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  1. I do think your deep knowledge of history is hurting your ability to enjoy the series a bit. Maybe it's impossible to turn off but Westros while borrowing a lot of "medievalisms" isn't actual history. The faith for example acts nothing like the Catholic church despite it's Catholic trappings especially when you consider it's relatioship with the old gods. I don't find this a problem though because Westros isn't Europe and GRRM has sketched out this relationship on it's on terms plausibly enough. I think Alicent ordering Rhaenyra exposes a bit of the weakness of Rhaenyra's position as well as the knowledge that with Viserys old and sick the difference between the king's orders and the queen's orders are not so clear. As it was Viserys seemed completely oblivious to the toll it took on Rhaenyra. Which seemed somewhat in character. I wondered this as well. It seemed such a major plot point for the first half of the series. I do wonder if this is something explained more in the books? Because it seemed like something got cut. I kept waiting for some reveal to explain it but it never happened. Overall I found this the weakest episode of the series, it really suffered for the time jump, and maybe should have been tow episodes. 16 ish years is a long time and the series clearly needed a bit more breathing room to establish character motivations and the dynamics of kings landing.
  2. I think people ar severely overestimating the interventionistic tendencies of the MAGA?America First Wing of the Republican party. They are not Bush era neocons. In 2016 Trump ran as the anit-war candidate against Hillary Clinton. Trump tried withdraw from Syria and laid the ground work for Afghanistan. Team Trump and the MAGAs are awful but they are not uber hawkes. I think Americans are pretty critical of the "bad wars" America has done. You don't find many defenders of the Iraq war or Vietnam war these days. Americans can' take being the bad guys? Maybe in a random ship movie, but there is a whole genre of movies showing Americans in a bad light and the whole folly of the Vietnam war. Twenty years after Iraq the American people are tired and wary of war. There probably won't be something like it in my lifetime.
  3. Hopefully these will lead to some major changes, but my gut says they won't. I think the time to watch will be when Khamenei dies. He's getting up there in age and is not in the best of health. I think when Iran lacks a supreme leader is the time the public will be able to force real change. Either by pressuring the assembly of experts to choose a much more reformist/modernist candidate or a straight up revolution.
  4. I wasn't going to respond to this but sonce you called me out by name. I don't think conflicts that took place two hundred years ago when blatant wars of conquest were common and Napoleon was on the throne of France have any relevance to a modern context.
  5. The idea that the US has gone galloping around the world like a bull in a China shop while Russia has sat innocent as a lamb until the whole west piled on it hyprocritically for doing the same thing America has done is bullshit and you shouldn't let Russians bait you into believing it. During the past 30 years Russia has brutally conquered Chechnya, had troops deployed in Georgia and Moldova against those countries wishes, has troops deployed in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Fought a war with Gerogia, intervened and merrily bombed Syria, and annexed Crimea. That last one being the Cherry on top. To do something like that hugely violates international norms and yet the Western world was willing to close their eyes to it using only some toothless sanctions. Until Russia started another war of conquest. The war in Ukraine is not the equivalent to the Iraq war fullstop. The US equivalent to the Ukraine war would be something like the US invading Canada or Mexico to annex random parts of it. Something so insane that it seems cartoonish to bring it up but yet that is what Russia is doing.
  6. A lot more. War weariness usually combines time plus casualties it takes time for war weariness to build. I'm very skeptical that Putin will be able to rules lawyer his way out of the war. No one will recognize the annexations and the war will continue.
  7. Getting rid of term limits would require a consitutional amendment no way Trump gets that.
  8. You'll take my Key Lime pie from my cold dead hands.
  9. It's time to end the Cake Ice cream duoply that rules our lives. Vote third party vote your conscience and vote pie.
  10. Apparently Chancellor Schultz has said asked in a speech that Germany join the security council as a permanent member. Does anyone know the reasoning behind this? It seems a very odd play to me.
  11. Do you think American draft dodgers who fled to Canada should have been deported back to the US? I imagine a lot of Russians abroad these days are staying out to avoid being conscripted and sent to die for Putin's vanity. I'm very wary of forcing people to go back there.
  12. Before Kazakhstan would have been considered one of Russia's strongest allies. Now us and likely the Kazakh government are considering how well they could repel a Russian invasion. Crazy.
  13. Very very easily. Or do you imagine you could just explain some of the injustices going on in the 1890s US and get the average citizen to lose faith in their government over the plight of the Lakota and socialist labor advocates? Could you explain to a Trumper that their are kids in cages at the border at get them to do something with no personal stakes such as simply cast a ballot against Trump. These in an open society where you can advocate for these things. I worry this comparison might be dismissed as Whatboutism but I'm really not trying to say "both sides bad" just why your list might not be as effective as you might thinkwhen talking to PRC citizens. The average Han Chinese does not feel repressed. Yes there are places you can go in China that are like people imagine. Xinjiang. I've been there. There are police on every corner and a palpable feeling of repression and terror in the air. Some people don't use social media for fear of government monitoring. People there would love your list. The thing is Xinjiang is 1% of China's population outside of there people don't feel it. I wrote it before but the average Chinese can do what they want. Yes you would feel repressed and certain groups do, Lawyers, Academics and such feel constricted but the average citizen doesn't. there isn't anything they'd want to do that they can't. Advocate for politcal freedom you might say? Well doing that is like advocating Athiesm in 13th century Europe. First most people wouldn't think to do it, second the consquences for doing so are pretty severe and likely not worth it, and third those who overcome the first two points are so different from those in average society that they can't get much traction anyway. Westerners always want to focus on point two which exists don't get me wrong but you have to see the rest to get a full picture. What is good governance? I've seen it said not just here but other places that China can't have it because it's not a democracy. But until recently that wasn't a metric people used. people looked at infastructure, justice, prosperity. As developing countries go China is one of the most functional. And honeslty on an institutional and infastructure level is approaching a developed country with GPD being the big lag. The instititutions largely work as advertised in clean modern facilities. I've been to places both dictatorial and democratic where bribes were required for basic services. There are no slums or homeless encampments in cities, and almost everyone can live better than their parents. Is it so hard to believe that a population with zero democratic tradition might buy into that? As for the justice system it is literally the best it has ever been. Name a time in Chinese history it has been better. The government since Deng has been making significant progress in improving rule of law and reducing the arbitrary nature of the system. Unless you've run afoul of some bigwig or the case is politcally charged your likely to recieve a sentence according to what the law says. The US has more prisoners then China despite having a third of the population. I bring this up not to say the US is evil or worse but to show that for most Chinese risk of imprisonment is no greater and indeed less then the US. Which causes people not to fear the justice system, there is no Stasi or Cheka omnipresent and feared because it's not needed. History has not ended in China. We use the word dictatorship/authoritarian/non-democratic regime interchangeably but most governments fitting these discriptions are corrupted democracies, who on paper have elections but in reality have been subverted by their rulers. China functions on paper pretty much as it does in reality as a Marxist-Leninist one party state practicing democratic centralism under Lenin's model. Students are taught their political system and why it's awesome. And brings a lot of buy in. When I lived in Tajikistan, a tinpot dicatorship if their ever was one, this kind of thing would never work as the governmental system was obviously a lie and a farce. Soviet Indoctrination and proganda tried to prop up a failing system. The combination of propaganda, honesty (for the most part) and success (for the most part) have created a potent elixer of support and acceptance. This allows the government to get away with the atrocities they do commit with minimal fuss or knowledge. There are those who are going to read this as a full throated defense of China it's not. It's an explanation that their system is largely working as they want it to and is thus a lot stronger then most want to believe. So much of the modern commentary on China boils down to "they are evil so they will fail." All my life I have read hand wringing articles in western media to the effect of; "Now that China is rich, why have they not risen up and overthrown their totalitarian nightmare government?" Which is about as useful as asking why the terrorists hate us for our freedom. It ignores the fact that most Chinese don't see their government as a totalitarian nightmare and are thus unlikely to rise up anytime soon.
  14. He didn't? Unless there is more to the tweet chain you posted. edit: ah ok outsourcing consent explained. I guess your up on all the twitter drama I didn't have the context for that. I will say that tweet is still pretty much 100% accurate. But it seems some people are confusing cause and effect. The US helping England and the Soviets prior to entering the war didn't cause Hitler to become anti-semtic beecause he thought it was a Jewish conspiracy. Hitler thought everything was a Jewish conspiracy because that's how he saw the world.
  15. Well I liked this episode despite it's flaws. I liked the dance scene too despite it being panned maybe just because I'm not interested in dance but rather all the political and sexual tension going on between everyone but the bride and groom. With all that tension in the air something had to pop off and it did. That's been much criticized but it worked for me until the last minute. I thought Cole has fled to the godswood and was going to kill himself which seemed a fitting end. Alicent swooping in at the last second ruined that and unless they come up with some really good excuse it will make no sense that he's still breathing. The next episode opening with his execution would redeem everything but I doubt they'll do that. We got to see Daemon's cool wife too for a nanosecond before she was murdered. And a new level to Daemon, making him much more of a black character and he wasn't that light to begin with. But now stepping into a full on villian role. Despite this an other flaws I still enjoyed the episode. Probably more than I should have but it worked for me.
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