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  1. And the series itself is a great story about second chances. In the documentary on Netflix you find out up front that it was a second season flop.

    The Professor has been cast in The Wheel of Time adaptation on Amazon. 


    And a fave cameo:


    Neymar as a monk, talking soccer with Berlin. So great. 


  2. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/502748-fda-withdraws-emergency-use-authorization-for-hydroxychloroquine


    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has withdrawn the emergency use authorization for two controversial coronavirus treatment drugs promoted by President Trump because of serious safety issues.

    The agency said recent clinical trial failures mean chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine may not be effective at treating COVID-19 or preventing it in people who have been exposed, and that their potential benefits do not outweigh the risks.


  3. 56 minutes ago, Darth Richard II said:

    Oh dear, I'm sure this won't devolve into a shit show.

    It might in some corners but transparency is the only way to even the field, in all professions. And it just highlights the extreme biases (racism) at publishing houses. 

  4. No idea where this should go so I'll put here because it started with Black YA authors LL McKinney and Tochi Onyebuchi. The #publishingpaidme tag is wild and you can pinpoint when the YA world became a juggernaut. Hint: Twilight and Hunger Games era. Anyways there are a variety of authors and illustrators and other areas of publishing posting in it. But it's playing out like you might assume it would.



  5. 17 hours ago, Buckwheat said:

    I had a job interview with a mask on my face. No handshaking either. At one point, the interviewer (who herself was wearing a mask) asked me to take it off just for a minute to at least see my face. It is so weird talking to people with masks on, you cannot see their expressions at all.

    Good luck! I had two rounds of panel interviews via Skype which was it's own kind of weird. Also very poor lighting in my kitchen. 

  6. Given how much tobacco is produced worldwide, smoking and cigarettes will never go away unless alternate uses of said tobacco is found. Or those fields are repurposed to something that has a market and can grow there. There's an economic toll if you just up and eliminate cigarettes/drive down demand. Plus Philip Morris still needs their $$$.

    And though smoking rates may be down in the US, they are rising in other parts of the (poorer/developing) world.


  7. 12 hours ago, kairparavel said:

    Northern Virginia isn't opening with the rest of the state on Friday and it looks like some of the DC adjacent counties in Maryland will also hold off on reopening as well. Our (DC) extended Stay at Home order was supposed to end Friday but I expect Mayor Bowser will tack on to at least May 31 but possibly even mid June. Guess we'll see. 

    DC extended until June 8th. I wonder if that will slide further and my June birthday falls into SaH. We had booked a vacation (way too early, in the Before Time) to LA for mid July. Their SaH looks to be pushed to at least July but possibly longer. We've had no illusions about going since this all started but we could sure use a refund and not the credit I suspect the airline will offer.

  8. As for MC and I, well...

    I managed to get a week of WFH before I was furloughed. I'm in week eight of that. MC is in week seven. We've been under Stay at Home since then. In our studio apartment. All the common areas in our building have been closed for almost ten weeks so if we want privacy it's in the bathroom or the parking garage. We celebrated our 10th anniversary two weeks ago and we marked it by dressing up and MC cooking up a pretty delicious meal. We've been binging Netflix and Amazon Prime - all of Narcos and Narcos:Mexico, Ozark season 3, and all of The Americans, with half of the final season to go. I've managed to focus enough to read again. The first month I just couldn't. Every once in a while I'll just cry for no reason. I attribute that to stress and circling 50. I no longer go to the bathroom to sob because he can hear me - studio apartment. I've come to accept it as an outlet for my anxiety so we just pause whatever is going on until I'm done.

    Though the unemployment job search requirement has been waived for Covid-19 I've taken the opportunity to see what's out there. I've had two Skype panel interviews with one place (fingers crossed) and a phone screen last Friday that I really don't expect to go anywhere. 

    To limit our trips out to stores we started buying groceries through restaurant supply places like Chef's Warehouse and Baldor. Much like restaurants they've had to change their business model. It's not perfect - you need a $250 min order and some of the sizes aren't broken down enough. You can't get one whole chicken but you can get three. You can get three bunches of kale, not one etc. And of course 50lb of flour (we gave away half). We've split orders with friends to make it work and it's been pretty good so far.

    As mentioned up thread sleep has become the mind-killer. I should be asleep now, but I'm not. I needed a nap at 1:30 this afternoon that lasted 90 minutes because I was up at 8:45am to deal with the maintenance crew after being awake until almost 4am after waking up at midnight after going to bed at 10pm. It didn't take long to fall into this cycle of naps instead of sleep once the furloughs started. MC is the same. One thing we don't do enough of is just getting outside and walking. 

    Positives have included getting rid of cable to save money. Not having the news on has been calming, all things being relative. We've (MC) also cooked every single meal at home since March 6th. Which also means I'm doing a lot of dishes. A lot. Many. We did get a sandwich from a local shop while we were taking in some sun last weekend. I think we'll order pizza for pickup this weekend.

    Northern Virginia isn't opening with the rest of the state on Friday and it looks like some of the DC adjacent counties in Maryland will also hold off on reopening as well. Our (DC) extended Stay at Home order was supposed to end Friday but I expect Mayor Bowser will tack on to at least May 31 but possibly even mid June. Guess we'll see. 

  9. Re: masks

    Not knowing what would work the best I bought us masks from 4 different places. Lead time was anywhere from 3 business days to 3ish weeks due to demand. I chose places that donated masks for each purchase. 

    Hyergoods in Brooklyn uses upcycled materials and started making masks. They are by far the thinnest while also being the fastest delivery, no pocket for a filter, with tie wraps. Has children sizes. Wouldn't buy again but will use these ones for walking outside if I know there won't be a crowd and in common areas in our apartment building. Good coverage.


    Pepper Home took roughly 2.5 weeks from placing the order. They are made from canvas, no pocket for filter. However they are thick enough they don't need a pocket. Elastic ear loops. Good coverage. 


    The other masks arrived today so I've only had a chance to wash them, but not take a spin. They each have pockets for filters. Just through inspection I think I like Sock Fancy the best though my Wonder Woman is pretty sweet from Mask Club. Each took almost 4 weeks from ordering. Sock Fancy has children sizes.



    Also a few other places have started making masks including Love Your Melon.


    No doubt local tailor and dry cleaning shops are offering masks. Maybe even some bridal stores. Basically anywhere that does alterations or sews curtains etc I would expect. Even one of the local pizza/restaurants here is offering masks made by one of the employee's mom you can buy with curbside delivery. 

  10. Every once in a while I will dip my toe into the PR pool. This time around it's the first book in Nalingi Singh's Guild Hunter series called Angels' Blood. I tried to read it once before but tossed it aside after a few pages. I couldn't get into it after struggling with a few chapters of a Kresley Cole book (A Hunger Like No Other).This time around it seems perfect pandemic reading. 

    I really think my resistance stems from the contemporary urban setting. I can suspend belief for a historical book with vampires or lycan or whatever, or a contemporary YA setting. Or maybe it's the generally not to me sexy passages in these stories. I cringe a lot. Not that I could do better but that's neither here nor there. Anyways, so far so good Nalingi Singh. If this doesn't work out I'm going to seek out some Regency romance. 

  11. I ended up missing the one panel I registered for because time has no meaning. 

    Sounds like there were a few issues including a problematic moderator on one panel that led to a do over with a new moderator Sunday that was very well received. 

    And an incident with Dhonelle Clayton and a teacher over a Zoom school presentation.

    Very unfortunate, which is an understatement. 

  12. 22 hours ago, lady narcissa said:

    Well if this virus has been good for anything, it has been good for making authors promoting their new books accessible to everyone. So many authors I never would have seen on their book tours are now taking their "tours" on the road and therefore everyone can see them.  In the past month I've watched:

    Sarah J. Maas and her husband promoting her book Crescent City (which I thought was okay and is absolutely like her 'YA' novels despite being marketed as an Adult Fantasy novel):



    A nice range of YA authors.  I don't think I can bring myself to sit in front of my computer all weekend long but I will for sure check out a few panels.

    I started Crescent City and returned it to the library somewhere in the first four ton five pages. I just couldn't do it.

    I'm near the end of Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan, which is the sequel to Wicked Saints. I think if I didn't follow her on social media I would absolutely dislike her writing style/dialogue style but because I do I see a part of her in each page and I don't mind it.

    I'm thinking about registering for YallWest online. There's really only one, maybe two panels that are of interest to me. We'll see. 

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