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  1. https://www.uscp.gov/the-department/oversight Congress is uh, responsible. And if the rumblings are true, the seemingly somewhat sparse response guarding the Capitol was a visual signal of legitimacy to the protesters of the planned objections going on inside. Ah, the best laid plans?
  2. Three other people died today, per DC police chief but no official details on how/who though it seems one heart attack from accidental self-tasing, one falling 50 feet from the surge into the Capitol and one other circumstances unknown.
  3. They had no problem doing it in the days post-church photo op. Of course, as we've seen played out today, the police have a fantastic amount of patience for these lunatics.
  4. To be clear, he signed as an objector to certifying but I haven't seen anything on his official social media. Unrelated, he's an incredibly disheveled person.
  5. I am blocks away from where this is all going down. Like a mile.
  6. I dunno. Pretty sure I'd like to GTFO right about now.
  7. Significantly more sirens in the past 5 minutes.
  8. DC Mayor just set 6pm curfew. Fucking hilarious. That's really going to curb this.
  9. I'm a mile away from the Capitol and I have been hearing random sirens for the past few hours. But yeah, the woeful underestimating by authorities of what was going to happen here is telling.
  10. Aggressive /violent seditious white folks from out of town get way more leeway on the grounds of the Capitol than Black citizens do in the streets of their own city during peaceful protests. It's nauseating.
  11. How's that National Guard presence here working out?
  12. Payouts is the absolute extreme metric. Protests have been going on daily for months and you only need look at footage from the last two Stop the Steal theatrics to see the absolute double standard and complete glee they show when pepper spraying, shoving, throwing, and pulling angry but non-violent protesters around. They let the PB and friends enter church property, remove, and set fire to BLM signage without incident. It's not like the PB were gassed (yes, not MPD) on international newsfeeds beforehand l.
  13. Those fine patriots brawled with DC MPD last night and not one was shot. https://twitter.com/JoshuaPotash/status/1346663251115962368?s=09 And this is what happens to not PB etc who show up for jail support. Kinda puzzling, really.
  14. Hi. In a place not Georgia this happened today. Everything is fine. Just fine. I've had CNN on for an hour and not a second has been dedicated to covering this absolutely fucked up situation. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/01/05/dangerous-time-another-ugly-gop-power-play-unfolds-pennsylvania/ *Ah, this was mentioned a few pages back. Missed it.
  15. My sister just messaged me about Quebec going into full lockdown with curfew, starting Saturday. Wonder how it will go on the other side of the river (Ottawa) from her, where the rest of my family lives. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
  16. There's some real concerns in prioritizing first instead of full doses. This article outlines other vaccinations with multi-doses. https://www.vox.com/coronavirus-covid19/22163315/covid-19-vaccines-doses-pfizer-moderna Along with people just not bothering, the potential side effects are a real barrier to getting the second shot. This article points out the three dose Hep B vaccine and how it doesn't have side effects. I guess I'm an exception because the first dose was awful for me and I almost vomited in my car on the drive home, feverish with headaches. It was an awful 12-24 hours. But I couldn't do my clinical rotation and therefore graduate without taking the full thing. Unless employment or something as compelling is in the mix I fear many people will forgo more of something that makes them feel unwell. And we'll be worse off. And that's not even counting the people who think the first shot of vaccine will save them from wearing masks and physical distancing.
  17. The main character on Twitter yesterday was a father, aka can opener dad, who refused to show his 9 year old daughter how to open a can of beans and instead forced 6 hours of 'learning moment' before she could eat.
  18. Also, do you think dragons can open a can of beans?
  19. Thank you for asking this. It's been keeping me up at night. That and wondering if dragons are susceptible to/carriers of Coronaviruses.
  20. We're two bottles of bubbles in, listening to a Phil Collins station on Spotify (which you wouldn't expect in the Mercenary household). The starter bottle was Bollinger and we rang in the new year with a bottle of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose which I highly recommend. Here's to more of the same, with a trajectory of better. I hope.
  21. This is exactly the sort of Q BS that happens. Next we'll learn she's been chained in the basement of Comet Ping Pong. She owes no one her time or face out in social media and the press simply because some people are dumb/malicious/dumb and malicious and spreading misinformation.
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