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  1. For the left/right discussion let's not forget that Bernie almost got the nomination and he was certainly a big swing left, also by all metrics millennials are socially and economically the farthest left in the country. Look at Trump and Bernie's numbers among the youngest quarter of American's Trump has the least support there Bernie had the most. Milllenials share of the vote will only increase, the nonwhite vote will only increase and Trump has gone and poisoned a new generation on the Republican party. The Republican party has become now more than ever the party of old white people, which is one of the most rapidly shrinking demographics.
  2. Darzin

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    What is damaged can be repaired, America has had times of ugliness before and survived. The Republicans have lost anyway their vision has no traction among the young, people of color, or immigrants, all growing groups. Part of the reason they've gone so nuts is they feel their hold on the culture slipping.
  3. Darzin

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    Naw there will be an election and the votes will be counted as such. Trump lacks the imagination for a coup, heck I think it was someone here who pointed out Trump is behaving more as the mayor of a city than the US president he doesn't get that he "is" the government. What is scary is someone else in Trumps shoes could pull it off if Steve Bannon was president we'd be fucked.
  4. Darzin

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    So I know it's probably to early but... how are you guys feeling about Trumps chances in 2020? Myself I'm optimistic that he won't win. Trump only won by the skin of his teeth last time and a tiny drop in support should do him in. In 2016 he benefited from having zero record and just being able to throw bombs and promise what he liked with a record to defend there is a lot more to push him on, plus this time he is the one under a cloud of investigation and general scandal instead of his opponent. If the Democrats nominate someone halfway decent then I think even with the incumbent advantage he stands a pretty good shot a losing.
  5. Everyone on reddit is calling the new world Rajworld. So far I like this season, I find the writing good and I find Dolores' actions and character logical based on what has come before she has been raped and murdered almost every day for thirty years remembering that is bound to mess a person up. Also I think it's worth mentioning that the Confederado's also raped Dolores she took her revenge on them the same as the humans.
  6. Darzin

    Feminism -- A continuing discussion

    Well reddit shut down the more toxic incel forums but when r/incels was in existence the front page was horrible and they were hopeless. I as a guy who had his first kiss at 24 tried to relate to them many of whom are younger than that, and they just whined how I must be a covert chad, or a beta boy who found some stones they don't want help, even from men, they are a bunch of crabs pulling each other into the cookpot. It's sort of like addiction you need to be ready to get help. I post in and read r/thebluepill sometimes which is a place to mock the redpill and other associated misogynistic subreddits and occasionally incels pop up asking how they can change but I think trying to help them is a fruitless venture until they seek help. Usually they turn in MRAs, Incels, and redpill, all function in the same weird internet ecosystem and share most of the same assumptions about women and society they just relate to it differently. I do think that classic PUA is different from these, it was sleasy but less openly misogynistic, it's just the guys it attracted tended to be of a certain type and now we have this whole new internet misogyny.
  7. Darzin

    US Politics: What Price Loyalty?

    The Syrian government keeps it's word on busing the rebels, because if not then no one would agree to it. And the busing program has been a great success as it lets the government clear out pockets without forcing the rebels to fight to the death. Plus as a bonus sometimes the rebels start fighting with each other when they get to wherever their going as you now have two rebel groups instead of one.
  8. Darzin

    US Politics: What Price Loyalty?

    I mean Saudi Arabia is bombing civilians right now should we lob some missiles at them? And remember Assad may be a brutal dictator but if he falls there will be a genocide. Those rebels he gassed have called for the extermination of Shia and Alawites so unless you want to invade Syria lobbing missiles at the man standing in the way of the murder of the Alawites and Christians is not a good strategy.
  9. Darzin

    US Politics: What Price Loyalty?

    Link So there is that. Looks like Russia is pushing back quite a bit on this. Of course I can't even imagine the response if the Russia bombed a US ally. Some people on reddit were discussing whether Syrian possessed the capability to shoot anti ship missiles at the US destroyers off the coast until it was pointed out that if Syria ever successfully hit back the US would just level the country. I'm a fair bit disappointed in the US to be honest there is no alternative to Assad, the SDF (and i'm a huge YPG partisan) kind of are but they are way to far from from Damascus removing the Syrian regime without an alternative would result in a literal genocide, so taking potshots at them from the side just feels dishonest and cruel. Especially since we haven't confirmed who launched the attack.
  10. Darzin

    US Politics: Free Trade, Freer Trade, and Nuclear War

    Link Link Link Looks like Russia is pushing back quite a bit on this. Of course I can't even imagine the response if the Russia bombed a US ally. Some people on reddit were discussing whether Syrian possessed the capability to shoot anti ship missiles at the US destroyers off the coast until it was pointed out that if Syria ever successfully hit back the US would just level the country. I'm a fair bit disappointed in the US to be honest there is no alternative to Assad, the SDF (and i'm a huge YPG partisan) kind of are but they are way to far from from Damascus removing the Syrian regime without an alternative would result in a literal genocide, so taking potshots at them from the side just feels dishonest and cruel. Finally some Syrians talking about how things are waiting to get bombed.
  11. On the China thing almost no one here has seen the old trilogy. I don't think they even released foreign films back then, so without that context the new trilogy is making a bunch of references no one understands. I'm surprised it was released at all to be honest. China only allows a certain number of foreign films in cinemas and I have no idea why Star Wars was approved. They would have been better off showing the original trilogy first or nothing at all.
  12. Darzin

    U.S. Politics: Are You Threadening Me Master Jedi?

    I'm assuming you're referencing this article from Vox about how American democracy and more generally presidential systems are a bad example? I think that the article has a lot of good points and I think if we had a parliamentary system instead of a presidential one we wouldn't be having the kind of crisis we are having now. I also think the way the American system is a winner take all system which basically ensures only two viable parties really hurts things as well. A system which gives parties seats based on a percentage of the vote would allow both more liberal and more conservative options.
  13. Darzin

    U.S. Politics. Next?

    So I think we got lucky with Trump... Not that Trump is a good president or even a passable one, or even somewhat competent one, but in the sense Trump lacks the focus to directly attack American institutions. When you read that article in the Hollywood reporter or from the new book, you see an unfocused lout, who is damaging our democracy but who is doing so by lashing out rather than in targeted attacks, if Trump had been a different person but said the same things but actually believed them in a coherent way, instead of just ranting or if he made Bannon his chief of staff things could have been so so much worse. Picture another world where Trump or a character like him gets elected same campaign same promises same story Lets call him Alt Trump. Now when our Alt Trump gets elected he meets with McConnel and Ryan and tells them the agenda, tax cuts then healthcare, well actually healthcare first then taxes, he has campaign promises to keep and tells them they can always repeal healthcare later but for now some cosmetic fixes. He meets with some democrat and day one they pass some badly needed fixes to Obamacare, the more conservative Republicans will balk, but with Democratic votes they can pass it and it does. The Alt Right doesn't really care about healthcare they care about immigration. So now we go to tax cuts and the Republicans pathetic, spineless need to pass them no matter what, Alt Trump explains simply to McConnel and Ryan he will sign whatever bill they bring him, as long as it includes two things; first funding for a border wall full and complete, second funding to hire 50,000 new agents for ICE, not really investigative iv agents more like manpower trained the way the border patrol are quickly and less rigorous put someone David Clarke in charge of running it nonwhite but authoritarian to the max. Paul Ryan and McConnel will grumble and grovel and threaten but in the end the NEED these tax cuts, we all saw how painfully supplicant they were to their donors, they will find the money if it is provide those things or lose their tax cuts, because their dream is here. Also during this time two executive orders are issued one which says the executive branch views undocumented immigrants as clear criminals, the other in which the administration makes clear that aiding criminals is a crime, Or perhaps regulations carrying the force of law are issued. I bet you can see where I'm going with this but lets hold off a minute. Our Alt Trump then moves on to infrastructure and a nice bi partisan bill is passed rebuild middle America yadda yadda, the New York Times says nice things about him, and just after that the hammer drops, massive raids across the country targeting not only undocumented immigrants, but also all the Liberal organizations which help them from the leadership on down are charged with aiding and abetting criminals human trafficking whatever they think can stick. It's certainly not all Liberal organizations but a fair part of the Civil society has been removed maybe even some entire governments of sanctuary cities arrested .Of course massive protests kick off and for our Alt Trump hopefully riots too, he starts talking about law and order how we have large parts of society failing to follow the law, and just look we have people rioting and destroying things because criminals were arrested, we need to restore order to society ect ect. Then our Alt Trump starts offering a solution we have makers vs takers, and well the takers and leaches are taking to much so propose only makers can vote to need to vote you need to give more money to the federal government to vote, it's like having foxes vote for what to eat! Now this comes close to violating the 24th amendment but I'm not sure it does since it's not about a poll tax it's about a positive tax balance, of course not every state would adopt this but if a few key ones with Republican governors and legislatures and it's game over. Now the above scenario is a bit extreme but it's more legal then many things Trump has actually done just more extreme in it's consequences. And you don't have to be that extreme Trump has not done targeted attacks and doesn't have enough foresight or knowledge of government to properly subvert it, but someone could... the Republicans have been useless in protecting democratic norms, and that's what Bannon saw Trump lacks the focus but if someone had the presidency and the focus to actually dismantle our government institutions the Republicans would do fuck all to stop them.That's why Bannon decided he needed to be president. Also I am firmly of the opinion that Trump not making Bannon his chief of staff is one of the most fortunate decisions in the countries history. If Bannon had been able to create an ideologically focused unified Alt Right staff we would be much worse off now. Things maybe be horrible now but remember they could have always been worse.
  14. I think we will see a Mars colony although perhaps not self sustaining in all of our lifetimes I think there is a decent chance a human being will walk on Mars in the next 15 years. Because of SpaceX the entire reason Elon Musk created SpaceX was to colonize mars and SpaceX is right now working on a rocket BFR which should be capable of going to mars and back. So far SpaceX has met their targets eventually if not on time and they are well on the way to making humans capable of interplanetary travel. For a really good read I highly recommend How (and Why) SpaceX will colonize Mars. It's a bit long but it explains a lot about Musk his goals and how he plans on achieving them.
  15. Darzin

    US Politics: Russian Roulette Republican Style

    I think over the top pessimism about the future is a bit much. Look Trump is bad really really bad he's dangerous and destroying norms and he is bad for America specifically. But if you look at the world we are not doing that bad can you think of a time when things were better. As much as Trump might want to he can't bring America back to the 1950s he can't in 1950 we had segregation, gay marriage was unthinkable, repression and racism were rampant. The Soviet Union still existed and was ruled by Stalin, China was a starving hellhole and rule by Mao. Say what you will about Putin but he is better than Stalin, say what you will about China but after Mao they have moderated and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and into a prosperous middle class. Africa, Latin America, and Vietnam while still poor are many times wealthier than in the pas Yes Trump is a monster but if you look into human history you will just find more monsters and compared to the rulers of the 20th century Trump is pretty mild. If you read the comments on Republican and Nationalist blogs they talk about how Democrats always win and Republicans always lose, which is true on social issues. Gay rights are settled the last Republican president was trying to get a gay marriage ban into the constitution. This one couldn't dream of that. These past years have seen the Republicans cave on any social issue. A bif part of the "fuck Libruls!!!" impulse which got Trump elected are results from a rage of seeing every relevant institution in this country be captured by liberals. It will not last the young generation of millennials are progressive on social issues and economics. Trump is an old man's president the last vestige of a dying generation who see there values and their culture slipping away. Trump is a mess, Trump is a disaster, His presidency will hurt many and likely even kill many but it is not by any means the end. The pendulum will swing back and meanwhile the rest of the world is doing pretty well.