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    Your goal of offering a calm stable environment for the foster kids is not compatible with the needs of this dog. It sucks but no choice from here is going to be easy. If you want to try something, your money is best spent on a veterinary behavior specialist. Your best chance of success is a combination of behavior modifying drugs with advanced behavior modification. To try to change such an extreme condition takes much time, much dedication, and much diligence. A veterinary behavioral specialist is the best person to give you both. This website will give you some information if there are options in your area. As to finding a new home, this is going to be tough. You're going to probably go through friends and friends of friends to find the right home. Some rescue groups may be able to help but you'll need to be creative and patient.
  2. Ixodes


    If you get a corgi, make sure you plan for intense socialization and basic training. This is part of the package. They are very intelligent and active dogs. If you don't anticipate this they will invariably become dickheads. Two types of corgis come into my practice: 1) corgis that are extremely awesome dogs that everyone loves and wants to see or 2) dickhead bitey little shites that need to be muzzled the minute they walk into my doors. This is all dependent on how they were socialized during the first 16 weeks of their adorable little lives. If you have no intention of doing some type of puppy class or starting obedience with a great trainer, then please, please, please do not have the intention of getting a corgi. It's the dog breed for people that really enjoy getting into making their dog's great family members from day one. If you aren't willing to put in the time and effort, I will direct you to other small breeds. Like shih-tzus, or bichons.
  3. Ixodes

    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    These DNA tests can be marketed with absolutely no validation or confirmation whatsoever. The companies rely on people seeing "DNA" and assuming the science is legit (they probably watched a few episodes of CSI). I would take any results with huge, huge grains of salt.