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  1. Currently in the virtual waiting room for Cubs presale tickets. Hoping to see a game while we're in Chicago in a few weeks for my birthday. They're playing the Marlins but eh, we can cheer on Joc. Fingers crossed!



    After 4 different carts got dumped and  a return to the waiting room, I finally won the Cubs Hunger Games! See you in a few weeks, Joc!

  2. 1 minute ago, ljkeane said:

    :lol: Yeah, that was what I was thinking throughout the last episode.

      Reveal hidden contents

    So what was going on with Dylan? They just decided to burn potentially critical evidence in a murder case for no real reason? It's annoying that wasn't followed up on.



    He was destroying writtenevidence of who the father was so he and his parents could keep DJ. 


  3. 8 hours ago, Fury Resurrected said:

    I did not expect this episode to hurt my feelings so much

    It definitely broke me.

    I've always liked Kate Winslet but this really put her up with my Queen Cate Blanchett. 

  4. I binged all 10 episodes of Panic on Amazon Prime last night. Lauren Oliver definitely made some improvements in adapting her book. Overall it was very ok, but the breakout performance was Ray Nicholson, son of Jack. The changes from book to show definitely benefited his character, coincidentally named Ray.

  5. Dave Bautista wasn't too bad in Bushwick either. 

    On 5/24/2021 at 8:08 PM, Deadlines? What Deadlines? said:

    I'm listening to the World War Z full cast audiobook. It's amazing. This is how it's done.



    On 5/25/2021 at 4:01 PM, DMC said:

    I'm completely unfamiliar with the source material but I found World War Z to be rather shockingly boring considering it was a zombie movie with all that talent involved.

    I highly recommend the full audiobook of World War Z.

  6. 20 minutes ago, Fragile Bird said:

    Greene called Kevin McCarthy a “feckless c**t” on Twitter yesterday, for all of 6 minutes before taking it down.

    Does this mean she has a Brit on her staff who writes her tweets? That’s not exactly an American insult, I wouldn’t have thought she even knew the word feckless.

    This has Katie Hopkins written all over it.


  7. 1 hour ago, Varysblackfyre321 said:

    Because the peaceful protests weren’t the thing taken up a lot of focus in right-wing media.

    They’re not the thing many white people, specifically people who’d fashion themselves as moderates and conservatives started envision when they heard the question “Do you support BLM?” They saw riots Along with ACAB and talk of defunding  the police. 

    The majority of protesters and protests were peaceful. This of course should be noted.

    Oh because I’m not beholden to the idea everyone who agrees with me on a particular topic acts appropriately within regards to said topic all the time? 


    I didn't say there were.

    I said that due to the right-wing’s media’s framing around the protests many white people started to equate supporting blm with the rioters. They were both outraged at the mistreatment of black Americans so they can be lumped together right?I would say no but to many its not hard to make that leap.

    It's unhelpful to just look at the tumbling support for blm and rising support for LE by white people as the just fault of “woke” white people lying about their levels of support.

    I take it you've not read Michael Harriot before. But even if you have, you're really not understanding what he's saying - that so much of last summer's white allyship was performative and trendy. And because it was performative and trendy, there was backlash from clout chasers being called out for said performance art.

    Be it corporations or social media posts, white people pledged to do the work and they didn't.  They started, then moved on to the next thing when it got too difficult or summer was over or whatever. 

    And as a white cishet woman, I can tell you there is a special kind of performance art in a very specific subset of white women who would, instead of digging in and doing better/learning, absolutely get turned off and turn against Black activists calling them out for centering whatever effort they made around themselves. 

    I hope Ibram X. Kendi, Jason Reynolds, Ijeoma Oluo, and Layla Saad got looooots of royalties because that's all they got from last summer's run of anti-racist book clubs.

  8. You want to do outreach? Reform policing. Let police and policing make some changes that merits outreach. It's not on the marginalized communities that have continually been abused by policing to welcome the same old same old into their spaces. 

    If you spend 364 days a year abusing a community why on earth would you expect to be welcome among them for a few hours on the 365th? Especially to go back to abusing the community once the festivities are over?

  9. On 5/20/2021 at 8:18 PM, Tywin et al. said:

    Pretty much. Conservatives were the biggest fans of cancel culture for years until it got turned on its head and directed at them.

    I really don't get the outrage over the 1619 project if one is trying to be objective. It's just laying out a more accurate and expansive look at U.S. history. I've only read summaries of it, but it seems a far cry from the idea of courses that teach white people to hate themselves, and I say that having taken a cultural psychology course in college that did pretty much begin with the a statement that (paraphrasing) "in America, only white people can be truly racist." That didn't go over well with a rather diverse class, but I gave her a pass because I thought see was a pretty young PhD candidate ant not a full on professor who may have phrased that better.

    Anything that recenters away from whiteness - the subject matter, the creators, the experts - is always outrageously wrong/biased/agenda'd and isn't to be trusted. Period. The added bonus of flipping back on cancel culture and suppression of expression is just *chef's kiss*

  10. Re: baby daddy


    So which brother is the father of the baby? Billy or John?

    I think Dylan was destroying the journals in order to make a case for keeping the baby. 

    Re: the gut punch


    You knew right after he kissed her and she had that smirk grin that Zabel was done for.

    And all the encounter with kidnapper was missing was an errant moth flitting through the scene. (And maybe a dancing in the mirror moment)


  11. I really enjoyed it, even if it felt crammed and rushed in spots. The casting was perfect and the costumes gorgeous (and I very much want a kefta now). During the last episode I cheered during two big books lines.

    I might have spent too much time wondering about Kaz and Co.


    getting back to Ketterdam but am ultimately pleased with how it all worked out.

    I do hope a certain privateer is well-cast for the (much expected) second season. 

    In closing, Ben Barnes.

    <dreamy sigh>

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