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  1. Ooooh Hawksmoor. Sooo delicious. And Hix Chop House was also v. good. Also, congrats!
  2. @karaddin I was hoping for some I realize this is more about my expectations and that too bad for me that the author didn't give me something I wanted. But coupled with my frustration of keeping track of everything, I am made a big whiny baby. I am certain a re-read will smooth over my pouty face but that will wait until the final book comes out, I think.
  3. Also, 72% in I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WTF IS GOING. -- Finished. Going to marinate on it for a bit. --------- If I were to rate this book it would get 2.5-3/5 for the roughly first 75%, with a 5/5 for soup. For the next 25% 4/5 for things happening on the ship (5/5 for the POV voice, 3/5 for the action), 2/5 for things not happening on the ship, and a 1/5 for the epilogue. I enjoy books that make me think, that keep me guessing, that have me coming up with theories and cracking the mystery. This was not that book. The work of re-aligning myself each time there was a shift from past to present required entirely too much 'mapping' and trying to keep up with what was going on was without joy or anticipation. When the What is going on? overshadows the actual action on the page to the point of distraction, you end up with this book. Also I was disappointed that the one thing I was actively looking forward to never happened. It was explained but it didn't lessen my disappointment. Alecto the Ninth has a lot to answer to. I hope it does and that I don't wind up hate-reading it.
  4. Beyond Burgers aren't bad taste-wise but they are far from the answer when you consider all the processing and pieces to glue them together whereas beef is ground cow. Period. The sodium alone is enough to give pause. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/impossible-and-beyond-how-healthy-are-these-meatless-burgers-2019081517448 I think eating an occasional beef burger is a better way all around but that's just me.
  5. I am a little over quarter of the way through Harrow and I very much have no idea WTAF is going on. But onwards I go.
  6. Oh, and curtido! MC has been fermenting up a storm of cabbage stuffs since stay at home orders began in March. We have a batch sauerkraut that turned out really well, and a couple of curtido and kimchi. We actually need to make some more kimchi. Other lactobacillus fermentation projects - three batches of pickles, two batches of hot peppers, one batch of sweet peppers, dilly beans, asparagus, carrots and giardiniera. Also a very impressive sourdough starter and four batches of kombucha. Our gut biomes are mighty!
  7. I'm patiently waiting on my Harrow loan from the library. Early on in Gideon I was very much WTF is going on here. I decided I wasn't going to worry about what I didn't get and as I moved on my enjoyment went up immensely. I was loving it by the end.
  8. I'm 6 weeks into my new job and while I have no regrets (I would still be on furlough that started March 23) I'm now the new person if cuts/layoffs happen. I'm not super worried but public transportation is kinda dire right now so who knows. It's also been surreal starting a new job in a completely new to me industry and also meeting my coworkers and training with them through MS Teams all while cramped up in our open concept apartment.
  9. And the series itself is a great story about second chances. In the documentary on Netflix you find out up front that it was a second season flop. The Professor has been cast in The Wheel of Time adaptation on Amazon. And a fave cameo:
  10. I watched on the recommendation of a friend who also recommended Dark. He described it as a cleverly disguised soap opera and I see no falsehood in that. Loved it. I'm not sure what it says that I love Berlin so much. And I can't stop singing Bella Ciao.
  11. It might in some corners but transparency is the only way to even the field, in all professions. And it just highlights the extreme biases (racism) at publishing houses.
  12. No idea where this should go so I'll put here because it started with Black YA authors LL McKinney and Tochi Onyebuchi. The #publishingpaidme tag is wild and you can pinpoint when the YA world became a juggernaut. Hint: Twilight and Hunger Games era. Anyways there are a variety of authors and illustrators and other areas of publishing posting in it. But it's playing out like you might assume it would.
  13. Every once in a while I will dip my toe into the PR pool. This time around it's the first book in Nalingi Singh's Guild Hunter series called Angels' Blood. I tried to read it once before but tossed it aside after a few pages. I couldn't get into it after struggling with a few chapters of a Kresley Cole book (A Hunger Like No Other).This time around it seems perfect pandemic reading. I really think my resistance stems from the contemporary urban setting. I can suspend belief for a historical book with vampires or lycan or whatever, or a contemporary YA setting. Or maybe it's the generally not to me sexy passages in these stories. I cringe a lot. Not that I could do better but that's neither here nor there. Anyways, so far so good Nalingi Singh. If this doesn't work out I'm going to seek out some Regency romance.
  14. I ended up missing the one panel I registered for because time has no meaning. Sounds like there were a few issues including a problematic moderator on one panel that led to a do over with a new moderator Sunday that was very well received. And an incident with Dhonelle Clayton and a teacher over a Zoom school presentation. Very unfortunate, which is an understatement.
  15. I started Crescent City and returned it to the library somewhere in the first four ton five pages. I just couldn't do it. I'm near the end of Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan, which is the sequel to Wicked Saints. I think if I didn't follow her on social media I would absolutely dislike her writing style/dialogue style but because I do I see a part of her in each page and I don't mind it. I'm thinking about registering for YallWest online. There's really only one, maybe two panels that are of interest to me. We'll see.
  16. My first take is often my worst one. I finished and felt that it was ok. But I had questions. Today I have even more questions. Why were so many things added/ mentioned only to be dropped for swift storytelling? Also, too much required being told away from Jude's POV and because it's a one POV story we get plot holes. I fully expect a novella focusing on Taryn during Jude's exile until she appears at the apartment.
  17. Re: Queen of Nothing I went to bed last night wondering about the snake on the cover. I found out this morning! Finished it a little while ago. It was a satisfactory ending and had some high points but overall not as developed as it's predecessors. It seemed rushed in parts. But I certainly still liked it. I expect I'll re-read them all at some point.
  18. Insert excited Jonah Hill gif. I have the first library copy (only?) of Queen of Nothing!!!! Not a lot of books have excited me this year, but this is one of them.
  19. I finally finished reading Blanca and Roja. It was well-written and I liked the spin it took on the fairy tale. A solid good read. I blew through the Winternight trilogy (is this YA? not that it matters in the grand scheme of things) and in a word, it was wonderful. In think The Winter of the Witch was my favourite/the best of the three. Not that there was some gulf between it and the first two. I also finished the first in the new middle grade series by Victoria Schwab and I really enjoyed it. A definite own when I was in middle school.
  20. So, I've managed to get back to more YA this year. Most of it has been fantasy with a couple contemporary thrown in for good measure. Still reading Blanca and Roja because I kept putting it aside for other things.. and I've been reading it on my Kindle which I've only done sporadically. Most of my books completed this year have been audiobook format. So along with the above I've completed: The Hazelwood which I really did not enjoy Grave Mercy which had a great premise: assassin nuns! and was ultimately a dud. A Very Large Expanse of Sea which I highly recommend. It's set in the US in the early post 911 years. Muse of Nightmares which was almost as lovely as Strange the Dreamer. The Poet X, which probably would have had less impact if I had read instead of listening. It's read by Elizabeth Acevedo and it is so good! I have With the High on Fire ready to go once I finish The Testaments. Kingdom of Ash which...ends Throne of Glass series. Meh. The Thief which grew on me and hooked me in at the last third. The next book just came off hold for me. Wicked Saints which felt like it really wanted to be Alina and The Darkling redone though the author says he's more Kylo Ren. I'll read the next one because yes, he's Darkling reminiscent, and I'm weak. We Hunt the Flame which felt like Throne of Glass and an Ember in the Ashes. It was particularly EitA reminiscent because the narrators were the same. An ok debut. I'll give the next one a shot. My reviews are lacklustre *L* but I like what I like and can tolerate a lot. But the ones I love...The Poet X! I tell the world about. Also I won an ARC of Serpent & Dove from Epic Reads (Harper Collins YA) that I need to dig into seeing as it came out last week. So much for the 'ARC' *L* Can't remember the last time I read an actual book. Check out this book on Goodreads: Serpent & Dove http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40024139-serpent-dove
  21. I finished The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo in two days worth of commuting and it was so excellent. It did not win all it's accolades and awards by accident. I highly recommend the audiobook, read by the author. I think I would have enjoyed reading it but would have missed out on the ebb and flow of the verse (that's how it's written, in verse) and the pronunciation and inflectionof some words and phrases. Sadly, the day I finished it was the same day that the cover art came into question. It's looking very much like the artist hired to do the artwork manipulated a photo they neither credited nor sought permission to use. It's doubly troubling because it's a photo of the the uncredited photographer. I hope she gets suitable compensation from the publisher. Probably seemed low risk for the cover artist - unknown author, unknown photographer, book written in verse, how popular could it be? But then it became one of the most talked about books of 2018, winning The National Book Award. https://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelkramerbussel/2019/07/03/photographer-accuses-cover-artist-of-elizabeth-acevedo-novel-the-poet-x-of-plagiarism/
  22. This was a Kindle daily deal over the weekend and looks to still be. $1.99 at amazon.com
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