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  1. This Iowa LSU game has been phenomenal. Too bad the match up is so early.
  2. United Church of Canada, baby! My favorite church visit of the year until adolescence.
  3. You have an extra 0 there. It's only holy shit.
  4. Christine Sinclair is playing her last game for Canada tonight. What. A. Career. Christine Margaret Sinclair OC OBC OLY(born June 12, 1983) is a Canadian professional soccer player who plays as a forward for Portland Thorns and captains the Canadian national team. An Olympic gold medallist, two-time Olympic bronze medallist, CONCACAF champion, and 14-time winner of the Canada Soccer Player of the Year award, Sinclair is the world's all-time leader for international goals scored for men or women with 190 goals, and is one of the most-capped active international soccer players with more than 300 caps*. She is also the second soccer player of either sex to score at five World Cup editions, preceded by Marta, later equalled by Cristiano Ronaldo. She has been shortlisted for FIFA Women's World Player of the Year seven times, in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2016. *331 as of tonight. Thanks Sincy!
  5. That's just internet trolls. Sad that it's risen to the level of 'internet true'. Confirmed in the press release that no other player or family member was involved. Today more has come out and the incident involved a Blackhawks org employee. This Defector article covers my feelings, more or less. https://defector.com/corey-perry-is-everyones-problem
  6. JFC the Chicago Blackhawks continue to be sus. Like, given EVERYTHING that has come out in the past two years, don't obfuscate. If Corey Perry didn't do anything illegal then say what he did. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/38999666/blackhawks-waive-corey-perry-unacceptable-conduct The Blackhawks, if you'll recall, gave cover to a sexual predator. https://theathletic.com/5033750/2023/11/05/blackhawks-lawsuit-brad-aldrich-sexual-assault/
  7. It's been 16 years but I still crave a puff once in a while. But I never do because I don't miss the stink nor the cost nor the cough.
  8. Also shared in the RIP Thread -Tim Wakefield. My pitcher of choice when MC and I would play MLB: The Show. Fuck cancer. https://www.espn.com/mlb/
  9. Tim Wakefield. My pitcher of choice when MC and I would play MLB: The Show. Fuck cancer. https://www.espn.com/mlb/
  10. The absolute fucking mess in Spain right now. So much to unpack and despise but just a few things: The Spanish women are world champions, but in the eyes of Rubiales, they are women before footballers in all ways and all times, even when hoisting trophies. No player on the Spanish men's national team need ever worry that the head of their federation would 'get caught up in the emotional moment' and get himself a full lip smacker. The entitlement that a woman is there to support *your* urges in a moment that is about *her*. The fact that his physical whim was *accepted* by Hermoso because she didn't push him off etc as opposed to realizing she was caught off guard during *her* moment of joy. And that as women we are conditioned to acquiesece through silence and not making a fuss. More of the men's team need to put pressure on Rubiales to quit. And the doubling down by the federation is infuriating, insulting, and gross.
  11. It's mostly the edible talking, but with the pink and yellow kits in the Leagues Cup Final should be called The Peeps Classic. Also Messi has taken this last place team to the final of the competition and can likely position them to win the MLS.
  12. Welp. That's that then. Too bad the Witcher has ended and they'll never tie up everything... In reality, if that is the quality of the writing going forward, it won't matter who is playing Geralt. That was just lame.
  13. A slight funnel cloud formed over the Capitol today. Yeesh. @Tyria thank you. I cannot believe the terrible rains and now flooding out east.
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