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  1. I had my first ever facial today. Getting my eyebrows threaded was the main impetus for booking a salon appointment and I figured to make the half hour train ride worth it. I got off to an awkward start when I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to wear the terry wrap that looks like a skirt - I'm having a facial done so what level of undress is needed? After a few questions it was sorted and I was on my way to steamy bliss. Extractions aside (ow) it was super relaxing and enjoyable. My skin is excellent I'm told, though a little dehydrated with some sensitivity and redness. I went home with a reasonably priced calming serum from Skinceuticals. Overall, me likey. I'll look to book another appointment in 8 weeks.
  2. TOMMOOOOOOORRRRROOOOOWWWW! I have made the daring (kinda dumb, actually) decision to read my loan of Nona when it comes up without a reread of her predecessors. Oi.
  3. Skipping past the Avs winning (Joe Sakic 4 Eva), I'm watching the E60 Unrivaled doc on the Avs and Wings rivalry and holy cow, the nostalgia for me! And the unbearable sadness of the limousine accident and Vladimir Konstantinov.
  4. Mike Bossy died on Friday from lung cancer. https://montrealgazette.com/sports/montrealer-nhl-great-mike-bossy-dead-at-65
  5. Taylor Hawkins has died. Foo Fighters put out a brief statement just now. They're touring in South America.
  6. Nona has a cover! https://www.vox.com/culture/22901210/nona-the-ninth-cover-reveal-tamsyn-muir-interview-locked-tomb-series
  7. I did not <sigh> and now it's full price again. I need to work on not overthinking potentially fun purchases.
  8. I don't need this, right? Right? https://www.urbandecay.com/urban-decay-cosmetics/naked-cyber-eyeshadow-palette/ud1066.html
  9. Congrats to everyone who brought the Lodestar Award into existence!
  10. There were a lot of clever and poignant things this season. There was also the dumbest episode ever. And a lot of horses. Submit to the Crow Horse.
  11. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/police-shoot-washington/2021/08/25/86ce8258-0582-11ec-8c3f-3526f81b233b_story.html Of course, a dfferent set of police responded to each incident but also, you know.
  12. I was looking up the release date for Alecto the Ninth and discovered that it's been pushed out until 2023, after intially being pushed out to 2022 AND that it's now book FOUR in the series. https://www.tor.com/2021/07/30/announcing-nona-the-ninth-a-new-addition-to-the-locked-tomb-series-from-tamsyn-muir/
  13. You want to do outreach? Reform policing. Let police and policing make some changes that merits outreach. It's not on the marginalized communities that have continually been abused by policing to welcome the same old same old into their spaces. If you spend 364 days a year abusing a community why on earth would you expect to be welcome among them for a few hours on the 365th? Especially to go back to abusing the community once the festivities are over?
  14. I really enjoyed it, even if it felt crammed and rushed in spots. The casting was perfect and the costumes gorgeous (and I very much want a kefta now). During the last episode I cheered during two big books lines. I might have spent too much time wondering about Kaz and Co. I do hope a certain privateer is well-cast for the (much expected) second season. In closing, Ben Barnes. <dreamy sigh>
  15. 3 episodes in and it's not perfect but I'm enjoying it. The Crows are fantastic! Excellent casting all around there. Kaz especially has walked right off the page. On the Grisha side, the cast is also very good. Ben Barnes as the Darkling works so well. The Apparat is appropriately creepy though he looks nothing like his book description (which is fine really). My only real complaint is how much they are cramming in to each episode to create the story of what The Crows were doing during this Alina timeline. Too many characters/locations/politics to keep track of for someone who hasn't read the books. Was also pretty happy when I saw Leigh Bardugo in her scene. I can't imagine what it's like to see it all come to life, though her smile in that scene said a lot!
  16. I enjoyed the books but I think Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom is actually the better of the two series. Leigh Bardugo did a great job with the heist concept and the characters are better developed. But it's just my opinion. All that said, the trailer knocked my socks off and I'm so very impatient to see it all come alive and how the two stories are brought together. No mourners, no funerals.
  17. You know what? It's totally ok if you sit this one out.
  18. It's almost seamless. He'd be a different kind of d*ck is all.
  19. @karaddin I was hoping for some I realize this is more about my expectations and that too bad for me that the author didn't give me something I wanted. But coupled with my frustration of keeping track of everything, I am made a big whiny baby. I am certain a re-read will smooth over my pouty face but that will wait until the final book comes out, I think.
  20. Also, 72% in I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WTF IS GOING. -- Finished. Going to marinate on it for a bit. --------- If I were to rate this book it would get 2.5-3/5 for the roughly first 75%, with a 5/5 for soup. For the next 25% 4/5 for things happening on the ship (5/5 for the POV voice, 3/5 for the action), 2/5 for things not happening on the ship, and a 1/5 for the epilogue. I enjoy books that make me think, that keep me guessing, that have me coming up with theories and cracking the mystery. This was not that book. The work of re-aligning myself each time there was a shift from past to present required entirely too much 'mapping' and trying to keep up with what was going on was without joy or anticipation. When the What is going on? overshadows the actual action on the page to the point of distraction, you end up with this book. Also I was disappointed that the one thing I was actively looking forward to never happened. It was explained but it didn't lessen my disappointment. Alecto the Ninth has a lot to answer to. I hope it does and that I don't wind up hate-reading it.
  21. I am a little over quarter of the way through Harrow and I very much have no idea WTAF is going on. But onwards I go.
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