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  1. kairparavel

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    https://www.npr.org/2018/11/04/661932989/how-the-2020-census-citizenship-question-ended-up-in-court In theory, yes, you want this information. But not under this current administration.
  2. kairparavel

    US Politics: In Through the Out Door

    So here's a question about that: concession before all the ballots are counted. If we want to maintain the idea that every vote counts why on earth do we allow candidates to concede before everything is counted? Plus, with everything we've seen in the past decade plus, why would you ever not wait til the very end?(And this I genuinely don't know (and yeah I should but I don't) - does conceding too soon mean anything or is just symbolic?)
  3. kairparavel

    US Politics: In Through the Out Door

    Twitter tells me we're edging towards a possible Florida governor recount.
  4. kairparavel

    The Deuce

    I've had to take that one in slow doses as well. As a woman I've had to curb my viewing of shows with oppression and/or violence against women and misogynistic story lines and themes. It's soul-wearying, to me, for that to be the vehicle for great entertainment/art.
  5. kairparavel

    The Deuce

    To be fair, the subject matter is little grim to bear, no matter how great the writing and acting is. It was less so this season but the treatment of women was hard for me to take early on during season one and I wasn't sure I could see it through. Not a show to binge I don't think.
  6. kairparavel

    The Walking Dead: Because Season Ate Nine (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    I haven't been watching. I would have been interested when they got to The Whisperers, but without Carl and now Rick..meh. It's been pointed out that last night was someone else's final appearance as well, at least for the season. https://news.avclub.com/weirdly-last-nights-walking-dead-was-the-end-of-the-ro-1830234203 All the farewell masturbatory ads in tribute to Andrew Lincoln leading up to the episode coupled with his goodbye letter (I didn't read) only for him to not die? Ridiculous is probably the nicest way to put it.
  7. kairparavel

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    I love everything about this Disney Colorpop collaboration. Especially the lip gloss names. https://colourpop.com/collections/disney-designer
  8. kairparavel

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    I'm not sure how you interpreted my statement but if it was that Bavarians were the cosplayers then no, that was not my meaning. North Americans of non-German heritage routinely engage in 'dressing up' for Octoberfest which is what I suggested to be cosplay because I expect it's more novelty than tradition. Perhaps it's appropriation but it doesn't feel like it's as disrespectful as native headdresses, for example. I could be wrong. Also, I'm not American. Yet.
  9. kairparavel

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Their Board of Regents are some POS. Among other issues.
  10. kairparavel

    The Deuce

  11. kairparavel

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    There are some pretty strong distinctions to be made from Octoberfest cosplay. There's a colononialism aspect and with that a power imbalance. The dominant culture taking for their use pieces of minority culture after (hundreds of) years of oppression. There's a disrespectful aspect where items and symbols are in use by the dominant culture without understanding their meaning or importance to the minority culture from which they are taken. See native headdress and Dia de los Muertos skull makeup. And there's a fetishization or exoticism aspect. At any rate, your interpretation of what it means really boils down to your interest in and respect of other cultures. There is the possibility of over-sensitivity but the real problem rests with people who just don't give a shit about what is important and meaningful to others.
  12. kairparavel

    International News Thread

    While this is here in the states it involves two sisters- Saudi citizens, who as it turns out, were seeking asylum in the US. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/31/us/new-york-hudson-river-bodies-saudi-citizens/index.html
  13. kairparavel

    MLB 2018: Bonfire of the Metropolitans

    @Myshkin Fair points. I just saw a lot of vitriol on the Los Doyers Instagram post thanking fans. Irritated the fuck out of me. Mistakes were made. For sure.
  14. kairparavel

    MLB 2018: Bonfire of the Metropolitans

    The Dodgers are a very good team. The Red Sox are better. For all the calls to fire Roberts for a coaching decision, meh. Fire the guy who got you to the WS two years in a row? Who knows what keeping Hill in would have done. At any rate, we're less heartbroken than last year. Though the prospect of losing Clayton hurts. I love that guy, through it all. Congrats Dante. And now the Bryce Harper watch begins.