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  1. I don't think because fire magic works we should think of Rh'llor as an active God. The Dapmhair uses CPR as proof of his God or not. George has said that the gods will remain ambigous the same as in our world.
  2. I think George was a bit unimagitive with the gap. The one big problem with it is the Nothern plotline so write a novella about it and then end it. If Stannis gets the North it's pretty easy to have a stalemate between north and south. Or have Melisandre's magic plus obsidian be enough to hold off the others for a bit and have Stannis spend five years brooding as King Beyond the Wall. Or have hom reatreat to Skagos and brood there, which also saves time as Rickon is ther. Open with Stannis on Skagos as the Northern conspiracy groes against the Boltons and brings him in. As for Kings Landing politics have Cersei pushed out of power by the Tyrells with Mace Tyrell as hand. Have a stable if somewhat ineffective Tyrell dominated court and open the book with Mace dying and Cersei re-asserting control and free to unleash her insanity it also makes here hostility to the Tyrells more believable then the Maggie the Frog prophecy. And this is another completely different but equally plausible way to do it. It really seems George got way to wedded to specific ideas with some stories, and I wish he'd been a bit more creative in finding a solution. The five year gap would have helped things so much. With it Alt Feast for Crows would be starting where Winds of Winter is now. Axing the five year gap seems to be the reason George has written himself into the corner he has.
  3. Also while the US had an embargo for mutiple decades Cuba got aid and below market prices from the USSR as well as being able to trade with every other country aside from the US. Marxist Leninist planned economies failed everywhere else to provide a decent standard of living you can't blame that on the US. Also I don't see the US opposition to Cuba as evil during the cold war Cuba was allied to an enemy power and 90 miles from the US. Continuing the embargo after 1991 was bullshit but I don't see the issue before that.
  4. I think it's just no one wants to seem biased by ranking him last. That said I think Buchanan was worse and I might rate Jackson worse as well though that depends what "worse" means. So I guess number three seems reasonable.
  5. I've enjoyed these two episodes a lot. This season seems to be above four hopefully they are getting back into a groove.
  6. I just think society moves faster now. If you were a farmer even a hundred years ago the old people in your town and village new a ton of useful stuff. With the lightning pace of technology and huge social changes that's a lot less ture nowadays.
  7. I think all of those are good ideas except this.. I'd be worried this would be setting up a civil war Viserys at the wall means he has no claim and noble houses do often join up. Benjen Stark and Lord Commander Mormont for example, it's not going to be seen as cruel or unreasonable to send him there.
  8. Yeah "celebrating" 9/11 feels wrong I think a holiday is the wrong way to go for that. If we are going to add a holliday it should defintitley be election day. We really do need election day as a federal holiday.
  9. The difference is Jews are people and cows aren''t, If I have a choice between saving a human being and a cow I'm going to save the human every time. Serious question based on this logic should we eliminate all predators? Since they need to kill other animals to live.
  10. I meant that he wrote three books in the Shattered Sea world, then returned to the world of the First Law. His new book is in an entirely new world with elves and demons and popes, but I bet eventually he'll write another First Law book.
  11. Why though? Doesn't lab meat get rid of most of the objections to meat consumption? Without the enviromental and ethical issues why should we abstain from lab meat?
  12. I really disagree with this. Throughout most of human history most religion has been a reflection of societies values rather than imposing values on society. It's only been relatively recently with the rise of Christianity and Islam that we've seen expansionist religion attempting to impose scriputral values on society.
  13. I don't think it will help it much at hall. It's the utra-orthodox ultra-conservative parishes that are full of young people. The liberal and neutral ones outnumber those by far but they are on borrowed time.
  14. I don't think they care. Covid has been controlled here for a while do to lockdowns and the vaccination rate here is not so good, but getting better. China has exported a lot of their vaccines and so it's very far from approaching herd immunity here. I think limiting international travel is part of the goal. As for only recognizing the Chinese vaccine, as with any policy here it will be ironclad and unchangeable until it isn't. I'm sure eventually it will change but when? who knows. I am surprised China is on your list as most foreign teachers I know here have been offered the vaccine through their jobs. It was a lot worse last summer in terms of blaming foreigners people would scoot away from you on the bus and jump to the other side of the sidewalk. There was a good month scare of foreigners bringing in the virus from Russia. That's died down now, but people still ask me all the time when the las time I went back home. The quarantine right now is a month. Two weeks at a hotel, two weeks at home. I could theoretically go back to America for the summer since I have the Chinese vaccine and was planning on it, but with these new doubled quarantines I don't think I will.
  15. I think an organization holding itself to be the one true church should be able to do better than to have a pedophilia problem. At the same time if you really believe the Catholic church is the only organization that can provide licit communion I see why you'd stay. But even the stated teachings of the church cause a lot of pain the rules about divorce, and LGBT individuals have caused a lot of pain and will continue to do so.
  16. His next novel isn't set in the First Law universe, but I bet sooner or later he'll come back after taking a break. Similar to what he did with his young adult series.
  17. How much work does a congressperson actually do though if their staff does most of the bill writing and such? it seems like they just debate about policies which we're all doing for free.
  18. Luckily I got vaccinated with the rest of the teachers at my school and wasn't treated differently. Anecdotally with other teachers in China it seems to be the same, but China is not recognizing non-Chinese vaccines so it makes sense they want everyone to have the Chinese one.
  19. I agree that they can't realistically change there is also a lot of underlying philosophy that goes with those stances and a hierarchy of celebates is not going to be sympathetic to the idea people need sex. I get conservative LBTQ+ members who abstain from sex the church teaches that's fine. But I don't get non abstaining or liberal Catholics if they actually got the Church to do what they want it would disprove it. It seems to me you should either believe what the Church teaches or leave into the world of Protestantism/Agnosticism/Athiesm.
  20. There is but they don't get a primary. Democrats abroad get to send delegates to the convention.
  21. What do you think is the long-term future of the Catholic Church? As of now the church is struggling with many issues’ child sex abuse scandals. doctrinal issues around same sex marriage and slumping attendance in developed countries. But it is also experiencing tremendous growth in Africa and Asia. I think if the church doesn't reform on LGBT rights It might end up being an object of derision in Western countries. Gay rights are relatively recent but in a hundred years if the church has the same stance it's going to be a big issue. I think liberal and cultural Catholics will gradually fall away as the church’s morals become unacceptable to society. Leaving a conservative core similar to the ultra-orthodox Haredi communities. We can already see this a bit with Latin mass and Society of St Pius X churches.
  22. I suspect after a century of vat grown meat society will look at slaughtering animals as barbaric. That said I'm not a vegetarian or vegan personally. I find the disconnect in modern society from where our food comes from troubling. In boy scouts I had to butcher a rabbit at the age of eleven and I think it was a good lesson. Our food has a price and it's important to know that.
  23. I was planning on going to their caucus event in Beijing pre-covid. I'm surprised the Chinese government allows American political activity of any type to take place here. I was wondering if i'd see security people lurking about. I'm on their mailing list and if they offer me the vaccine I'll take it. I've had the Chinese one but the vaccines that would come from the US are a lot more effective.
  24. The thing about the Second Apacalypse is it was so close to being amazing 10/10 fantasy. If Bakker had an editor for the last bit and not been well Bakker things could have ended up much better than they did.
  25. Yeah without his fight with Khalul what is the piont? This is why I don't think he's behind the revolution I think evetns will pass him by.
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