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  1. I was hesitant to hire a cleaner - what would my mother think? MC surprised me with a freshly cleaned apartment when we were first living together and I freaked out. I could tell immediately that a stranger had been in our place as the dining table centerpiece was moved and the vacuum marks in the carpet were in a different direction. I was livid!

    However, he has no love for cleaning and I have no love for doing it myself so we've had someone for the past seven years and it's been great. She comes monthly and we run the vacuum and wipe down the bathroom counter etc in between visits. Love coming home to a freshly cleaned apartment on a Friday after a long week of work. 


  2. As a latecomer who binged the whole thing in under 2 weeks, and who wasn't into it initially...I loved it. The finale was almost perfect (to me). I cried a lot. Of course I'm a perimenopausal lady with some very raging hormones and unbalanced emotions so YMMV.

    It left everything in a good spot to never need return to, but if they did I'd watch because Ted Lasso himself is no longer necessary.

  3. 6 hours ago, Veltigar said:

    You know, I get it. I watched it during CoVID's worst excesses, so it was such a relief to see the optimism in this show. I can imagine people being turned off by it in more normal times. I'd still encourage you to try and power through it. It does get more complex as it goes along.

    I binged through the first season and am an episode onto season 2. It absolutely did get more complex and my enjoyment outweighs my initial annoyance. He's still a lot but less so given other characters and their stories. 

  4. I'm on the third episode of season 1 and I really want to like it but Ted Lasso himself is just...a lot. It was a fun character when NBC started broadcasting EPL and he was part of the promotion. But I just can't get with the perpetual optimism and hokiness (which is clearly a me problem). 

  5. 18 hours ago, Zorral said:

    Not reported elsewheres it seems: White Supremacists and Proud Boys marched on the Capitol yesterday with drums and shields, and wearing masks to conceal their identies.

    We have this shyte along with massacres and murders of Black people every week.  When are the Dems going to get it into their heads that the war is here?

    Twitter news & latest pictures from Newsweek.com


    It's no coincidence that this uh, happened during Police Week.


    Super cute that they have an event area called Tent City in a city that saw homelessness jump this year.


  6. 7 hours ago, Isis said:

    Yes, it fits very nicely. 

    I finished Daisy Jones and the Six last night. I really liked it, much more than I expected to, and I think that is a lot to do with the actors in the lead roles. There's lots of chemistry and I find them compelling to watch. Plus, I LOVE all the 70's hair and clothes etc. I think the show does a better job than the book at making the story a satisfying one. I'd almost forgotten some elements of the book in the (few) years since I read it. Would recommend the show to anyone who was thinking of giving it a go. I think you'll know by the end of the first episode if you want to keep watching or not. 


    I thought it was pretty solid and in some cases improved upon the book. Still not completely sold on Sam Claflin as Billy (he just always seemed/looked too old for his character), but Riley Keough as Daisy was a perfect fit. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Rippounet said:

    Six episodes in, and I'm still not sure what to make of Mayfair Witches. The story is gripping and, at the same time, achingly slow. Maybe the atmosphere (dark and oppressive) is a bit too thick for my liking. I haven't read anything by Anne Rice in ages, but maybe that comes from adapting a prose that's not afraid of getting a bit surreal at times (there are some very weird moments in that show).

    It's got a good plot, though Fort Salem and Wednesday toyed with some of the same ideas. Mayfair Witches goes a bit stronger on the aesthetics - incredible lighting on that show. Alexandra Daddario's acting is top notch - in fact, it's probably the best of all three shows. Its huge problem is the slow pace - it feels like the story's barely starting. I know next to nothing about the trilogy of books, but it seems they cut out some darker stuff (incest?), so maybe that's why it feels something is missing.

    The biggest miss in all of it is the casting of Jack Huston as Lasher. I admittedly forget a lot of the book, but as I mentioned further upthread, there's nothing about him that explains the character's hold on and seduction of generations of Mayfairs.

  8. On 2/13/2023 at 11:44 AM, Fragile Bird said:

    Do you know what cream soda is? I assume they sell it in the UK. The guy who invented it used a secret ingredient, vanilla, which was not widely available in the late 1800s. Vanilla didn’t become widely popular until artificial vanilla was created in the 1930s (yes, I looked all that up, I had no idea either). 

    The fascinating thing is, adding vanilla creates a perception of creaminess without any change in texture, which is why, I assume, the fellow called his creation cream soda. In the US that has meant a drink that’s usually some shade of brown, or clear. In Canada, though, a company created a red cream soda which I gather is sweeter, and other countries have a raspberry sort of or bubble gum sort of red soda. And then they started making it in the US as well.

    I have never tried the clear or pale brown cream sodas, which look weird to me, since I grew up with the pink/red stuff. Haven’t had one in decades. Too sweet.

    My grandparents used to buy clear cream soda in bottles that had snowflakes as part of the design. Can't recall the brand but I loved that stuff when I was a kid and also the cream soda from Pop Shoppe.


    Haha! Found it. Likely a Quebec- only distribution.


  9. 8 hours ago, Raja said:

    People need to stop using Max Richter's on the nature of daylight to try and make a scene emotional. I thought you were better than this Mazin.

    I wasn't as taken with this episode as a lot of people seem to be, agree with kal that a lot of it was quite generic really but it's quite well acted and I'm always a fan of offerman in dramatic roles.

    It's rather powerful and though I never really considered how often I've heard it, it's still not in the range of The Four Seasons or other traditional pieces as far as usage. However, you are not alone in your opinion! 


    There was also an r/television thread that was deleted, no doubt started after Sunday's episode. 

  10. AMC got so much right with their adaptation of Interview with the Vampire and so much wrong with Mayfair Witches. Sam Reid as Lestat was fantastic casting. Jack Huston as Lasher is the exact opposite. I'm sorry but there is nothing about him or his portrayal that demonstrates how he held generations of women under his thrall. He's just a creep in the show. Ugh. Also not sold on Alexandra Daddario as Rowan.

  11. 4 hours ago, NewsToTom said:

    My niece at that age bounced off the first one a couple years ago but I still recommend Megan Whalen Turner's Attolia series, starting with The Thief.

    The first one in the series for certain but the second one is a little too grim and distressing for a pre-teen. The rest of the series is less grim and very entertaining but still likely best for a slightly older audience. YMMV but I wouldn't have recommended them to my nieces before ages 14/15.

  12. The last time I flew SW was seven years ago, LAX to BWI. Due to weather we had to land in St Louis and we were stuck there a little over 24 hours due to plane availability, crew time outs and flight schedules the next day. We were lucky as some people were told they had to wait even longer to get to their final destinations.

    Ultimately it was their lack of partnerships and codesharing with other airlines, along with their flight pattens as explained by Ravenhair, that led me add them to my no fly list. Other airlines cancel flights, suffer weather delays and crew timeouts but generally have options within hours, not days. 

  13. On the topic of customer service, the sheer number of canceled flights was entirely unmanageable for the ticket and gate agents to handle along with whatever staff was on hand to handle calls. Like, no one could maintain impeccable customer service in this situation. Any complaints should be absolutely leveled at the mid to senior leadership. The frontline staff never stood a chance. I cannot even imagine the sheer level of abuse they had to endure over a situation completely out of their control. 

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