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  1. This is just...criminal. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/covid-19-ontario-april-19-2021-cases-icu-vaccines-1.5992969
  2. My mother received one of those 115,634 doses yesterday (Moderna). We're a little over a month away from May Two-Four weekend. The shutdown in Ontario needs to happen now before everyone thinks about busting loose for a long weekend.
  3. @Isis Is there a chance she meant 'I wish we would have had a chance to discuss this first, so we could have reviewed professional training opportunities more suited to our goals for you.' or some such thing. Not that you completed that training, but that you had a desire or expectation that ultimately doesn't align with theirs and something mutually beneficial could have been lined up instead? Of course, she probably should have expressed that, if it's the case.
  4. Actually Chataya, yes it can be. Far be it from you to imagine situations and circumstances beyond how your work and living arrangements are set up. The money saved on one aspect of working from home gets routed into another unplanned expense that could possibly be more than what they are saving. Being thrust into a position many companies and employees were not prepared for is one thing but a lot of people had to make a lot of out of pocket expenses to accommodate this way of working. Is it really that crazy to want the employer to at least share the expense with their employee? Christ, how many companies offer reimbursement or subsidies for using personal phones or cars for work? So what about internet? Electricity? And that's just expense. The lack of physical separation between work and home takes a different toll. I can't imagine having kids during this. I cannot wait to get to the office for a few days a week so I get a different view from bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and that constant loop from waking to sleeping. Not all of us live in houses or have yards or general areas of privacy/physical boundaries of separation. Anyways, there's no reason why all parties in this relationship cannot come out winners. If it's not equitable it will not be sustainable, no matter how flippant and elitist and super shitty your protests might be.
  5. WFH blasts apart the myth of presenteeism. And it has all the benefits SJohn lists BUT unless you have a magically altruistic employer, it places all the infrastructure burden, including logistics and co$t, on the employee. Sure, office energy expenses are down while my utility bills are up. I also had to purchase and set up a home office without subsidy or reimbursement - desk, chair, printer, second monitor (and no office supply cabinet to raid). Of course I was a new hire but most of my team was in the same boat. They were able to bring their office monitor home, but not their desk and chair. And one had to seriously upgrade her internet to be able to keep up with Teams and VPN access etc. During the great TP crisis/hoarding I joked it was because most people had no idea how much they'd need for lockdown/stay at home due to generally using the facilities at work (water/sewer is another utility bill that has gone up). We've had a year to confirm it's doable. It's time to make it sustainable and equitable.
  6. The guidance in Canada isn't based on 'it's fine'. It's risk, based on an attempt to be equitable in distribution with the idea that some immunity for all is better than no immunity for some(many). Summer is coming, and it seems unreasonable and unsafe to ask half the adult population to wait until August to get their first shot.
  7. I received a notification last week that some time between the fall of 2019 and the fall of 2020 my personal health information was obtained through some sort of hack of a medical group I'm a patient with. Probably not 533 million affected, but just another example that data security is a myth. Honestly, I'd expect greater protection of my PHI than my FB account.
  8. Just finished Little Women (2019) and it was lovely. When it was first announced I felt very cynical about it, like why do we need to revisit this. But given what Greta Gerwig did with the story, it really outdid the 1994 version in many ways. I wasn't sold entirely on Mr. Chalamet but I thought Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh were great.
  9. The brave French Senate also did this: https://en.vogue.me/culture/french-senate-votes-hijab-ban/ To recap, to combat what they consider an oppressive religious requirement by forcing women and girls to wear specific items of clothing in public, a bunch of men have decided for Muslim women and children *checks notes* what they can and cannot wear in public. And 15 is old enough to understand consenting to sexual intercourse, but not old enough to understand consenting to wear a hijab. Got it. If your argument is that girls and young women are being forced to do something without consent, you don't counter it with legislation that forces girls and young women to not do something without their consent. FFS.
  10. I've been periodically checking in on the protests in Mexico City this weekend. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/29/victoria-salazar-mexico-tulum-police-officers-charged-woman-dies-arrest This was at the hands of police, but the murdering of women in Mexico is an ongoing devastation. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-56321145 https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1135861 During my trip to Mexico City at the end of 2019, I came across the monument pictured in the article below and didn't really know what was going on at the time. https://wp.towson.edu/iajournal/2020/04/28/femicide-in-mexico/
  11. I expect that generally it will have a different impact on women compared to men. I also never need to see it again.
  12. So, while I'm not saying he's Oscar-level, Drake did start out as an actor. And it's not like other hip hop artists haven't made the transition to film. I feel like maybe you protest a little too much.
  13. I watched it a few weeks ago and it's really stayed with me. I've also had that Paris Hilton song in my head. Anyways so much of it tracks, particularly the scene in Bo Burnham's office.
  14. I'm hoping to use our canceled flight credit from last July for a similar trip in late summer. Celebrate my 50th a month or two after the fact. Eat some tacos, catch some Doyers, see some redwoods. Guess we'll see.
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