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  1. On 12/18/2022 at 7:17 PM, Ran said:


    And as someone shared Mark Kermode's 10 best films of the year list, I saw Catherine, Called Birdy on it and found myself amazed that I had no idea it existed -- never saw a trailer. It can be found, at least in Sweden, on Amazon Prime. It's an adaptation of a YA novel of the same name by writer and director Lena Dunham (she does not perform in the film), and is a rather cheeky medieval comedy about Birdy (aka Catherine), daughter to an impoverished lord with expensive tastes who starts to be convinced that marrying her off will bring in the necessary income to keep himself in Siberian tigers and whatnot. Birdy is played by Bella Ramsey, who played Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones and will co-star in The Last of Us, and she is quite charmingly earnest and determined. She's not the only GoT alumni -- I counted at least four others (Paul Kaye, David Bradley, Dean-Charles Chapman, and Ralph Ineson) in named secondary roles.

    GoT alumni aside, what about Hot Priest/Moriarty/John Parry as her father! Andrew Scott looked to be having fun in the brief snippet I saw. Though it's my understanding that his character is somewhat rehabbed compared to the book. 

  2. 8 hours ago, Rhom said:

    Man… that surprisingly hurts my feelings a bit.  He genuinely seems bummed out there and I hurt for him in his disappointment.

    Very much the same feelings. 

    I honestly won't miss his Superman - YMMV. His role in  Tudors was ok, given that it's you know, The Tudors and while his mustache was ridiculous in Mission Impossible he was fairly ok as action spy. I very much enjoyed him in The Witcher and he's particularly charming in the Enola Holmes movies. Again, YMMV.

  3. Rent is way out of control here in DC, and the bordering suburbs. We moved into DC in 2016 after our rent in MoCo was jacked up enough to merit the move. We simply weren't saving $ living a 45 minute subway ride away. 

    There is an insane amount of new buildings going up around our neighborhood and the prices are over $2500K for 400 sq feet. And if you are a car owner you're paying 150-200 for a garage parking spot.

  4. As a child/teenager I had PT 3 times after some serious knee injuries and it did its job. I did not do mine (maintain a regimen of leg strengthening and *oh how I wish I had...)

    Since 2012 I've gone to PT 4 times:

    2012, hip bursitis, exercises and shots

    2019, right hand CMC joint arthritis, exercises and a shot in my thumb that is still working. I couldn't open ziplock bags before I went and had no hand strength at all.

    2021 spring, right shoulder, required by insurance before granting an MRI, exercises relieved my pain, so no MRI. I couldn't lift my arm most days without pain before going. 

    2021 late fall, right knee, exercises and a shot - this was a particularly distressing time as the ortho advised that I was going to need knee replacements (*yes, plural), and a hip replacement in my too near for my age of 50 future. 

    Anyways, in all cases ~6-8 weeks of PT 2-3 times a week plus daily exercises at home did what it needed to do. I've gotten pretty slack in the past few months and my right knee has started to hurt again so I'm starting up my exercises again because I don't have the time or interest for formal PT again. 

    All that to say that PT can and does work but it won't fix everything. 

  5. I had my first ever facial today. Getting my eyebrows threaded was the main impetus for booking a salon appointment and I figured to make the half hour train ride worth it.

    I got off to an awkward start when I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to wear the terry wrap that looks like a skirt - I'm having a facial done so what level of undress is needed? After a few questions it was sorted and I was on my way to steamy bliss. Extractions aside (ow) it was super relaxing and enjoyable. My skin is excellent I'm told, though a little dehydrated with some sensitivity and redness. I went home with a reasonably priced calming serum from Skinceuticals. Overall, me likey. I'll look to book another appointment in 8 weeks. 

  6. Skipping past the Avs winning (Joe Sakic 4 Eva), I'm watching the E60 Unrivaled doc on the Avs and Wings rivalry and holy cow, the nostalgia for me! And the unbearable sadness of the limousine accident and Vladimir Konstantinov. 

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