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  1. No it's not. People violently trying to overthrow the government are exactly who should be met with overwhelming force.
  2. I had the IPA it didn't taste super sweet to me. I found it better than O'dooles or Heineken zero which are the other ones I've had. I wish it's marketed a as luxury western product in China amd I haven't been able to find any local alcohol free beer.
  3. I uh... just had an experience with that. Took a month break from drinking and then went out with some collegues went hard but not overly so an nothing I hadn't done before. I got completely trashed and puked when I got home like I was a freshman in university. I really didn't expect my tolerance to drop so much after only one month with no booze. The fast was more enjoyable and easier then I thought so I'll probably do it again sometime. For those of you giving up or reducing your alcohol. I highly recomend bavaria non alcoholic beer I started drinking it this summer when I realized how much beer I was drinking for flavor rather than to get a buzz.
  4. It's makes sense if you come from the position that all politicians lie constantly all the time. Even pre Trump I would read the comments on the Blaze and you could see just from those that rightwingers are far more cynical about politicians including their politicians then leftwingers are. If you assume anyone who doesn't think all politicians are liars and crooks is a naive fool, well them calling Trump a liar doesn't carry much weight. As for Trump's legacy I think he'll fade remarkabelt fast. Sarah Palin tapped into the same energy and people and once she was out of the spotlight her star waned remarkably quickly. I think Trump will have a similar fate. He'll hang on longer but politics and issues will move on. I'd be surprised if he had much influence after the 2024 election they'll be new issues and campaigns and people will move on.
  5. I gotta say stuff like banning plants and orange houses doesn't really seem very reasonable to me even for a "good" homeowners association. I just can't imagine being bothered by that kind of stuff. Yes but now imagine one of those people gaining control of the board and channeling that hate and pettiness into dozens of new rules. Often those types of people are the people who run homeowner's associations as no ine else can be bothered.
  6. The narrative with China and the virus has just been so nuts the entire time. When it first started all the Monday morning quaterbacking about how they didn't react soon enough how the measures were not enough on and on. The whole time I was thinking there is no way that that America is going to handle it this well (I thought Europe would do better then they did) and now that the virus is controlled it's been radio silent.
  7. I do see why some people want a homeowner's association when I worked as a delivery driver I saw some things, like a literal sculpture of a giant metal turd complete with matching fly 30 feet long on a six foot hight platform in an otherwise normal neighborhood and a guy with signs and arrows all over his yard accusing his neighbors of unspecified crimes, and of course untidy and junky yards. But driving around I definitely prefer the non homeowner neighborhoods to the homeowner ones, most of that stuff doesn't bother me too much and the homeowner ones always seem so sterile and bland. I get that there are "good" homeowners associations. But my issue with them is the same as CS Lewis' issue with the pope, it's not what they've done with their power it's what they might do. They have a lot more power then municipal governments and I'd rather not subject myself to them. Plus my ideal home is not very fitting with American aesthetics, I'd rather have a walled courtyard then an open yard for example and that's the kind of thing homeowner's associations frown on. Where I used to live this is true as well. It's just that new muncipalities are not being created, nor existing ones expanded. So homeowner's assocations fill the gaps. You almost never find one in an incorporated municipality.
  8. If Bernie had won the primary and the general, I wonder how understanding Bernie partisans would be about centrists demanding that Clinton acolytes be appointed to high positions and the cabinet? My guess is not very.
  9. The ACA makes most of this illegal. As insurance companies are not allowed to discriminate based on pre-existing conditions. Also in Germany most people use the public plan. If the public plan really is better, and I fully believe it will be as it doesn't need to turn a profit and can even operate at a loss do you really think people and companies are loyal enough to their health insurance companies that they won't choose a cheaper and better option? I certainly don't think so. Also I'm fundamentally against banning services unless they are harmful. Workers work hard for their money and they have a right to spend it how they choose. In our society the government provides free roads, free education, free security, yet we don't ban people from purchasing private alternates. The existence of private security has not caused the police department to collapse. I was all for Bernie Sanders bill until I found out it banned private insurance, that's like a cartoon conservative parody of universal health care. I was talking about her equating the Fed giving loans to banks with the government spending money. Those are not the same thing and even if they were congress doesn't control the Fed. I don't disagree that we should spend much more money on healthcare but there was definitley a white lie there.
  10. Pete's health care policy was exactly the same from beginning to end Pete's medicare for all who want it plan IS universal health care unless you consider like Germany to not have universal health care. Pete's whole rhetoric was that if government health care really is better people will choose it and we should let them. Incidentally offering government health care is insanely popular forcing people to use government health care is very unpopular. So why not just do what is popular and let the insurance companies die a natural death. I like how he anchored liberal policies to conservative values and religion, I like how he had a plan for a national service program were people could join up and get military style benefits for actually helping America. And AOC isn't? That's part of being a politician. She's said stuff she knows to be false on national TV. Complaining about the fed finding trillions of dollars for companies so why can't we pay for healthcare? She has a degree in economics she knows why that's not true, but it plays well to her base and probably moves us in the right direction. Half of politics is saying stuff for head pats hell that's pretty much what an election is.
  11. I just don't see Bayaz going after the banks. The banks are his source of power not just in Midderland but around the circle of the world. I could see Byayz supporting a revolution but if he was I would expect to see it's ire focused on the nobility and agents of Valint and Balk backing it. This revolution with one of it's key goals being, destroying his most powerful institution, is not something I see him backing.
  12. I think a lot of people on the "left" throw around the word neoliberal the way the right throw around socialist, neoliberal just means bad. Pete Buttigieg ran well to to the left of Biden (even on certain issues to the left of Bernie) and he still got branded a filthy "neoliberal shill" He was also good a framing democratic policies in Republican language. But because he talks about God and Patriotism Twitter thought he was a republican. If we are ever going to win over those who are "voting against their own interests" or support democratic policies in polls but not in votes, we need more Pete Buttigiegs not less. I hope he has a bright future in the party and I hope he's president one day. He's doing what so many say they want talking the fight to Republicans on Republican turf, blaming the nebulous "neoliberal media" for his success is almost Trumpian.
  13. Medicare for all is incredibly popular, but if you ask those people what they mean they say the option of having government insurance. The Bill that Bernie wrote is incredibly unpopular because it bans private insurance. It literally makes it illegal all you need to do to make it popular is take out the language banning private insurance. As of now, however, any honest reading of the bill and it's a lead weight with the American people. I do agree with your foreign poilicy criticisms of Biden. He has the choice to make these appointments and he made them. Not that we should expect any different from Obama's VP. The only candidate who truly ran against American Empire was Tulsi Gabbard, and look at all the criticisms here for her having a friendly meeting with Assad and saying maybe we shouldn't overthrow his government. Not like Obama and both Clintons had friendly meetings with the Saudi's or anything and directly materially supported their government. Foreign policy is one aspect the president has a huge influence. Obama’s was not great and I don’t expect Biden’s to be either. Also the democrats are losing a bit of ground here Trump especially in 2016 framed himself as the peace candidate to many people. Both Biden and Clinton voted for the war in Iraq, which not only shows a huge lack of judgement, but also opens up a line of attack for newer rightwing politicians who weren’t there to make that choice.
  14. I feel like Romneys name shouldn't be in that list. Since he's pretty clearly expressed his distaste for Trump publicly.
  15. Universal Healthcare =/ = for all. Biden supports universal coverage through a public option that while not ideal would ensure all are able to afford coverage. I agree Biden's is not the best plan but I think it's better then Bernie's which bans private plans. I support and want goverment healthcare (and had it when I lived in the US) but I also don't want someone like Donald Trump having a monopoly over my healthcare.
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