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  1. I do find it a little incredulous that my sister's in laws are due for their second dose while wintering in Florida while my my mother and man friend are waiting on the ability to schedule their first. While it's great that those doses are going in available bodies including Snow Birds, the Florida roll out has been completely eff'd from go, and totally screwing over the most senior citizens. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/10/us/coronavirus-vaccine-florida.html https://www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-2021/florida-covid-vaccine.html
  2. I find Nerd Wallet is a great resource for these sorts of things. https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/loans/student-loans/refinance-private-student-loans I have no direct experience with SoFi but a friend with medical schooling loans refinanced with them and had a good experience. https://www.nerdwallet.com/best/loans/student-loans/student-loan-refinance-companies
  3. Hurray! https://apnews.com/article/biden-inauguration-joe-biden-capitol-siege-ap-top-news-857bacc273e16ff82dc9fefed1242ae8
  4. MC's boss has encouraged all the other managers to join him in a 3 week no-alcohol challenge and they are all on board. MC raised the stakes by encouraging everyone to also go vegetarian. At least a few have agreed. At any rate, tonight is The Last Meal and he ordered lasagna and a bottle of wine on his way home. I'm enjoying a glass of said wine, which is the first alcohol since NYD, so 2 weeks. Then back at it tomorrow.
  5. Watching the DC press conference. Pretty displeased that with all the street closures and the Mall, NPS allowed two First Amendment Protests at the Navy Memorial and John Marshall Park (which is Pennsylvania Avenue, right next to the Canadian Embassy and just down the road from the Capitol. Also find it odd the Superintendent of NPS couldn't say off the top of his head who the group(s) were.* Excellent questions about how our low income residents are f**ked by the transit measures and street closures put in place to keep 'people' safe. *Might be BLM DC is one, which I'm more on board with but the concern, regardless of who is protesters are, is the crowd size expanding with more or counter protesters and what could happen from that.
  6. We're just beefing up all around the area. Insurrection via regatta, I guess. https://dcist.com/story/21/01/13/maryland-virginia-capitol-statehouse-preparation-attacks/
  7. So now we have a website to report suspicious activity in DC. https://www.popville.com/2021/01/dc-inauguration-prep-guard-iwatch/ Also this is uh, interesting:
  8. People who a) work in the downtown area (restaurants, hotels etc) and b) rely on public transportation are screwed starting Friday through Thursday. We just announced a bunch of station closures where trains will bypass and bus routes being detoured around the security perimeter. Also screwed are the restaurants in the security perimeter absolutely relying on take away and delivery. Indoor dining ban was extended until next Friday. What absolute disaster situation.
  9. "Now is not the time to politicize these events."
  10. We're so far beyond at this point. Whatever happens with Trump will only further ignite his supporters and the people who just want to eradicate Democrats/liberals/the left etc from the face of the earth. I will say, extra 'fortification' of DC looks like neglect of state capitals, like nearby Annapolis* in Maryland and Richmond in Virginia. *Though I can't really imagine insurrection via yacht.
  11. Airbnb with the major move. This of course impacts persons coming to celebrate inauguration but c'est la vie. Hotels likely don't have a much choice. I mean, maybe Hyatt or Holiday Inn might, but independents almost certainly don't. Not that any hotel would.
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