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  1. The biggest miss in all of it is the casting of Jack Huston as Lasher. I admittedly forget a lot of the book, but as I mentioned further upthread, there's nothing about him that explains the character's hold on and seduction of generations of Mayfairs.
  2. My grandparents used to buy clear cream soda in bottles that had snowflakes as part of the design. Can't recall the brand but I loved that stuff when I was a kid and also the cream soda from Pop Shoppe. Haha! Found it. Likely a Quebec- only distribution. https://www.etsy.com/listing/701175564/vintage-snow-white-soda-pop-bottle-10oz
  3. They really need to go 'family plan' like cell phone service. Up x devices per plan. Need more devices? Here's our next tier. One thing about sharing passwords is that the cost of the service is seldom shared. I share my password with you, but are you sharing the $10.49*/month with me? That's my Paramount subscription. Naturally other services have other pricing.
  4. It's rather powerful and though I never really considered how often I've heard it, it's still not in the range of The Four Seasons or other traditional pieces as far as usage. However, you are not alone in your opinion! https://www.cherwell.org/2020/04/27/stop-using-max-richters-on-the-nature-of-daylight-in-everything/ There was also an r/television thread that was deleted, no doubt started after Sunday's episode.
  5. AMC got so much right with their adaptation of Interview with the Vampire and so much wrong with Mayfair Witches. Sam Reid as Lestat was fantastic casting. Jack Huston as Lasher is the exact opposite. I'm sorry but there is nothing about him or his portrayal that demonstrates how he held generations of women under his thrall. He's just a creep in the show. Ugh. Also not sold on Alexandra Daddario as Rowan.
  6. Who will flip during this vote? https://twitter.com/sahilkapur/status/1611572085918208000?s=20&t=G7qr6JAB3ktBGGtgnFFO4Q
  7. This is amazing. Also Gaetz and Boebert are such fucking scuzzy putzes.
  8. The first one in the series for certain but the second one is a little too grim and distressing for a pre-teen. The rest of the series is less grim and very entertaining but still likely best for a slightly older audience. YMMV but I wouldn't have recommended them to my nieces before ages 14/15.
  9. The last time I flew SW was seven years ago, LAX to BWI. Due to weather we had to land in St Louis and we were stuck there a little over 24 hours due to plane availability, crew time outs and flight schedules the next day. We were lucky as some people were told they had to wait even longer to get to their final destinations. Ultimately it was their lack of partnerships and codesharing with other airlines, along with their flight pattens as explained by Ravenhair, that led me add them to my no fly list. Other airlines cancel flights, suffer weather delays and crew timeouts but generally have options within hours, not days.
  10. I wasn't expecting to get quite so emotional but the final episode was fantastic and heartbreaking.
  11. On the topic of customer service, the sheer number of canceled flights was entirely unmanageable for the ticket and gate agents to handle along with whatever staff was on hand to handle calls. Like, no one could maintain impeccable customer service in this situation. Any complaints should be absolutely leveled at the mid to senior leadership. The frontline staff never stood a chance. I cannot even imagine the sheer level of abuse they had to endure over a situation completely out of their control.
  12. GoT alumni aside, what about Hot Priest/Moriarty/John Parry as her father! Andrew Scott looked to be having fun in the brief snippet I saw. Though it's my understanding that his character is somewhat rehabbed compared to the book.
  13. HBO has been releasing 2 episodes a week so the final 2 will be available Boxing Day.
  14. I'm super excited for our Christmas meals. We'll make tourtiere for Christmas Eve and MC has been dry aging rib roast in the fridge, which we'll have Christmas Day. Also on the menu is creamed kale and smashed potatoes and I'm making a meyer lemon tart.
  15. Very much the same feelings. I honestly won't miss his Superman - YMMV. His role in Tudors was ok, given that it's you know, The Tudors and while his mustache was ridiculous in Mission Impossible he was fairly ok as action spy. I very much enjoyed him in The Witcher and he's particularly charming in the Enola Holmes movies. Again, YMMV.
  16. https://www.instagram.com/p/CmK7eLWJ0as/?igshid=MDM4ZDc5MmU= No Witcher and now no Superman. Oh Henry Cavill.
  17. TFG wasn't much of a debater either. It's the perceived showmanship that matters.
  18. Dude's a hack and it's infuriating every time he's published in the Washington Post, like he's some reasoned voice of Canada.
  19. Rent is way out of control here in DC, and the bordering suburbs. We moved into DC in 2016 after our rent in MoCo was jacked up enough to merit the move. We simply weren't saving $ living a 45 minute subway ride away. There is an insane amount of new buildings going up around our neighborhood and the prices are over $2500K for 400 sq feet. And if you are a car owner you're paying 150-200 for a garage parking spot.
  20. Just caught up on the first two episodes. Having not read the books I've no idea where this is going.
  21. I feel somewhat better about Canada's results now that two semifinalists have come from Group F. A young squad, they squandered chances and made some mistakes but also held their own.
  22. Wasn't a tie in standings settled by fair play points last WC? Yes. Japan knocked out Senegal.
  23. The reports of our death are greatly exaggerated. - Argentina
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