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  1. Stunts


    :smoking: hello, Im ___ and im an ASOIAFaholic... *looks around for coffee....
  2. Your PM didnt come through :(

  3. Fly by stalking!!! I missed you by seconds!!! Damnit seconds!!!

  4. because if I remember correctly, we blame Pod, do we not? xoxoxo

  5. Flying by to wave at Padraig

  6. I'm baAAAaaack, I've seen the other side.

  7. HAS now set her status.

  8. Hi ADZ!

    You have been Stalked!

  9. Hi Spidey! Just stopping by to add you as a friend. Hello new friend!

  10. EXCELLENT CASTING!!!! Fantastic job so far. Not that it hasn't been exciting as hell, but man! I'm like 10 times MORE excited. I am SO stoked! You are kickin some ass and takin some names! I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOU GUYS! I LOVE THIS SHOW! *doing the happy disco

  11. David and Dan Rock the Box Office Homie!

  12. Stunts


    Hi Painty. Personally I found the whole series highly "re-readable". I couldn't help devouring it the first time. And I've read it again and again. I've probably bought the whole set 3 or 4 times. Hi Everyone. I'm Jaimee but you can call me Jme. We don't really need all those extra vowels. I was raised in a small town in Idaho so I'm into all the hiking and fishing and camping I can squeeze in then we buckle down for some crazy weather. The winters here are are un friggin REAL. We are the starks up in here! AND WINTER IS COMING>>> Hehe I *had* to. `~snickers~ LOL anyways....Getting "snowed in" is a comon theme and so here in a couple weeks I'l have a ton of time on my hands and you'll see more of me. Or I'll be painting/plumbing the sink/ *underbreath*fixinwhatthehellbreaksonthefriggingrumblegrumble... I love to hang out with my kids. I love to read, and sew, make homemade christmas presents, bead, crochet, garden, sleep, I love sleep. sleep is one of my favorite things. I went to college and majored in History and minored in fine arts painting and sculpting. . but uh...yah so my children are beautiful and I love them very much. They are my lil miracles. I was told no babies...but I had 2 babies...so there. They are magical. They have super powers. I couldn't be happier with them and they are so funny and cool. I'm blessed. I was also blessed with 4 heart children who well that could be a whole thread...they are all so awesome. They range in age 20, 18,16,15,(9&7 for the youngest two). So yah I have the 6 kids. So I'm practiced in the art of herding cats. and Jedi mindtricks for use on teenagers. 5 girls and my 18 yr old is the boy. ~deep shuddering breath~~ I guess I should say *man* I am a huge animal person. Love all kinds of animals. Love to ride horses. I am, I guess, a country kid at heart forever but I've been to a large portion of the US because I used to be a jump in the car and go kinda girl but uh, I haven't really done that since well.. St.Patty's day..BUTTE!!!!!!!OY OY OY! OH AY OH AY OH OH AY OH AY.....anyways...I am Irish but I'm also scandinavan and Heinz 57 So I have to wear alot of big hats. I don't tan. On holidays like st paddy's and 4th o july and christmas, I like to wear giant hats I guess to call less attention to my big sun hats. I love to sing. I will post a video on youtube for mocking purposes soon. Ahhh the kareoke adventures... Oh yah and I'm a little longwinded. Sorry bout that. Okay. I'm gonna wrap this up now. I am OCD for ASOIAF. Love it. Can't wait for it to be done but it's like I don't mind waiting cause it's like smelling stew all day in the slowcooker, and you want some bad but you don't want to rush it but the savory smell carries you on it's mystical/Tom and Jerry wispy scent cloud and you just have to keep sniffing it. Yah so \glad to be here. :thumbsup: Jme
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