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  1. Darzin

    Who Pays the Coronaman? - Covid #8

    I'm also American and I feel the same way. But I have to say I feel a hell of a lot more confidence in the authorities here then then in the US right now. The local Wuhan government made some pretty bad Chernobyl like mistakes but once the central government figured out what was happening they responded swiftly, and basically put the country on a war footing for two months, both economically and even propaganda wise. There were planes of doctors and nurses being deployed to Wuhan, The Chinese equivalent of the CDC is basically running Wuhan and Hubei as the local officials were removed. The president went and congratulated lines doctors and nurses the way one does soldiers and held them up as heroes of China. Then everything shut down except grocery stores pharmacies and government ministries. Now it's under control but opening up will be the real test because I doubt it will be possible to do this again which is why there are still precautions constant temperature checks when you leave and enter an area and everyone still wearing masks. Unfortunately some cities are not being as strict with the mask thing because if 100% of people are wearing masks when they go out as is the case in the city I'm living in I have a hard time seeing how the virus can spread. I'm hoping the local government keeps that rule in place for a few months at least.
  2. Darzin

    Who Pays the Coronaman? - Covid #8

    I actually think China is being more honest about the numbers than people think. At least in the city I live in the numbers seem to be accurate. It's public knowledge which buildings had infected people, there was an app for it, and which units had infected people as there are seals on the doors. I'm not saying it's the same everywhere but here at least I'm confident the numbers are accurate. I think the strictness of the quarantine combined with the fact wearing a mask is required, meaning droplets are not being spread got it under control. And even with businesses starting it still sounds stricter than the US. If you travel to another city within China you need to do two weeks quarantine, wearing a mask is still required, and there is a health app which is monitoring everyone that you use to enter crowded places.
  3. Darzin

    US Politics: Get Tested or Get Bested

    Edit: wrong thread.
  4. Darzin

    US Politics: Mad Max Beyond Corona Dome

    I live in China, I was due for a haircut when this all started and I usually keep my hair pretty short. It's been two and a half months since the barber shops were open. I heard a rumor they'd open today and maybe some have but the ones' I know haven't. So I'm still rocking a John Denver look.
  5. Darzin

    M-m-m-my Corona! NCOVID-19 #5

    China has got this well under control zero cases now from well over a hundred. As long as proper isolation is enforced the virus can't spread. One thing that make make it harder in the US is everywhere in China has a "gate" which creates natural checkpoints everyone lives in apartments so the building security check my temperature each time I exit and enter, if I had a fever presumably I've be tested. This thing can be handled with proper measures. Though Americans living in spread out suburbs will make it harder to check everyone's temperature constantly and keep stuff locked down.
  6. Darzin

    US Politics: Time to Stock Up

    Joe Rogan is a representation of the working class. This is not an endorsement of Rogan but if you are going to claim your movement, is a "working class movement" and not a movement of college students and underemployed graduates, people like Joe Rogan have to be acceptable cause the average working class dude and his opinions is a lot closer to Joe Rogan then they are Bernie Sanders or AOC. I'm not saying they need to adopt all of his positions but if he is an unacceptable supporter it's going to be tough to build a working class movement.
  7. Darzin

    Love in the Time of Coronavirus (#3)

    So far the rumor is schools will open again in April but who knows if that's true. In the city I live in we had these ration coupons and could go out every other day and the only thing open was the supermarket and essential services. Now shopping malls are starting to open but you need to get your temperature checked before you enter. Also if you enter my city from any other city in China you need to do two seeks self quarantine. My guess is when the city truly opens up the quarantine for intercity travel will remain. Oddly in China throughout all this there didn't seem to be a rush on the supermarkets for anything except masks and sanitizer. I guess buying toilet paper in times of crisis is cultural. But also stuff like dried and canned goods had no shortages.
  8. Darzin

    US Politics: Vaguely above average Tuesday

    Reading this I think you are right. Yang is probably not what he needs. I like Yang though and I hope he has some government role int he future.
  9. Darzin

    US Politics: Vaguely above average Tuesday

    I like the idea a lot, I'm not sure if Biden would go for that though, but Yang is popular among the left and youth, while being moderate enough to work with Biden without major issues. I do wonder if he might choose Buttigieg, demographically it doesn't make a ton of sense but Biden has said he wants a VP as a serious influential partner and that the most important factor is if he is "simpatico" with his VP. He's praised Buttigieg pretty highly since his endorsement and I wonder if he might choose him to carry the torch. Whoever Biden picks is going to be his groomed successor, I think realistically he's most likely to pick a woman not sure who but I hope it's not Amy Klobuchar.
  10. Darzin

    US Politics: Vaguely above average Tuesday

    As has been mentioned before no other campaign has something like Chapo trap house, nor have they endorsed it by sending surrogates to go on the way Bernie has. Just go the the Chapo subbreddit and read all their "jokes" about murdering people they don't like. This kind wink wink violence is not acceptable when the right does it and I don't want it taking root on the left.
  11. I think this is really true. Pakistan for example has had a female prime minister. I also think while Republicans may use sexist attacks against a democratic nominee, most Republicans would have little issue voting for a female republican nominee.
  12. Good analysis, I personally hope Biden chooses Abrams. I feel she'd bring star power energy to a campaign that needs it and she would help bridge the divide in the party, she's popular with left wing people, but she's not uber progressive, in a way that would put a strain on a working relationship with Biden. And those two senate seats... if she could put those in play it'd definitely be worth it.
  13. Darzin

    US Politics: Talking about the Elephant in the race.

    I think the idea that Joe Biden would not help struggling Americans is ludicrous. He wants to expand healthcare coverage for low income Americans, make a $15 minimum wage and have free community college. That's not nothing. A lot of Bernie's grand plans are not truly helping the working class anyway. Free college and student debt forgiveness are not working class issues.
  14. Darzin

    US Politics: What goes up, must come down!

    I think Stacey Abrams is a good choice for Bernie, or really Biden and Buttigieg as well. I think she has pretty good odds of being VP, Biden strongly implied he'd choose her. As for Sanders she balances him, she's a female black moderate with some progressive bonafides. And the most important thing is she is from Georgia where there are two open Senate seats, if the democrats can win Georgia it would go a long way toward taking back the Senate. Will Bernie choose her? Maybe if he goes for a "movement" pick I feel like he'll choose Ayanna Pressley because AOC is too young and the other members of the squad are Muslim. I agree, I think Biden will win South Carolina ( I don't even think it needs to be by much) and when he does it will raise confidence in him and lead to a Biden strikes back narrative.
  15. I think it's a bit more then that, Soviet flag was not just another countries flag like it or not the flag itself is just so ideological, and to quote the great poet @Jace, Basilissa hanging it in your office when you are a forty year old elected official is "some real dumb shit" at that age and position you should damn well know better. But ultimately it's not us Bernie has to convince, we're going to vote for whoever the Democrats put up whether it;s Bernie Sanders Mike Bloomberg or an epileptic toad; it's the sixty year old machinist in Michigan that needs convincing and I doubt he's going to read those two paragraphs of context, that's not a knock on you it's a knock on the American voter who won't be able to see the bigger picture that even if Bernie has some flaws Trump is a clear and present danger. But well No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.