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  1. Best episode of Season 2. Worth a 10. Everything was done fantastically. It had action and drama and a sense of flow that the other episodes haven't matched. The book changes are done well; Qarth might just end up not being one uninteresting bore with her dragon's stolen (as well, I always wondered why they didn't take them in the books). Tywin's actor dominates the screen. He's easily the best actor in the entire cast. Arya stealing the letter... Lolwat? Why not just read the damn thing and leave it there. When the letter goes missing, it's not like Tywin isn't going to immediately know who stole it. And, of course, Amory had it on him when he died in front of Tywin. Nice save by Jaqen though. I cannot comprehend the people expecting this to be like the books or claiming that it 'betrays' GRRM's vision. Newsflash: GRRM has done things extremely poorly. He's had bad scenes, bad characters, and bad, nonsensical plot. This is a second runthrough and I highly suspect they're polishing and fixing things he's had issues with. You can't show half of what the books do purely because they're revealed through monologue or else too subtle for the screen. This necessitates changes and a change from his 'vision'. Due to both limited time and the medium, the show should be more entertaining and action packed than the books while still retaining as much of the intriguing plot as possible... and that's what they're doing. It shouldn't try to be as in depth or 'deep' because it won't be able to manage it. I will bet money to the effect that Brienne will not be wandering the Riverlands in the show. That was, while... important... in the books, boring for the show. That said, yes, this show had some issues. Something that stood out for me was the guy's arm getting torn out during the riot. The rest of the riot was done marvelously, but I just had to shake my head at that part. Jon missing with his strike just strikes me as him being incompetent. As mentioned, the letter and Arya. However, none of these flaws were big enough to merit more than a flash of irritation. The episode was great.
  2. I disagree. The Hound protected her, there was some excellent characterization in there, but people like Dontos, Tyrion, or Joffrey are important. Not the Hound.
  3. What was with the acting this episode? Anything Danny was horrible, Stannis/Renly was just... wooden, and blargh. Tyrion and Bronn, of course, managed to steal the show. The only quality acting in this episode, besides Arya and Tywin. There's a lot of hate for the Joffrey scene (similar to Ros in the last one), but it worked very VERY well. Cannot wait for the guy to die. Too much Littlefinger. I'm getting bored whenever I see him. He's not even that important. What was the point of the Margaery bit with him? He should have had a quarter of what he did. I "like" the guy and everything, but there's far too much of him. Melisandre and Davos was... amazing. I knew they'd end an episode with it, and just WOW. Amazingly done. Can't say anything more. Most of the episode was bad. They managed to pull off an utterly amazing finish, though. Can't wait for next week. Hopefully it has more Arya.
  4. ARYA. I love you. You are the best character in the books AND you get awesome new parts in the show that make you even BETTER. Not like Littlefinger! I require more of you. Oh, and the speed at which she gave Jaqen and co. the axe was badly done to me! She's scared of the people in there. Quick thinking and tons of stress, but still!
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    I liked Eeyore, and Dolorous Ed.. Dolorous Ed seems to roll off the tongue nicely as well.