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  1. Why would he? No more Mance, no Val, no baby, no blood of king (unless yes, he takes Shireen and Maester Aemon) There's been no mention of things that would cause Jon to round them all up to send them away. But I guess it could happen.
  2. To all you who thinkgJorah is the Jon Connington/Greyscale etc...explain how/why? PM me. I won't be able to keep up in this thread.
  3. If Meera knew, why would she withhold that information from Bran? She had plenty of time to relay it over the course of their journey. That would be bad writing on top of bad writing.
  4. Barristan is dead. It's been confirmed. http://www.ew.com/article/2015/05/01/ser-barristan-dead-thrones
  5. So the Rhaegar the singing minstrel story was to drive home how much of not a rapist he was? After Sansa's comments in the crypts? Can we really expect non-readers to pick up on these things?
  6. Does Dany know how weak her army? Cripes. I'm curious to see if Barristan's death is the one ew.com talked about where the actor begged to not be killed off (because they were still alive in the books). On the other hand, if it's not Ser Selmy....guess we'll know in a few hours if ew.com puts the interview up or not.
  7. Thank God they were able to fit Fat Walda into the show. *blink* The casting budget.
  8. I am convinced the new queen put the poison in the cup after getting it from grandma. His death scene was great And bonus? Something that actually happened.
  9. http://espnfc.com/uk/en/report/367336/leaders-stunned-free-scoring-city The prolific strikeforce of Sergio Aguero and Alvaro Negredo were again on target while Fernandinho struck twice and David Silva and Yaya Toure also got on the scoresheet. Testing copy and paste in Firefox
  10. Testing the quote feature in Firefox.
  11. Weakest finale, partially because it didn't end with the end of the book so no 'cliffhanger', and partially because they tried too hard to resolve nothing post-RW aside from getting Jaime to King's Landing. 5/10
  12. You had to know tonight would be potentially underwhelming after last week, but this is just 65 minutes of lips and assholes.
  13. Really? That was the big ending? Cripes.
  14. I HATE what they have done with Stannis. HATE it.
  15. Dr. Jill Biden ‏@JillBidenVeep3m Ygritte! Why couldn't you have just written a song about it like Taylor Swift! #GameOfThrones miss gillies ‏@ramensparkles 7m What a simpler time. Shooting arrows at a man who breaks your heart. #gameofthrones
  16. The ep goes til ten after the hour
  17. Yeah. Good lord I love Maisie Williams.
  18. Yeah, I find the lack of Cold Hands a plothole at The Wall.
  19. Which, in light of events, would make him the last Greyjoy. :laugh:
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