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  1. Darzin

    u.s. politics: sundowning on the american empire

    From most woke, to casually racist, I can't believe Zorral of all people is here complaining about the annoying Arabs and rich Chinese.
  2. Some people have decided that since Trump is a threat to liberal democracy, we need to jettison liberal democracy and have a violent revolution... to preserve liberal democracy.
  3. Also can this board tell me if ICE agents are evil or not? Because in the last thread I was told that of course the democrats will enforce border regulation and yet I don't see a lot of people here disagreeing with the idea ICE is evil just whether they should be killed or not? Deportation is on of the necessary functions of government no?
  4. Of course... but what if the people vote in some fascist again we'll need someone to stop that, maybe a vanguard party? Only to protect us from people like Trump who have abandoned democracy.
  5. Darzin

    US Politics: Wondering the Acosta

    That is my point right now a lot of democrats that are playing Schrodinger's border patrol. Of course when they are in the government there will be regulation and management, but right now such things are being criticized. Both on the campaign trail and here. when @Triskele suggested the dems cosmetically tack right on immigration, say I dunno... advocate for better regulation and management, there was an uproar that if we compromise we will be giving into racism. My whole point is sense we know dems are going to enforce immigration law acting like they won't or doing so is racist is stupid and an unforced error, in addition to being somewhat hypocritical.
  6. Darzin

    US Politics: Wondering the Acosta

    Yes I understand that, I understand Trump has made a lot of this, I understand the cruelty is the point, I understand Trump has made things deliberately worse, but this has led some democrats down the wrong path in that they are arguing against the existence of immigration enforcement not the inhuman way Trump is doing it. The poster I quoted called immigration raids fascist so I asked if Obama was one for presiding over it. It's not both siding, I'm not saying democrats are equally as bad, I'm saying that the second a democrat is elected all those people calling deportation racist and fascist are going to not say a peep. So all those people telling Triskele and Jace that we can't take a harder line on immigration because of teh morals are wrong wrong wrong, because when a democrat is elected none of them will say a peep. Now let me be clear is Trump a racist, yes absolutely, are the conditions in his camps deplorable absolutely, could he make them better but chooses not to yes absolutely, are ICE and CPBP deeply racist institutions that need reform yes absolutely, is it inherently racist to detain people who lack the proper documentation or legal right to be in a country? No, it isn't. So democrats should pass the bill to improve conditions and then lambast Trump when conditions don't improve. They can advocate for increased legal immigration with increased enforcement, which is incidentally what Trump ran on. Except you know actually do it. Increasing the number of undocumented immigrants helps no one as it's just increasing a marginalized class, we should be for reducing that number and increasing legal immigration and border enforcement is part of that.
  7. Darzin

    US Politics: Wondering the Acosta

    Is it wrong to enforce current immigration law? These organizations and institutions functioned under Obama, Obama deported millions. I get Trump is doing it inhumanely, ut you are arguing that to deport anyone is fascism? Which I think is a larger problem their people here saying we need to morally argue against all this, but where was this strong conviction when Obama was in office? And when president Kamala or Warren or whoever, continues deporting people will people call them racist scream it's a moral issue? No, no one will say anything. Look Trump is a racist I get it, and the cruelty of his camps is the point I get it, but Trump on immigration has kind of broke the democratic party and the left, none of them are arguing open borders but many of the candidates are effectively arguing that enforcing any border law is immoral. I think this kind of loose rhetoric will hurt the democrats and no one will care if a dem is in office all these existential moralities will simply melt away.
  8. Darzin

    US Politics: RIP EHK FYVM GOP

    The thing about minority rights started with immigration. Taking a more hard line on immigration, which I believe is what Triskele was talking about, is not inherently racist it's not reducing minority's to admit less people to America. Our current quotas were not handed down by God they can change.
  9. Darzin

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    Th That happened with Iraq which has a much more careful build up Hillary fucking Clinton voted to invade there. If Trump randomly starts a shooting war and we lose some troops and boat it will look like an ill advised folly and an act of native aggression and it would be the first military loss for the US felt by the public since the Tet offensive.
  10. Darzin

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    But how do people like it when Iran bombs back? Iran is much stronger then Iraq ever was there are US bases and ships in range of Iranian missiles a war with Iran could easily cause a few thousand US casualties in the first week.
  11. Darzin

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    I think that a war with Iran is one of the surest ways Trump could lose reelection people are tired of war and unlike Iraq and Afghanistan Iran can actually defend itself. Sure the US would win but more casualties then Iraq and Afghanistan combined in the first week is going to hurt and there's always the chance Iran gets lucky and destroys a Carrier.
  12. This is what I meant by defacto open borders. No one says we want open borders but there are people arguing against having detainment camps on principle both here and on r/politics if we can't detain people who enter the US without visa then we have open borders. It's not the camps existence that is immoral it's how they are run.
  13. I think you can advocate for less immigration without being a racist, and ultimately we do need some controls on immigration so you're always going to have migrants detained in places. I think the Democrats have gone a little bit nuts on immigration frankly, not the politicians but the base large portions of them are comparing these migrant detention camps to concentration camps ect. And are defacto arguing for open borders and ignoring the fact Obama had camps and the next Democratic president will as well part of running a country is controlling who enters it Trump is a cruel racist that doesn't mean borders are racist.
  14. I live in Washington where we do just this. My point is that no one in this situation is making less then the minimum, and most are making a fair bit more.
  15. The $2.13 thing is incorrect anyway, in that no one lives off tips, if you don't make at least minimum wage your employer is required to make up the difference the $2.13 thing is only if you make MORE than minimum wage from tips.