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  1. @Iskaral Pust is Comcast your internet provider? If so you can get their version of a Roku box called Flex? I think and it comes with a Peacock subscription (both are currently free) and with that you get access to more Olympics stuff. And Premier League games as well. https://soccer.nbcsports.com/2021/07/23/nbc-sports-premier-league-schedule-fixtures-nbc-sports-watch-live-stream-link-tv-info-peacock-video/ We have Hulu Live as well.
  2. RE: Guardians They had an opportunity here to rework the whole logo and colours. Sad.
  3. *Open to better ideas. Why are the All-Star jerseys so bad?
  4. Um, taking birth control is not a nothing thing. There are health risks. I don't really appreciate the repeated suggestion that it's NBD, particularly from people who have not and will not ever have it in their system.
  5. That is a terrible take as well. Her life isn't over and she'll continue to run and train. Or maybe she won't. But missing one race doesn't invalidate everything she's done to this point.
  6. You want to do outreach? Reform policing. Let police and policing make some changes that merits outreach. It's not on the marginalized communities that have continually been abused by policing to welcome the same old same old into their spaces. If you spend 364 days a year abusing a community why on earth would you expect to be welcome among them for a few hours on the 365th? Especially to go back to abusing the community once the festivities are over?
  7. @Isis Is there a chance she meant 'I wish we would have had a chance to discuss this first, so we could have reviewed professional training opportunities more suited to our goals for you.' or some such thing. Not that you completed that training, but that you had a desire or expectation that ultimately doesn't align with theirs and something mutually beneficial could have been lined up instead? Of course, she probably should have expressed that, if it's the case.
  8. @lady narcissa I feel pretty much the same way. So much of her story telling is poor and/or problematic but there are elements she nails, like female friendship. I really liked the bonds Nesta and co formed with one another. It's right up there with Manon and The Thirteen. I enjoyed the Velaris Hunger Games even. But yeah, the rest was meh. I guess I'm glad Rhysand didn't bite the baby out of the womb. Will I be interested in the Elain book? Unclear.
  9. This. When I worked in semiconductor manufacturing recruiters would constantly reach out to me about equipment engineering jobs though my profile contained zero mention of or experience. It was the word technician (process engineering) that always landed me in their searches. And it was always a 'if you are interested or know someone who might be' as a way to farm out their job.
  10. There's been a lot of swearing. I only point it out because I don't recall any curse words or at least very few in the other books. I wonder if this is some byproduct of her Crescent City series. This book has not shown any progression stylistically. Tamlin. Just you wait!
  11. I did not see that. My library hold came up so I'm about 10% into it. It's typical SJM so far.
  12. I had no idea there was still more that could be squeezed out of this series. https://karenmoning.com/novels/fever-series/kingdom-of-shadow-and-light/ I stopped at the fifth book. The next two about Dani seemed a stretch and the next few even more so and yet, we have a new one in this series released this week.
  13. We Free the Stars was good. Overall an enjoyable duology. Electric Kingdom is getting rave reviews but I just haven't had the motivation to hold/read a physical book. @lady narcissa it's Cassian and Nesta (A Court of Silver Flames) day! I I didn't pre-order so I'm waiting on my library hold in the next few weeks. I'm actually somewhat interested in this story so I hope it's worth my time.
  14. Got the call a little earlier! Lessons were learned for the next time I might apply for a new position, but tonight I celebrate!
  15. @Iskaral Pust Thank you for the perspective. It of course makes sense and I'm immediately more comfortable thinking about things in those terms.
  16. I had an interview for an internal promotion (which is amazing to me as I've not been with the organization quite 8 months). Similar format to the hiring interview: panel of 3 people, 2 questions each, each question graded on strength of response by each panel member and the recruiter. I've been exceeding expectations from nearly go and taken on a lot of the workload that this promotion would entail already. I've received excellent feedback from stakeholders outside my department. It all seems like a no-brainer, right? I'm terrible at interviews. I prep. I review various soft skill questions and prepare examples. I talk a lot of it out with MC. I get to the panel (of my peers) and I want to die. I cannot talk about examples of things I've done in some cases. I am extremely excellent at talking about my work product. Less great about my leadership and goal development even though they are things people remark about. I develop some sort of imposter syndrome, unable to find the words to talk myself up about non-evident things. I received a smidge of feedback some time afterwards that I do not promote in interview the level of self confidence seen day to day in doing my job and they don't get it. Welcome to the club! My only comfort is that I was similarly meh in my hiring interview but they took a chance on me. I hope that thing that strikes twice does here but we'll see, some time in the next week or so. I clearly need to take my interview prep deeper and more organized. Maybe seek out a professional or course of some sort. Is that a thing? My department director, who provided this bit of feedback, indicated they would have gladly worked with me in prep but I feel like that's cheating? Am I an idiot? *L* Anyways, any suggestions for future interview prep? If this doesn't work out now I'll certainly have other opportunities in the future.
  17. So Y'AllFest was virtual this fall (as has everything else of course) and one of the perks was the opening up of contests to anyone who registered for the event. I managed to snag an electronic ARC through Fierce Reads/Macmillan of We Free the Stars by Hafsah Faizal, which is the sequel to We Hunt the Flame. I also won a physical ARC through Penguin Teen of The Electric Kingdom by David Arnold. Kinda neat.
  18. With WFH there isn't, in my mind, any reason to not have lunch but so many times during my end of day call I hear coworkers talking about only having a banana or only having lunch at that time because so busy. There was a time when I was like that while working in the lab. Not anymore. And especially not now. I take my lunch and I take my hour for it almost without exception. Sometimes it'll be rushed due to meetings or emergency tasks but yeah, I don't skip lunch for anyone. I'm hungry, but also I need the turn off my brain time. I never want to have the level of responsibility, ever again, where I'm waiving what I'm owed and not taking full care of myself mentally by skipping breaks.
  19. For me, it will always be The Hunt for Red October and Finding Forrester.
  20. It's almost seamless. He'd be a different kind of d*ck is all.
  21. @Chataya de Fleury If you find poblanos pretty spicy then habanero peppers will murder you. They start off fruity heat then you die. You need to scroll down a bit (in the link below) to see the Scoville units. Poblanos are 1000-4000. Habaneros are 100 000-350 000. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/rating-chili-peppers-on-a-scale-of-1-to-oh-dear-god-im-on-fire/ MC's love of cooking with spicy heat has built up my tolerance the past dozen years but every once in a while I wind up in agony. He made what I didn't realize was habanero and I have no idea what else salsa a few weeks ago that was homicide on a tortilla chip.
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