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  1. Grenn and Pyp :'-( I'm honestly super sad about Grenn. I loved the character and the actor was solid. And that beard.
  2. I am a little behind but is anyone else bothered that Sansa and Petyr sailed to the Vale and still had to pass the Bloody Gate?
  3. Gleason really nailed the character of Joffrey, just as much as Dinklage nailed Tyrion. Great episode.
  4. I am not sure how they're going to take a Shae who is apparently in real love with Tyrion and put her in Tywin's bed. Revenge?
  5. How can they cut Euron after ADWD? He has a role to play... I am pretty disappointed that they cut both Coldhands and the magic gate that opened only for brothers. One of the coolest scenes in the book.
  6. There's the big reveal about Reek. But it wasn't particularly impactful.
  7. Mya, I agree. I didn't have enough faith in them :P
  8. That was really impactful. More so even than the book. Why is Sansa so warm with Tyrion?
  9. Worst bird effect ever. But nice to see the wolves contributing to the show. I am confused though - was that Shaggy and Summer or was Ghost there? Where is Ghost at this point in the book anyway?
  10. Surprisingly emotional about this. The actor playing Robb has been quite good this season, really makes me care about the character even though I knew what would happen.
  11. Of course the forum will go down. It pretty much does anyway (though better in recent weeks), so how much more so after today??
  12. Won't it kind of make a difference that Grenn wasn't there to see Sam kill the Other?
  13. Why are people saying Talisa removed Jon from Robb's will?
  14. Amazing scene in the bath. NCW continues to shine in every episode.
  15. Thanks mafalda! I actually didn't realize that the episode name was Walk of Punishment, heh
  16. Right, but mafalda made a comment on the previous page about getting what it represented. I just didn't know if there was some reference that I didn't get.
  17. Wow great last scene. Nicolaj Coster-Waldau has really nailed the character, a great performance in every episode and pretty much exactly how I pictured the character.
  18. Minor criticism but how were the Bolton men's horses so much faster than Theon's? And I'm sorry but being hit by a morningstar with the combined momentum of two horses would destroy you, not simply knock you off your horse.
  19. Not a fan of that scene between Dany and Missandei. But I think they're setting up that scene well.
  20. Did Sam find the Dragonglass in the last season? I wonder when they'll make Sam the Slayer if not ...
  21. I think they did a great job putting a strategic error on Edmure given the different storyline. But not killing the Mountain is not big potatoes - Robb's anger seems a bit overblown (if this was in reaction to the error in the book, it'd be spot on).
  22. Welcome. I also want to take this opportunity to express my jealousy of those, like you, who came to the series only recently. You only have to wait a few weeks for the next book, we've been waiting years and years! Lucky!
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