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  1. I seldom include cover letters unless it's for a job I really, really want. Online applications are parsing for key words and phrases in the resume itself and I focus my energy on that. Could a cover letter be a difference maker in getting further in the process? Couldn't say*, but I generally at least make phone screens unless I'm immediately discounted due to not meeting the educational requirements. I certainly don't include one for internal postings where word of mouth is what gets a person interviewed as much as, if not more than, the resume itself. *Every industry is different in what is the difference maker in getting noticed/moved through the process.
  2. Given how many teams violated the cap policy Friday every team could have abandoned this folly and that would have been the end of Player's Weekend.
  3. *L* Slight exaggeration. But it feels like it when I'm hanging up laundry. He informs me the total is 13, so I was close.
  4. The last year they had Northern Rock as their sponsor (2011-2012) they had an orange away top. It's one of the seemingly 153 NUFC tops MC has hanging in our closet. The shorts were white though, with black socks. Anyways, all to say they've done orange before.
  5. The white batting helmet bathed in pine tar looks fucking great on teevee. MLB you suck.
  6. Far too difficult emulating The Goblin King. Anyways... Dear Leader deserved to have his shutout intact. The bullpen just...gah.
  7. I'm pretty sure I just saw a scoreline scroll by that said 23-2 Astros Orioles. But I've been out drinking so ...
  8. It's not great, but probably not all as bad as that. His ERA is more troubling than his blown saves. My beloved Doyers did themselves no favors not making a move for another closer. https://www.rotowire.com/baseball/player.php?id=11289
  9. Please, please don't Boris up the election. And this. Ugh. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/racial-slurs-quebec-1.5225459
  10. https://www.mlb.com/video/bryan-shaw-in-play-run-s-to-gerardo-parra
  11. Yup! This was the basis for Robin Sparkles and I love that Alanis 1.0 is this secret only Canadians seem to know. We also grew up like 2 miles from each other, though she's a few years younger than me.
  12. If your walk-up song is Baby Shark your contract should be voided immediately.
  13. Does not take my breath away.
  14. I do love that Gwendoline Christie, Alfie Allen and Carice van Houten all submitted themselves for nomination and NOT HBO and they got it! Whether they belong with other nominees is up for debate but...I commend their making it happen for/by themselves.
  15. I had my second phone screen in 10 years today. The first was in the fall last year. In both cases I tanked it. I mean, I do not expect to get called in for on-site interviews for this one unless my resume wins out [spoiler - it surely won't]. I'm so mad at myself but also I was far too self conscious about not having direct experience in this particular industry. Also I hate phone screens. I'm on speaker phone with who knows who else is in the room. No social or facial queues. <sigh> I prepped too but the questioning format wasn't asking questions about my resume or experience. Instead it was 'go through our job posting and tell me how you meet the requirements' and I just choked. Ah well.
  16. Lena Headey stood at a window and drank wine for six episodes. Like, I love her but come on.
  17. Losing a perfect game bid at the top of the 9th to the Orioles. Oh, the humanity. https://deadspin.com/in-miracle-orioles-somehow-manage-to-avoid-falling-vic-1836361633
  18. Nope. I don't miss him but I am in the minority.
  19. Did anyone catch Verlander complaining about MLB juicing the balls? As that is the reason for his current stats and not anything else...
  20. Ooof, Vlad Jr. Wow. Round 2! JocPop and Vlad Jr. was incredibly entertaining.
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