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  1. Also in all the excitement of playoffs I forgot to say things about...Dansby. DANSBY. Did he attend the same prep school and county club as Hunter Pence?
  3. I really have no idea - is Fancy Sock Trudeau at any risk of not winning his own riding? Papineau is historically Liberal except that one time... Could there be enough vote-splitting/ rise in votes between NDP and Bloc to unseat him? He did get 52% of the vote in 2015 but it was far narrower the previous two elections.
  4. Not 'people' but Ezra Levant so... https://www.vice.com/en_asia/article/jmk95b/we-investigated-those-damning-rumors-about-fidel-castro-being-justin-trudeaus-real-dad Trudeau was a hail Mary based on glory years ghosts to bring Canada out of the Harper years. He should have been a placeholder who looked pretty abd didn't fuck up too much while the party really prepared someone more well, prepared (and hopefully as attractive :wink: ) Instead Captain Feminist fucked things with the pipelines, dragged his heels on murdered indigenous women, failed to shed his cosplay roots in India, and succeeded in..legalizing pot. I give him that. The country really isn't any worse off during his time behind the desk but because he's spent more of his life being a dudebro than not, coupled with everything going on in the world, the country is going to get worse regardless of who wins the election. Should the Liberals win it'll be a minority and ugh... There has got to be a sound policy-minded, well-spoken, and charismatic member of the Liberals out there who also has a killer sock collection and better choices in Halloween costumes. Come on.
  5. I finished The Testaments this week and there's a lot to unpack because of the questions it raises. The foremost being 'Why did you write this, Margaret?' I found the Witness 369A/B testimonies interesting; mainly the comparisons between how they were raised and did either of them have wholly good or bad life etcetc. The other POV ...<sigh> and I could have done without the epilogue. I didn't hate it - the prose and court intrigue is fantastic in spots but I also didn't love it. It just wasn't necessary in the end.
  6. OMFG. Honestly he seems like such a bro douchebag pre-politics that this is not shocking. Also, the 11th hour media drop is such fuckery. How long were they (Time) sitting on this? Anyways, good luck Canada. It's all on fire now.
  7. So, I've managed to get back to more YA this year. Most of it has been fantasy with a couple contemporary thrown in for good measure. Still reading Blanca and Roja because I kept putting it aside for other things.. and I've been reading it on my Kindle which I've only done sporadically. Most of my books completed this year have been audiobook format. So along with the above I've completed: The Hazelwood which I really did not enjoy Grave Mercy which had a great premise: assassin nuns! and was ultimately a dud. A Very Large Expanse of Sea which I highly recommend. It's set in the US in the early post 911 years. Muse of Nightmares which was almost as lovely as Strange the Dreamer. The Poet X, which probably would have had less impact if I had read instead of listening. It's read by Elizabeth Acevedo and it is so good! I have With the High on Fire ready to go once I finish The Testaments. Kingdom of Ash which...ends Throne of Glass series. Meh. The Thief which grew on me and hooked me in at the last third. The next book just came off hold for me. Wicked Saints which felt like it really wanted to be Alina and The Darkling redone though the author says he's more Kylo Ren. I'll read the next one because yes, he's Darkling reminiscent, and I'm weak. We Hunt the Flame which felt like Throne of Glass and an Ember in the Ashes. It was particularly EitA reminiscent because the narrators were the same. An ok debut. I'll give the next one a shot. My reviews are lacklustre *L* but I like what I like and can tolerate a lot. But the ones I love...The Poet X! I tell the world about. Also I won an ARC of Serpent & Dove from Epic Reads (Harper Collins YA) that I need to dig into seeing as it came out last week. So much for the 'ARC' *L* Can't remember the last time I read an actual book. Check out this book on Goodreads: Serpent & Dove http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40024139-serpent-dove
  8. Super excited for Dublin Murder Squad. Love the books so much. Conleth Hill with a full head of hair to boot! I especially hope the actor cast as Frank Mackey nails it.
  9. If you mean the part where he choked on his vomit, sure. If you mean the part where he died due to overdose, accidental or otherwise, I disagree. Particularly if he was being supplied or assisted by a member of the Angels staff.
  10. Gorgeous night on the rooftop drinking some 2013 Abyss and listening to the new Tool. I dig it (beer, music) a lot.
  11. Gorgeous night on the rooftop drinking some 2013 Abyss and listening to the new Tool. I dig it a lot.
  12. This is incredibly sad re: Tyler Skaggs https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27501379/coroner-skaggs-died-accidental-overdose
  13. I'm a little baffled and confused by people suggesting Hannah could be Noah's and Agnes' mother when they are all adults in 1953/54. Noah is an older teenager/young adult and Agnes preteenish in 1921. We finished both seasons in the past two weeks and it's the kind of show that keeps you up at night thinking WTF? I love it.
  14. I seldom include cover letters unless it's for a job I really, really want. Online applications are parsing for key words and phrases in the resume itself and I focus my energy on that. Could a cover letter be a difference maker in getting further in the process? Couldn't say*, but I generally at least make phone screens unless I'm immediately discounted due to not meeting the educational requirements. I certainly don't include one for internal postings where word of mouth is what gets a person interviewed as much as, if not more than, the resume itself. *Every industry is different in what is the difference maker in getting noticed/moved through the process.
  15. Given how many teams violated the cap policy Friday every team could have abandoned this folly and that would have been the end of Player's Weekend.
  16. *L* Slight exaggeration. But it feels like it when I'm hanging up laundry. He informs me the total is 13, so I was close.
  17. The last year they had Northern Rock as their sponsor (2011-2012) they had an orange away top. It's one of the seemingly 153 NUFC tops MC has hanging in our closet. The shorts were white though, with black socks. Anyways, all to say they've done orange before.
  18. The white batting helmet bathed in pine tar looks fucking great on teevee. MLB you suck.
  19. Far too difficult emulating The Goblin King. Anyways... Dear Leader deserved to have his shutout intact. The bullpen just...gah.
  20. I'm pretty sure I just saw a scoreline scroll by that said 23-2 Astros Orioles. But I've been out drinking so ...
  21. It's not great, but probably not all as bad as that. His ERA is more troubling than his blown saves. My beloved Doyers did themselves no favors not making a move for another closer. https://www.rotowire.com/baseball/player.php?id=11289
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