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  1. I strongly doubt this even though this idea comes up a lot. It would be throwing away decades of work by Chinese diplomats to repair Russo-Chinese relations after the Sino-Soviet split. It also isn't claimed by China, I realize most people here won't think much of Chinese claims but the Chinese do and they've been very very clear what they claim and what they don't. Plus they can exploit the resources of Siberia already through investment and trade without having to administer a vast territory of millions of hostile Russians which would suddenly be grafted into China. All of this is meaningless anyway because even if the PRC did have ambitions to launch an eastern Barbarossa into Siberia, Russia has nukes, which means annexing even a little territory ,much less vast swaths of resource rich land, is off the table.
  2. This seems really irresponsible ChatGPT isn't a search engine, it isn't indexed to anything. It's a language simulator which sometimes comes up with the right answer based on patterns but sometimes makes up straight bullshit which it will defend if you argue about it. If you ask it for citations it will literally make up fake citations to non existent works because it can't actually cite anything or understand where it's getting it's information. It's just copying the pattern of citations. People loved treating it as a guru which is probably how it got monetized this way, but it's designed to provide an answer not the answer. Ask it some humanities related questions to topics you are familiar with and it won't be long before you notice some completely fabricated events dreamed up by the AI.
  3. I just did the math a few days ago and realized within a year I'll be equidistant between 16 and 50. 16 doesn't seem that long ago and 50 seems a lifetime away, but the math checks out, I'll blink once or twice and be there.
  4. Why wouldn't they? I know Bill Clinton went out for McDonald's Cheeseburgers a few times. Anyway do you really expect some random manager to refuse Trump service? I think you can enjoy your Zesto's in peace and good conscience. Letting Trump ruin Zesto's for you is letting the terrorists win.
  5. Do you consider the Soviet support for North Vietnam escalation? A lot of leftist criticism I see of this war wants to have it's cake and eat it too, where the US bad for getting involved in Vietnam (which I agree with) but the US is also bad for supporting Ukraine. Not saying this is your position but it's certainly Chomsky's and fair bit of leftist media's. This is really begging the question, what about from your perspective?
  6. Turns out when you boast you are fight risk you get treated as a flight risk.
  7. That's a big question mark so far it seems so, but who knows? These things can unravel quickly and as more and more are affected by the war discontent may spread. One problem is that people who would be the nucleus of a movement have fled' The Western leaning and educated have poured out of Russia to avoid the draft to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia. But hopefully something will break in a straight grind of attrition Russia will win eventually, hopefully Ukraine can gain some initiative in the Spring and break the current stalemate.
  8. In addition to what others have said Russia is not really using true human wave attacks, rather costly attacks with high losses. You shouldn't view the Russian political scene as anything close to the Western political scene or even the Chinese political scene. It's almost impossible to overstate the apathy and "depoliticization" of the average Russian. In the last thread there was some polling data that showed this in very hard numbers with the pollster pointing out that people are not scared to answer they simply don't care.
  9. Yeah I thought this thread was about H&M going out of business and was a bit bummed about that, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out when we had the H&M part 1 thread.
  10. I'm curious what they'd say if you pointed out he's said he's done the things he's been accused of. I don't get Tate fans saying it's a set up when he has videos and videos boasting about the things he's accused of. So how can it be a setup? Looking at you @cock_merchant. My guess is they'd say it's consensual but even if it was (something I doubt btw) it can still be trafficking. Facilitating the transport of women (or men! it's 2023) for sexual purposes is often illegal regardless of consent. Just like you can get get busted for cocaine trafficking, transporting goods and people for illegal purposes it turns out, is illegal! Like, it doesn't take a conspiracy, when a guy whose been bragging about specific crimes gets arrested for those same crimes.
  11. I don't think certain men and boys admiring someone who displays crass wealth and is surrounded by fast cars and beautiful women is anything new. There are always going to be those who see that as the epitome of success, some will grow out of it some won't. I find the moral panic over him way overblown. He's a scumbag and I hope he rots in a Romanian prison, but like we've always had Andre Tate's and his influence is way overblown. No way does Jordan Peterson who wants young men to settle down and live a straight laced lifestyle promote the same ideas as Tate who advocates a life of hedonism and forming a harem. Just cause they are both "right wing figures" doesn't mean they overlap much.
  12. Of course those things objectively exist but they don't have meaning in and of themselves they simply are. What meanings we give to them I would say are subjective. What is the objective meaning of the sun for example? Most ancient cultures prescribed all sorts of meanings for the Sun some still do but most modern people view the Sun entire mechanically without inherent meaning. You say Nihilism is a temper tantrum and things have objective meaning so what is it? Think subjective meaning is pretty worthless in terms of finding Truth subjectivity is very limited. I don't actually live my life in a way that regards everything is meaningless, I have a sense of fairness, justice, honor. But logically I can't defend those. I don't like that nothing means anything that nothing has real meaning or value and usually I ignore it. It seems pretty clear the universe is a souless mechanism uncaring unfeeling and ungoverned except by the law of physics. And even if it isn't even if a religion is right? Well we still can't perceive the meaning, both a Catholic and a Sunni Muslim would agree communion wine has meaning but to one it is holy, the other unholy. We can perceive the material a small cup of fermented grape juice in an objective way, but the wine itself has no meaning.
  13. I mean I dunno if that is so ridiculous then what is the meaning of life the universe and everything? Could you give me an example of something with objective meaning.
  14. Nihilism is just the way the world works. It's like asking if people complaining the Titanic is sinking are cramping the vibe. There isn't objective meaning to the universe and even if there is it doesn't matter because no one can agree what it is, which makes it subjective, unless you can objectively prove a religion right. I agree that self identified nihilists can be annoying and I suppose If you really drill down you could call me one. But the universe doesn't have meaning, it's like a sandbox RPG you gotta make your own goals or own meaning.
  15. There was never any way for Ukraine to keep those nukes. In 1990 the idea that Ukraine would need them for defense was unthinkable and if they had tried to keep them the entire international order would have turned against them and branded them a rogue state. That era was the peak of non proliferation and belief in the end of history. Also I don't think Russia has any chance to collapse the way the Soviet Union did. Only a few of the Russian republics are viable independent states or would even want that. A few of the periphery republics like Chechnya and Buryatia could end up declaring independence but it would be nothing like the fall of the Soviet Union where half the country left. Random Russian majority provinces are not going to leave and have zero desire for independence. I'm not even sure if the Russian Federation has any nukes in minority majority areas because outside the Caucuses there are not that many.
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