strip. The court says Israel must prevent and punish incitement to genocide in the Gaza Strip. The court says Israel must allow humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip. The court obliges Israel to take more measures to protect but Palestinians but does not order it to end military operations in the Gaza Strip.
  9. I think he means he dislikes people who blur the lines. I personally believe Nettles is a dragonseed though. We do have the queen's ... strong ... sons as a support.
  10. Now that you mention it, the Starks prob welcomed the Manderlys to employ their merchant marine as the de facto Navy of the North, in which capacity Torrhen Manderly made ties with the Myrish to mess up plans of Lys.
  11. Housing Strategist. Taking the literal meaning here.
  12. Would not the "magical fallout" of the Doom interfere with the warg bond, though?
  13. Fishy. But then, House Manderly is the mermaid house, after all.
  14. Possibility that Rhoynar turtles are a sandworm reference noted. So Jeor Mormont giving a sword to Jon Snow could be the other side of the "roots-worms creating a hero" symbolism?
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