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  1. Thank God they were able to fit Fat Walda into the show. *blink* The casting budget.
  2. I am convinced the new queen put the poison in the cup after getting it from grandma. His death scene was great And bonus? Something that actually happened.
  3. http://espnfc.com/uk/en/report/367336/leaders-stunned-free-scoring-city The prolific strikeforce of Sergio Aguero and Alvaro Negredo were again on target while Fernandinho struck twice and David Silva and Yaya Toure also got on the scoresheet. Testing copy and paste in Firefox
  4. Testing the quote feature in Firefox.
  5. North Hufflepuff FC and Bacon Sandwich FC are ready to go.
  6. Weakest finale, partially because it didn't end with the end of the book so no 'cliffhanger', and partially because they tried too hard to resolve nothing post-RW aside from getting Jaime to King's Landing. 5/10
  7. You had to know tonight would be potentially underwhelming after last week, but this is just 65 minutes of lips and assholes.
  8. Really? That was the big ending? Cripes.
  9. I HATE what they have done with Stannis. HATE it.
  10. Dr. Jill Biden ‏@JillBidenVeep3m Ygritte! Why couldn't you have just written a song about it like Taylor Swift! #GameOfThrones miss gillies ‏@ramensparkles 7m What a simpler time. Shooting arrows at a man who breaks your heart. #gameofthrones
  11. The ep goes til ten after the hour
  12. Yeah. Good lord I love Maisie Williams.
  13. Yeah, I find the lack of Cold Hands a plothole at The Wall.
  14. Which, in light of events, would make him the last Greyjoy. :laugh:
  15. That broke my heart more than anything last week.
  16. I thought LF was suggesting he had given Ros to Qyburn for experiments, actually.
  17. So for all the scene chewing Ros did in the first two seasons, this is her demise. Joffrey is imbalanced, yes. But this? And while I'm glad to be done with her this was so over the top and an unnecessary way to close out the arc of a character I loathed. Though I enjoyed LF's little speech about the climb overtop the montage of things.
  18. My favourite part was the last scene, with Yoren and Arya and the foreshadowing of her prayer, and the speeding up of getting her to Harrenhall. Also: not sure how much of a thespian the gal playing Brienne will eventually turn out to be, but she certainly captures the look; sexyaged Margaery Tyrell works for me just fine, though I hope she is just bethrothed to Tommen down the road, waiting on him to come of age. My least favourite scene was Loras and Renly because Loras is a whiny emo sulky baby. Seriously? Ugh. Also, Shae. Every single thing to do with her character and her portrayal grates on my last nerve. Also, dislike all Greyjoys not named Balon. Can any of you actually see Alfie Allen pulling off Reek down the road? Can you see him murdering those boys? I don't think he has the range or skill to make that transformation, as an actor. At least the exchange between Varys and Tyrion was unaltered and spot on.
  19. Maybe new people can breathe fresh life into topics done to death. Otherwise, we should just close out the tv, book and GC sections of the board.
  20. Give blood: play water polo :thumbsup:
  21. As American as maple pie.

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