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  1. That's exactly what we thought too while watching.
  2. If you want a cast reading and don't mind a contemporary fiction in the style of Behind the Music I absolutely recommend Daisy Jones and The Six. https://www.penguinrandomhouseaudio.com/book/577211/daisy-jones-and-the-six/
  3. Re: Queen of Nothing I went to bed last night wondering about the snake on the cover. I found out this morning! Finished it a little while ago. It was a satisfactory ending and had some high points but overall not as developed as it's predecessors. It seemed rushed in parts. But I certainly still liked it. I expect I'll re-read them all at some point.
  4. Insert excited Jonah Hill gif. I have the first library copy (only?) of Queen of Nothing!!!! Not a lot of books have excited me this year, but this is one of them.
  5. I finally finished reading Blanca and Roja. It was well-written and I liked the spin it took on the fairy tale. A solid good read. I blew through the Winternight trilogy (is this YA? not that it matters in the grand scheme of things) and in a word, it was wonderful. In think The Winter of the Witch was my favourite/the best of the three. Not that there was some gulf between it and the first two. I also finished the first in the new middle grade series by Victoria Schwab and I really enjoyed it. A definite own when I was in middle school.
  6. 'Absolute diaper load of a human being' is now one of my favorite things.
  7. Yes, you are correct. I was definitely wrong in that regard.
  8. So this morning, with less wine in my system, I did some further reading on this. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/11/15/sarah-dessen-south-dakota-college-student-ya-novel-backlash-twitter/ Before we get into the responses from other authors, I have two thoughts: Sarah Dessen is a person with feelings and is protective of her work. Also, the Common Read is for incoming sophomores and the idea that someone joined a committee with that kind of agenda is also asshole ish. Particularly when it's not something they are even going to be involved with reading. Somehow being an undergrad English major makes them more fit than the rest of the committee in deciding? How presumptuous. It's one thing to be pro Read this book! and here are all the reasons why instead of being For the love of God anything but that! As is pointed out in the WaPo article, a lot of the piling on is out of defensiveness of YA and their readers who are a demographic continually ridiculed or considered less than because *sniff* literature. Anyways, I think the real discussion should be around social media platforms and outrage culture. I don't think YA authors have any greater numbers of assholes than any other genre of authors and I don't think authors have any greater numbers of assholes among their ranks than any other career. There are arguments to be made about being careful with one's platform but I also don't think Dessen's initial post was awful. On the other hand she is a popular author with a huge following so she should proceed with caution on this sort of thing given the tsunami of response that can occur. But who is providing Social Media 101 to anyone? Should authors and other high profile persons be required to have extensive PR social media training or can they sometimes just be real and vulnerable? Secondly, the level of girlfriends supporting girlfriends that you'd give over drinks (referring to a detractor as a bitch etc) shouldn't happen on Twitter. That is asshole ish but again not limited to lady YA authors. But also same point about social media PR training.
  9. Love it or hate it, one of the things I enjoy most about YA authorship, particularly women who write YA, is that they are a diverse group and highly supportive of each other, even if to a fault. Some of it is manufactured by publishing houses but a lot if not most of it is actual friends supporting friends.
  10. YA authors are no more asshole ish than non YA authors. There are missteps and poor takes but no worse than say your average homophobic SFF writer. Or a romance author that tries to copyright 'Cocky' I do find it interesting that YA fandom which is predominantly teenage girls plus women of all ages (me) seem to come under greater scrutiny than say the hotbed of SFF fandom (which is rife with adult white male bigots and assholes). Also Sarah Dessen writes contemporary YA. Also Myshkin, really?
  11. I assumed the Klan costume with sheriff's badge in Judd's closet belonged to the murdering Klan sheriff in the opening episode, during the massacre, indicating they were keeping it in the family.
  12. Fantastic! I'm still not sold on James McAvoy as Lord Asriel but perhaps I'll finally ease into it. (I thought Daniel Craig fit the bill .YMMV.)
  13. That last scene did nothing for me. I could have done without it. An otherwise good finale. YMMV.
  14. He was holding the piece of paper with 'Watch over this boy' written on it.
  15. Want a recipe for Cake Cortles or Moral Dilemma Meringue Cookies? https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/611286/forking-good-by-valya-dudycz-lupescu-and-stephen-h-segal-illustrated-by-dingding-hu/
  16. Adam Van Koeverden is poised to knock off the CPC incumbent Lisa Raitt in Milton and I'm pretty excited for him. Also, good riddance to Maxime Bernier.
  17. Arthur is mocked, made fun of, misunderstood, ignored, betrayed, and abused by a wide swath of society - teenagers, adults, his clown peers, social services, rich, poor, local news and media, his mother, white people, POC, women, men, and on and on. The only people we see him kill on screen are white men (gun) and his mother (pillow). We might assume he killed his unrequited love interest (I'm not certain he did) and the bloody foot prints indicate he killed his black, female psychiatrist in the state hospital. When he finally falls off that cliff he becomes an equal opportunity murderous nihilist. I've been thinking a lot about this movie and I'm glad I know what it is instead of assuming what it is. My interpretations are just that but I think it's important that the only direct violence at his hands on screen happens to white men (and his mother) prior to his apprehension and commitment to the hospital. I was uncomfortable the entire time I watched it but cannot deny so much of it was really very good to excellent. I was a little taken aback when Rock n Roll Part 2 came on but also thought that as a piece of music it was perfect for that moment, especially for the time period the movie lives in. I can only hope GG is not entitled to any royalties and really have no ideas how that works.
  18. Also, before Robert Forster first came on screen I remarked that I thought he had died earlier in the year and wondered if they had recast the role. Of course not. He died earlier TODAY. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/robert-forster-dead-resurgent-oscar-nominee-jackie-brown-was-78-1218184
  19. I would have preferred the next season of BCS. Completely unnecessary fan service. Personally, I haven't been wondering about Jesse Pinkman. YMMV.
  20. While I'm happy to be voting in my first American election the cycle NEVER really stops. It's been exhausting to watch all these years I've been here. And it's not just presidential elections. There's always some level of government in contention.
  21. Thinking about Clayton tears me up. This article puts some of it into words. Dave Roberts, I think, damaged him beyond repair last night and it breaks my heart. Clayton is Clayton, and Roberts made bad decision after bad decision. I'll never forgive it. https://deadspin.com/clayton-kershaw-will-never-get-over-it-1838934854
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