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  1. I think bringing up the African slave trade in response to me wanting to keep money, markets and private property in my own country is a little hyberbolic no? But I'll bite the African coast was rich before the Portugese from trade from buying and selling goods the wealth the Portugese plundered was taken from merchants, you know the evil capitalists you hate so much. Also the Portugese conquered what they did to monopliize the spice trade the literal opposite of a market. Also colonialism is bad, slavery is bad what is your point? Plenty of capitalist societies exist without those things. And the socialist societies that ahve existed were not exactly free of atrocity.
  2. I''m all for some kind of regulation to protect workers in third world countries and the goods they send to the first world that would also help re-industrialize the first world a win win. But I don't think Capitalism needs that to prosper nor is global colonialism in inherrent part of capitalism. Look at Norway's model of investing their national fund as a way to promote human rights. Or that the scandinavian countries in general are prosperous despite never having vast colonial empires. Ever since we've had complex societies we've had trade and mediums of exchange and currency I don't see a need to get rid of these when we have models that work pretty well with them. I think trying to supress money would go about as well as the drug war and you'll get a huge black market with unofficial currency.
  3. You wouldn't die from eating medieval food, I've been to remote mountian villages with not electricity no running water and nary a health inspector in sight and i'm still alive you might have some gastric distress or not depending on freshness but you'll get used to it sooner or later the same as the locals do.
  4. Capitalism is the single best economic system ever implemented. That doesn''t mean we couldn't try something better but as of now no system has been shown to reduce poverty more especially when tied with a generous welfare state, I also don't consider things like public education or healthcare to be socialist or noncapitalist as they are services and the production models that support these are fundementally capitalist. As for me I like capitalism, I like owning property, I like buying and selling goods, and I don't believe workers should control the means of production or capital. I don't see the need to give those things up when we can harness the engine of capitalism to ensure that everyone has food, education, healthcare and housing.
  5. I don't think capitalism is much of an issue fighting climate change. If voters in Western democracies cared about this they could vote in politicians to stop it, the same as they've voted in politicians that have enacted eviromental and labor standards I don't see how have a socialist mode of production would change voters priorities. We can also see with the USSR in the past and China now countries without full capatilist modes of production are still focused on the here and now more than climate change.
  6. The first chapter of the Wisdom of Crowds is available on Joe's website a long with a summary blurb. The first chapter opens up with the armies vanguard returning to a riotous Adua and we get Orso's Leo's and Savine's POVs. Judging from the chapter where half the union seems to be in revolt including Adua which seems half in revolt and a "people's army" ominously set to arrive on the doorstep of Adua, as well as the blurb which mentions of Citizen Brock and Citizen Savine. It seems like the union government is poised to fall pretty early in the book and most of the book will be dealing with the post revolutionary government and society. I'm pretty excited for this and can't wait to see what Joe does with it. My only regret is I wish we had more than one book to explore it. Predictions: I don' think Bayaz is behind the revolution. One of the Burners key goals is to burn the banks, and we see both the Breakers and the Burners kill multiple agents of Valint and Balk no way Bayaz tolerates his power being assaulted like that. If he was behind the Breakers and the Burners his agents would be among them rather than being strung up by them. I think the whole revolution is going to blindside Bayaz he's used to intimidating nobles not mass popular revolts. I think the new parliament of whatever sort of regime replaces the Monarchy will imprison and eventually execute Orso. A group of owls is called a parliament and given that Joe read a lot of books on the French and Russian revoltions I think the outlook is grim for Orso. Plus he hates hangings and Joe Abercrombie loves irony. My fanfic is that Orso runs away to the North and becomes Rikke's kept prince/househusband but you have to be realistic about these things. I think Rikke will unite the North and annex Angland, but at some personal cost. How much I don't know she could be a shell of herself or have a chance to let a sliver of light into her stone heart.
  7. Sure, that is fair. And I'll admit I do feel a little bad killing the crabs, which is hypocritical in the sense that I don't feel bad about eating a burger. But I think it's important to do it. I'm a bit of the Ned Stark school of meat eating if you can't kill and butcher an animal you have no business eating meat. When I was eleven at boy scouts camp, we had an activity where we had to butcher our own rabbits. It was an important lesson and it's something that has stuck with me. I don't really mind vegetarians getting mad about hunting, but I have a lot urbanite relatives who view hunting as barbaric and are disgusted with the practice even as they happily chow down on burgers and pork chops. I should probably butcher an animal again one of these days instead of relying on an experience when I was eleven, but it's an unpleasant process which I don't enjoy and no one will judge me for not doing it except me, but I do morally feel it's important to bear the cost of what meat is.
  8. Because the end purpose is different and one is a waste. I wouldn't criticize someone for buying a computer to play games. But I would criticize someone who buys a computer to light it on fire and watch it burn. Both are for pleasure but one is wasteful. If you want to criticize me for killing animals that's fair and we can talk about that but regarding catching and killing for food, vs trophies I think waste is the core difference.
  9. In the summer I often go out with my friends at low tide wade out with shovels and buckets and catch crabs. I enjoy catching the crabs, I enjoy eating the crabs, I don't particularly enjoy killing them but it's a necessary part of the process to get to the eating bit. I really don't see why that makes it hypocritical for me criticize someone shooting an elephant so they can mount it's head on a wall. Those things are so far apart as to be apples and oranges. I also don't think enjoying an activity that humans have participated insince the dawn of time, catching and eating animals makes me a sociopath but YMV.
  10. Judging an entire civilization solely on how upper class men were educated seems pretty classist and sexist to me. We should look at society as a whole not only the leisure class. Plus, you are not making a fair comparison by comparing the Roman upper class to the US lower class. The US upper class are pretty much all going to get vaccinated and not use horse dewormer. See Donald Trump some of his followers might be going to feed stores to buy horse medicine but he himself got the jab. Finally the ivermectin stuff is a fringe belief you can't indict a whole society based off of the beliefs of what is likely to turn out to be under five percent of the population. I'm sure the Romans had all kinds of crazy beliefs circulating at under five percent in the lower classes that we don't even know about because of lack of record keeping. So many? How many? Even in America I bet it's not that many. and again, you are comparing fringe to the average, let’s compare them to some Jewish radicals or something. Finally, this is again a very America centric comparison. America doesn't equal the world. I work in a Chinese high school with several thousand students and we've had precisely zero incidences of students ripping teachers masks off. I'd hazard a guess that Korea, Japan and other countries where masks where normalized have also had less issues.
  11. Neither one would have any use for the capital. A much more militarized US border I could see.
  12. Because it's pretty much all Americans and Americans are a minority of the world population and it's a minority of Americans at that.
  13. Damn failed that That is a fair point. I mean China hs pledged to be Carbon neutral by 2060 is that enough to stop climate change? probably not. Is it enough to help? maybe. You're right we could do it now but it's a question of political will and popular support. China is not a democracy, the Party could order the country to be carbon neutral in a year and it would be but that would promote disconent and harm living standards so they won't. Even in an autocracy popular opinion matters to a degree. People in the modern world are just to comfortable to accept the measures that would reduce warming and the Party's number one priorty is stability for the here and now. I still do think with modern technology and agriculteral techniques and the deflated price of mea we should be able to manage mostly. As for European politics I gave my impression but I admit I don't know enough to go to bat for it.
  14. Or you know as many as VaultTechtm will allow. I'm sure they only have our best interests at heart.
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