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  1. I finished The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo in two days worth of commuting and it was so excellent. It did not win all it's accolades and awards by accident. I highly recommend the audiobook, read by the author. I think I would have enjoyed reading it but would have missed out on the ebb and flow of the verse (that's how it's written, in verse) and the pronunciation and inflectionof some words and phrases. Sadly, the day I finished it was the same day that the cover art came into question. It's looking very much like the artist hired to do the artwork manipulated a photo they neither credited nor sought permission to use. It's doubly troubling because it's a photo of the the uncredited photographer. I hope she gets suitable compensation from the publisher. Probably seemed low risk for the cover artist - unknown author, unknown photographer, book written in verse, how popular could it be? But then it became one of the most talked about books of 2018, winning The National Book Award. https://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelkramerbussel/2019/07/03/photographer-accuses-cover-artist-of-elizabeth-acevedo-novel-the-poet-x-of-plagiarism/
  2. Sadly quite the opposite. https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/06/10/david-ortiz-shot-big-papi-shooting-boston-red-sox-dominican-republic-eddy-feliz-garcia/
  3. Is it from one of these? https://www.thriftbooks.com/series/there-will-be-war/53387/
  4. I read that the actor who played Leon was an extra but didn't spot him. I knew Dillahunt immediately. It felt so great to be back in that world and that dialogue that I can overlook how rushed it was and some of the less plausible plot points. Powers Boothe was was sorely missed. We all could have used a little Cy Tolliver.
  5. The cover looks great... YA/NA/Adult, it's basically all the same as far as her writing style is concerned. More huffing laughs and cringey sex scenes I suppose. But I too will probably read it.
  6. This was a Kindle daily deal over the weekend and looks to still be. $1.99 at amazon.com
  7. Jason Ralph is done with the show. Quentin isn't coming back. He dead. https://www.vulture.com/2019/04/the-magicians-finale-death.html
  8. Overall I enjoy the series. The first book was good enough to get my interest in what was going on. This third book was really very good. I recommend but you may not love it.
  9. Didn't we all learn to remove our bra with our shirt still on from Flashdance? https://houseofjules2.wordpress.com/tag/that-flashdance-bra-removal-scene-was-revelatory-when-i-was-a-kid/ I don't have time to fuck around blindly with hooks so I too do the front turn to the back thing.
  10. End of an era right there. Bob and Harry and HNIC.
  11. I re-read A Torch Against the Night to prepare me for A Reaper at the Gates (Sabaa Tahir). Both were on audiobook and I do recommend. ARatG was probably my favorite because of Helene, who was a character I didn't enjoy in the first two books. I'm very interested in how the fourth book wraps it all up. I also re-read The Cruel Prince to get me back up to speed for The Wicked King. Again both on audiobook. I really enjoyed TWK. I really like Jude, even when she makes poor decisions. I was glad it took place away from her interacting with Taryn for most of it. And there's Cardan. Cardan. <sigh> I also read On the Come Up by Angie Thomas. I didn't love it as much as The Hate U Give but it was still very good. I have Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore on my Kindle. I'm several chapters in but I'm not sure what I think about it.
  12. Got up to use the loo and discovered the Doyers are still at it. Also, it's 3:44am. Also, Ryu was just up to bat in the bottom of the 12th.
  13. https://www.elle.com/culture/movies-tv/a26411353/magicians-season-4-interview-spoilers/ There's still bonkers fun but there's some serious 'grownup' stuff too. The main characters are all damaged in some way and have been from the start, and the show doesn't shy away from it.
  14. https://ew.com/recap/the-magicians-series-premiere/ Eliot told Quentin that killing his bully was how he discovered his telekinesis. Also the door opened to the worst memory for Eliot and having control over a decision to reject someone you love who loves you is yes potentially worse than killing someone by accident who bullied and tormented you. “I thought, narratively, it was a really interesting choice and in a way it makes sense to me that Eliot would be unable to accept the love that was presented to him after the trauma he grew up with.” https://pagesix.com/2019/02/21/magicians-star-hale-appleman-on-what-surprises-him-about-eliots-past/ Finally, I can't speak for Sera Gamble but I suspect having the monster possess Eliot had more to do with the fact that he tried to shoot and kill the last meat suit the monster was wearing and also to explore and get to the heart of the Quentin and Eliot relationship. I do not believe it's gay man = monster.
  15. Why disgusted? I haven't read the books but tv Eliot - we knew about his killing his bull; we knew about his homophobic father which affected Eliot in many ways. Helping to beat up his best friend in high school wasn't a surprise as it was no doubt done in self-preservation. He's been a depressed, unhappy hedonist all the way through this show. His one true connection was Margot, through love and friendship before Quentin came along. And it's no oddity that the monster living in Eliot has the connection/obsession he does with Quentin.
  16. I've noticed the absence of Kady the past two episodes but I haven't missed her. We seem to have a Marina23 and Penny23 centric episode next. Blah. I'm rooting for Eliot and Quentin. https://www.vulture.com/2019/02/the-magicians-queliot-episode-slash-fandom.html
  17. @Starkess my advice is to talk to an immigration specialist now if you haven't already done so. It's a sensitive dance to be coming into the US on a temporary visitor visa and not make it look like you're planning on staying permanently for work. CBP are absolutely on the lookout for that sort of thing. I navigated the system as a TN/H1-B/F-1/Green Card through marriage [and soon to be citizen]. But I did it as Canadian and the rules and requirements are slightly different than from other countries because of trade agreements/proximity etc. Will he be able to apply for the visa while in the US? Many require processing externally in the home country. Anyways, working with an immigration specialist will give you an idea on how long the paperwork takes which will inform when your bf should start looking. I would expect he should start now. It could work out to his not needing a tourist visa if the timing fits. Five months isn't that long of a runway in immigration matters.
  18. The Raven King thread is archived BUT we're getting a new Lynch brothers trilogy! http://maggiestiefvater.com/call-down-the-hawk-details/ Ronan was my favourite of the Raven Boys so I am excite.
  19. So we all agree it's this timeline Penny that grabbed Alice? And her in coveralls solves the bra/shirt issue. Schmart. I adore Hale Appleman so much and his portrayal of Eliot possessed is really, very good. I didn't expect to love this show and I'm glad I gave it a second go.
  20. Happy King of Scars Day! I started The Wicked King and quickly realized I had little memory of the happenings in The Cruel Prince. So, a reread of TCP needs to happen first.
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