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  1. So for all the scene chewing Ros did in the first two seasons, this is her demise. Joffrey is imbalanced, yes. But this? And while I'm glad to be done with her this was so over the top and an unnecessary way to close out the arc of a character I loathed.

    Though I enjoyed LF's little speech about the climb overtop the montage of things.

  2. My favourite part was the last scene, with Yoren and Arya and the foreshadowing of her prayer, and the speeding up of getting her to Harrenhall.

    Also: not sure how much of a thespian the gal playing Brienne will eventually turn out to be, but she certainly captures the look; sexyaged Margaery Tyrell works for me just fine, though I hope she is just bethrothed to Tommen down the road, waiting on him to come of age.

    My least favourite scene was Loras and Renly because Loras is a whiny emo sulky baby. Seriously? Ugh. Also, Shae. Every single thing to do with her character and her portrayal grates on my last nerve. Also, dislike all Greyjoys not named Balon. Can any of you actually see Alfie Allen pulling off Reek down the road? Can you see him murdering those boys? I don't think he has the range or skill to make that transformation, as an actor.

    At least the exchange between Varys and Tyrion was unaltered and spot on.

  3. Hi. I'm new to posting to this forum but I've been peeking in and reading here and there for months.

    Mercenary Chef got me into the series of books and now like the rest of you, I'm biding my time til the fifth one comes out.


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