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  1. You two really need to go off and find a hotel ice machine vestibule already. (Masks and hand sanitizer in lieu of social distancing, natch.)
  2. I feel like there's some confusion on unisex bathrooms (mine maybe?) or at least it's defined differently in different areas? In my experience in North America, unisex bathrooms are single user locked door rooms, not multiple users like you would encounter in gender-specific rooms with urinals and/or stalls. Is it different in other places? My favorite set up is toilets behind closed door and common sinks.
  3. We Free the Stars was good. Overall an enjoyable duology. Electric Kingdom is getting rave reviews but I just haven't had the motivation to hold/read a physical book. @lady narcissa it's Cassian and Nesta (A Court of Silver Flames) day! I I didn't pre-order so I'm waiting on my library hold in the next few weeks. I'm actually somewhat interested in this story so I hope it's worth my time.
  4. Snow Birds gonna be pissed. https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/news/2021/02/government-of-canada-expands-restrictions-to-international-travel-by-land-and-air.html I assume the week stagger is to allow said Snow Birds to arrange getting back now?
  5. Please don't conflate doing the right thing, a single act and at long last at that, with being on 'my' side or converting to it. They are still Republicans, and this one moment doesn't change that. Just watch how they proceed going forward. Also, speaking the truth is being nasty?
  6. Thank them for doing the bare minimum? Where are the calls to thank the The Squad members out there getting death threats all the time, while doing their jobs? To thank the people that sat idly by for years, that allowed and enabled this from go, who had an opportunity to do the correct and morally right thing before, and didn't? Nah.
  7. The opening remarks by the impeachment managers has been educational for me, American for a year and 10 months. I also thought the video timeline evidence being cut to show what was happening inside and outside the Capitol was well done.
  8. Got the call a little earlier! Lessons were learned for the next time I might apply for a new position, but tonight I celebrate!
  9. I bought a box of N95 masks that I vigorously researched to ensure I was getting both legitimate and approved items. Crazy expensive ($200/50) but I got them for MC as he's more out in the world. I'll double mask with Zabzie's method, though I have a few filter inserts left that came with some of the cloth masks.
  10. Bird, if there's anything anyone should have learned in the past decade or two is that the media in the US and UK are who they are and life goes on despite them. You're very 'Man yells at cloud' here and several countries world wide have just as many grievances. Most Canadians are going about their lives because repeated posting at Westeros.org isn't going to get them vaccinated any faster. And honestly, your ire should be directed at who and what led to the failure to ramp up vaccine manufacturing in Canada after H1N1 in 2009. Hint: It wasn't CNN or The Guardian.
  11. I'm having a really hard time with closure from my old job. We went to WFH for a week mid March and the following Monday I was furloughed. I was unfurloughed for ten days in June to do a hand-off before I started my new job and then that was it. I was unable to say goodbye face to face with so many people I had worked with for almost a decade. I'm tearing up thinking about it even now. I feel partly ridiculous but also deeply distraught over how this chapter in my life/career ended. With that, I can't even imagine the despair and sadness of those who have lost someone and were unable to say goodbye or attend a funeral or be with family and friends. My mother lost a close friend three weeks ago. There will likely be a memorial service in the spring, vaccinations-dependent I guess. @S John I'm so sorry for your loss and the whole situation.
  12. @Iskaral Pust Thank you for the perspective. It of course makes sense and I'm immediately more comfortable thinking about things in those terms.
  13. I had an interview for an internal promotion (which is amazing to me as I've not been with the organization quite 8 months). Similar format to the hiring interview: panel of 3 people, 2 questions each, each question graded on strength of response by each panel member and the recruiter. I've been exceeding expectations from nearly go and taken on a lot of the workload that this promotion would entail already. I've received excellent feedback from stakeholders outside my department. It all seems like a no-brainer, right? I'm terrible at interviews. I prep. I review various soft skill questions and prepare examples. I talk a lot of it out with MC. I get to the panel (of my peers) and I want to die. I cannot talk about examples of things I've done in some cases. I am extremely excellent at talking about my work product. Less great about my leadership and goal development even though they are things people remark about. I develop some sort of imposter syndrome, unable to find the words to talk myself up about non-evident things. I received a smidge of feedback some time afterwards that I do not promote in interview the level of self confidence seen day to day in doing my job and they don't get it. Welcome to the club! My only comfort is that I was similarly meh in my hiring interview but they took a chance on me. I hope that thing that strikes twice does here but we'll see, some time in the next week or so. I clearly need to take my interview prep deeper and more organized. Maybe seek out a professional or course of some sort. Is that a thing? My department director, who provided this bit of feedback, indicated they would have gladly worked with me in prep but I feel like that's cheating? Am I an idiot? *L* Anyways, any suggestions for future interview prep? If this doesn't work out now I'll certainly have other opportunities in the future.
  14. Is there anyone that was clinging to this year as their last chance to get in? I guess Bonds, Clemens, and Schilling get one more shot? I think Schilling is a douchenozzle but people aren't voting for Most Congenial. All things being equal in 'the era' shouldn't all three get in?
  15. Yeah, no. Pizzagate almost ruined a business and could have gotten people killed. And they were out in full force Tuesday night. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizzagate_conspiracy_theory https://dcist.com/story/21/01/19/dc-comet-ping-pong-protests-pizzagate-inauguration/ Plus their assertions about Covid-19 put more than themselves at risk.
  16. Hurray! https://apnews.com/article/biden-inauguration-joe-biden-capitol-siege-ap-top-news-857bacc273e16ff82dc9fefed1242ae8
  17. Watching the DC press conference. Pretty displeased that with all the street closures and the Mall, NPS allowed two First Amendment Protests at the Navy Memorial and John Marshall Park (which is Pennsylvania Avenue, right next to the Canadian Embassy and just down the road from the Capitol. Also find it odd the Superintendent of NPS couldn't say off the top of his head who the group(s) were.* Excellent questions about how our low income residents are f**ked by the transit measures and street closures put in place to keep 'people' safe. *Might be BLM DC is one, which I'm more on board with but the concern, regardless of who is protesters are, is the crowd size expanding with more or counter protesters and what could happen from that.
  18. We're just beefing up all around the area. Insurrection via regatta, I guess. https://dcist.com/story/21/01/13/maryland-virginia-capitol-statehouse-preparation-attacks/
  19. So now we have a website to report suspicious activity in DC. https://www.popville.com/2021/01/dc-inauguration-prep-guard-iwatch/ Also this is uh, interesting:
  20. People who a) work in the downtown area (restaurants, hotels etc) and b) rely on public transportation are screwed starting Friday through Thursday. We just announced a bunch of station closures where trains will bypass and bus routes being detoured around the security perimeter. Also screwed are the restaurants in the security perimeter absolutely relying on take away and delivery. Indoor dining ban was extended until next Friday. What absolute disaster situation.
  21. "Now is not the time to politicize these events."
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