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  1. I think this is it. while Bernie and Biden may be advocating to very similar places,, I suspect a lot of self identified progressives would be for the abolishment of capitalism altogether while most self identified liberals wouldn't.
  2. Repentance won't save you now. Some pollution begs not the cloth but the knife.
  3. And China! but it'd be hard to enforce the measures here in a western country not that the lockdown was that much more draconian just that there were no exceptions and no protests. If course there were entitled assholes yelling at the security and the mall and whatnot but much less wide spread, and of course not organized as the government was shutting down any conspiracy groups on social media. Honestly, it's seemed like it's been over here for quite some time. There are flare ups from time to time but with the health tracker app everyone has now if you've been near an infected person it'll turn yellow you quarantine for two weeks and/or get a test and once your cleared it turns green again and you can enter shops and businesses again. All that might seem a bit dystopianish and it is but turns out it's really effective at containing an epidemic.
  4. Is any of this bad thing? I get that ICE under Trump has turned into shitshow of human rights abuses and should probably be gotten rid of. But I don't think the idea of deporting people who are not allowed to be here is inherently racist or wrong. Every country in the world deports foreign nationals they find in their borders without a visa. I think objecting to this as some great secret is naive. Of course a democratic administration is going to enforce the countries borders that's literally one of the core functions of government, they should do that.
  5. And all of that stuff is deeply concerning and bad for the health of our society and democracy, but I still think there is an essentially zero chance of it leading to a dictatorship. For better or worse the US system is pretty stable. Also the US can't just "become" a dictatorship the way the Wiemar Republic did. Congress has proved fairly useless but I doubt the powerful democratic states are going to bow to a facist takeover, or Washington DC for that matter an actual fascist takeover would lead to the disintegration of the US, which is also a bad outcome but not what folks here are positing.
  6. I think all of this talk US democracy failing is just paranoia and missing the forest for the trees here. Blind hatred of Trump is getting in the way of way of seeing what he's actually doing. Which is not much he hasn't laid the groundwork for any kind of coup he just blusters on and talks nonsense. He is an incompetent racist no doubt and his poor leadership has cause untold suffering with covid, but America has done worse things then Trump and had a lot more virulently racist presidents and still survived. We rounded up the Japanese under FDR, we deported the Indians under Jackson, democracy was pretty much suspended under Wilson during WWI and in the 1870s we had racist militias destroy reconstruction governments and intimidate black voters. All of those things were a lot more "fascist" then anything happening now and yet we've muddled through so far with our institutions more or less intact. I think the idea that we are doomed to fall to fascism asinine. If none of those things destroyed American democracy I doubt Trump tweeting will.
  7. China is a more interesting example in some ways because while the government is theoretically leftist, in practice it's very hard to define. Most people here are pretty apolitcal since they can't be even if they wanted as all decisions are made by an inscrutable managerial class. But by and large politics is largely absent from daily life which coming from the US where politics seeps into everything these days is some what jarring. I do sometimes have fun trying to "map' where people would vote if multiparty politics was a thing here. I do think the two party system of the US causes a lot of the problems being talked about. the Republican party is ill, and conservatives might be more open to seeing that and jump ship to a "sane" conservative party. And, regardless, everyone is to the right of someone I spent the end of 2019 being called a right wing hack on reddit for supporting Pete Buttigieg. I am I right winger? I don't think so but if we had a bit more choice in parties, we'd have of the ideological trench warfare we have now.
  8. This 1619 thing seems like the other side of the coin to conservative whitewashing of American history. Not changing pretty big errors when they are pointed out really calls the whole thing into question even if it has a lot of good research. Also the idea that students don't learn about slavery in school or it''s somehow whitewashed is no doubt true in some areas it's by no means true in all. I mention this because I had a pretty nuanced and solid history education over ten years ago and have a lot of well meaning older relatives who love to complain about how we just teach kids a rosy view of American history. When I point out that we did learn about the horrors of slavery, we did study the American Indian movement, we did learn about Caesar Chavez and Sally Hemmings. They always say huh, well that sounds pretty good. But next time they see them they are still jawing on about how kids just learn about cherry trees and George Washington never told a lie! So my point is if you don't know what your local high school teaches find out! You might be pleasantly surprised. Things have gotten much much better and are generally improving. Of course that is not true everywhere but there are glimmers of hope even in the most pozzed states and districts. As part of the We the People program, we wrote essays comparing Thomas Jefferson's enlightenment ideals and his failure to live up to them and how those things intersect. That is a fifty state competition with multiple teams in every state and also something conservatives tend to like as it's all about America and American government.
  9. And? I'm fairly sure that @El-ahrairah 's point was that the had a pretty good legal case to do what they did in succeeding and that the Union did a moral good in putting down their rebellion even if it was less than legal.
  10. This is not really true though. A lot of Sanders policies are semi popular, but the devil is in the details. If you tell people he supports giving everyone affordable healthcare it's popular once you tell them that involves making their current healthcare illegal the support sinks like a stone. Sanders was the presumed front runner coming out of Nevada that was his time to soothe the democratic electorate, and what did he do instead? He attacked the party he was going to lead and doubled down on praising Fidel Castro. I was getting on board for Bernie but those things switched my vote to Biden. Pardon me me for not getting on board with a candidate who tanks his chances in one of the most important swing states for literally no reason.
  11. Whoever gets the most electoral votes will win the election. That's a very big threshold to cross and I don't see it happening at all. Democrats won in 2018 I don't see why 2020 will be fundamentally different. There is a difference between Trump ordering his minions to do illegal things, is different then him ordering officials he has nor control over, and he has remarkably little control over the elections. Also if he did try to do that it he wouldn't just become a dictator without struggle, it would break the US and who knows what would happen then. But it's not going to Trump might tweet about how the elections is illegitimate but he's not going to actually do anything.
  12. I think the biggest problem in all this is the first past the post two party system. A lot more conservatives would be willing to criticize Trump if there was another conservative party they could jump to. Instead everything is a polarized existential battle because because the best person on their side is worse then the worse person on your side. Party-list proportional representation would ease a lot of this ideological trench warfare, but it's not going to happen, break up of the US is likelier.
  13. I gotta say with internet groups spilling into actual violence, and the level of general unrest this is starting to feel like early the Wiemar Republic. That said I think most of the bad faith actors, white guys with backpacks ect. are not political just assholes. I can think of a dozen guys from my highschool who would fit that description and they weren't members of an organization just over privileged middle class kids who thought shoplifting was cool.
  14. I really hope it's not Klobuchar. I'd be pretty happy with all of the big names that are floated around except her. I found her debate performance pretty disqualifying, her barely concealed rage at being challenged with reasonable questions was not a good, look and if Pete Buttgieg gets under her skin that much, how can she face the Republicans? I do think there is a decent chance it's her if she made a VP deal in exchange for dropping out on super Tuesday.
  15. Damn that's right near where I am at, I live in Harbin, and our province just announced all current cases cured as well.
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