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  1. That sounds pretty accurate to me. The Russian government has spent a ton of effort to keep the war from affecting Moscow too much, and the goods affected by the sanctions are mostly international luxuries or high tech components neither of which have filtered down that much though the latter is starting to show an effect with things like airplanes. The rest is just standard talking points that pretty much everyone in favor of Putin believes. Also lol that the Russian secret police arrest Russians who post on message boards outside of Russia.
  2. I mean if we are citing Republicans we could draw all sorts of conclusions, but it should be obvious that parental leave from a private company, with private shareholders, operating in a capitalist system, isn't any kind of socialism.
  3. This is the point I was making the article suggested a few missiles aimed at Berlin and Paris would make the democracies fold rather than enrage them and embolden them to action. I think that the lesson of those wars is that democracies are willing to fight conventional wars with clear goals and they will tire of guerilla quagmires, though both Vietnam and Afghanistan had 20 years of western involvement before that happened.
  4. I don't think that attack scenario is very likely. Russia is much much weaker then NATO and the war is only making them weaker. Russia zerg rushing the EU is an entirely different beast then them invading Ukraine and it just doesn't seem like they'd get very far. And the idea a Russian strike on critical infrastructure would "weaken Western resolve" is the kind of mistake dictators always make about the West. Japan thought the same thing with their strike on Pearl Harbor and we see how that worked out for them.
  5. I survived but not doing that again the hangover was like getting hit by a truck. My girlfriend's dad apparently loves this stuff so I'm giving him the rest of the bottle.
  6. The brandy I bought today was 33 yuan which is a worryingly low price in China but I didn't feel like going all the way up to the supermarket and the Baiju while reliable is still Baiju。So convivence story "brandy" it is. Fuck it it's exam season.
  7. I think that the connecting corridor in a future independent Palestinian state is unlikely to be attacked, In the current situation it's obviously unfeasible.
  8. Gaza and the West Bank are an easily surmountable problem just have an extra-territorial tunnel with a highway and rail line. It's not that common and these things can work between adversaries. East and West Berlin shared a metro system for example and the meeting compound in-between North and South Korea is another. With a little bit of thought these kind of things can work even between bitter enemies.
  9. The chips for Taiwan is a bit of a red herring. China can't take those factories without them being destroyed in a war and the US is attempting to increase chip production to prevent a shortfall if there is a war it's not done yet but it should be ready ish by the time China has the power to take Taiwan. China doesn't want Taiwan because of the chips but because the unification of China is a key goal of the government and something deeply cultural. Everyone in mainland China I have ever talked to strongly believes Taiwan is part of China strongly supports unification and views the ROC government as something akin to the Donetsk People's Republic. The CCP and the Chinese people are very united on this and it's a goal that will be attempted at some point, it's ideological and cultural though nothing about chips. I think the difference is an invasion of Estonia or Taiwan wouldn't just be providing support but actual US troops and intervention. I do agree there is some Chance of this not happening for Estonia if there is a Republican administration. But all the Ukraine doves are China hawks so I don't think there is that much of a chance of no intervention. Ukraine was never a US ally in the way a NATO country or even Taiwan was, it was always closer to South Vietnam or Afghanistan. I think Ukraine falling to Russia will be a blow but not a fatal one to US hegemony. Legitimizing a war of conquest is a far worst thing but it seems it may happen.
  10. I didn't realized he point blank closed the option down.
  11. Sure he's an untrustworthy snake but if he breaks his deal vote him out then. It's definitely the Republicans fault but with a deal with McCarthy Ukraine would still be getting aid.
  12. I really think the Dems not bailing out Kevin McCarthy in return for Ukraine aid was a bad move. I know he was a total shit and didn't deserve it but I still think it would have been the right thing.
  13. Israel doesn't really want Gaza. Gaza wasn't part of historical Israel and doesn't have any settlements, there is no reason to move people out of Gaza. Israel doesn't want it and the people there don't want to go.
  14. Iraq isn't really equivalent and it is very much not a double standard Russia already had "an Iraq" with the first and second Chechen wars. Fought a War with Georgia, stole Crimea and supported the separatists. All of that with fairly minimal consequences it's only with this latest war that the actual hammer has dropped. The equivalent to Iraq for the US would be the US invading Canada and annexing chunks of it which would have led to severe consequences. The Russian equivalent would be something like invading Turkmenistan and overthrowing the dictator there not invading a democracy that borders NATO and the EU. The West is not actually being hypocritical here. In the past 30 years Russia has intervened and invaded many places with just condemnations. A war of conquest against a democracy is a different beast and it's going to create a different response.
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