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  1. It's kind of hilarious, to me at least, that Defund the Police is criticized as a slogan, in particular because you have to explain that money is being shifted to non-police resources but the police still exist in some capacity, but Fund the Police gets a pass even though you have to dig deep into it to understand that 'the police' or 'officers' are not 'getting fat stacks of cash' but instead money is being allocated for non-police resources, while the police still exist in some capacity. But I see the other side a bit because when I see Fund the Police, I get a visceral reaction to it.
  2. Funding of what, exactly? Military storm trooper gear and flash bangs? Or proper screening methods, unconscious bias training, deescalation techniques, community liaisons, social workers, case workers/facilitators and the spines to fire bad actors?
  3. So how much of this incompetence is for show while the real threat is happening just out of view?
  4. Re: mail-in ballots I feel like there's a few things to consider here. Like, the sheer number of states that had to roll out this program in unprecedented numbers in a very short time plus the absolute shitbird overseeing USPS plus the fact that postal workers were front line workers during this entire pandemic thing and were slammed because of the previously mentioned reasons. I would hope and expect it would be much smoother in two years given they'd have much more time to sort it out.
  5. Can't wait to see how concerned citizens look to protect the vote during the midterms.
  6. It's never really been an issue before, I guess, but people might want to consider limiting the kinds of actions that can be taken during the 'lame duck period' by the outgoing administration. Maybe?
  7. Conversely, if you are dedicated to the cause you don't take your ball and go home because someone ticked you off. Don't get all 'Not all Dem voters'. I don't know how else to put it. Like, is it about you or is it about everyone pushing forward here, bumps and all? Because the people you are possibly frustrating with your views are quite likely seeing the bigger picture and keeping on for the whole.
  8. Anyways, the Dems need to rethink their engagement strategy to reach all voters, moderate to progressive. Like, get into Mississippi and support organizers to further creep that blue. Also this map of NY state provides some stark reality as well.
  9. Youth vote shouldn't be mistaken for 'white youth vote'.
  10. The things that have got us to this current moment in time are clearly not working for everyone. The past four years. The previous hundreds and hundreds. People, particularly white people, have got to get over themselves and get over a fear of change. Get out of our comfort zone. The people who carried this victory don't have a comfort zone. Everything they do is a fight - from access to unencumbered voting to fair treatment in the justice system to fair accesss to housing and healthcare and education. Defund the Police! seemingly sounds terrifying when you put words to it, but steathily shifting money away from education and healthcare (thereby DEFUNDING THEM) is totally ok! No one is clutching their pearls over that! OMG if we put these millions of dollars into our communities and community resources instead of kitting out Des Moines SWAT in military gear it'll be pandemonium! Instead of being afraid, people and particularly people who have had zero encounters with police over their lives, should step back and consider what a world with the right person responding to right situation can do for communities. Let the people and their community reps define the roles of their community servants instead of the other way around. Finally, if you don't like AOC that's fine, but after how many elections where the complaint is about turnout in the youth vote well, they showed up and she was part of that. And you'd better listen to them if you want to keep them. Their futures are looking grimmer than ours and we owe them something better than what they are headed to.
  11. I haven't read any but I've seen other people recommend at least some ofv these. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/arts/7-books-that-dive-into-the-long-history-of-americas-labor-movement
  12. Oh FFS. Have you seen who carried Biden to victory? The most discounted, marginalized, and most tread upon citizens of this country. And how many of them need raising up? So yeah, I'm putting my investment into the people who want a better country for all, and healing *them* first. Your very fine people on both sides post can get launched into the sun.
  13. Yeah, no. The focus should be on supporting the organizers and organizations that carried us to this point. The other side can join or get out of the way. They want to heal? *They* need to do the work.
  14. Posted in the wrong thread. But anyways...let it stand. So much this. He likely said 'Bug off' but maybe not. But yeah.
  15. It floors me (it shouldn't but somehow it still does every once in a while) that there are systems in place to suppress votes and now we have 'Patriots' out there trying to impede legally cast votes. Like, throughout the entire process of becoming a citizen it was emphasized, repeatedly, that an American's two civic duties and responsibilities are jury duty and VOTING.
  16. So, the complaints of coded language being unfair/untrue get completely tossed out when describing Daniel Cameron as 'intelligent and well-spoken'. He's the AG of Kentucky. I would hope he was. But these descriptors only come out when describing the good kind of Black person. Which is the root of racial bias. It's generally unconscious, built in to perception, after hundreds of years of reinforcing non-whites and non-Americans as others. So honestly, how about there's some reaching across the aisle this way to learn about this and how language plays into stereotypes. It can't just be just large swaths of us trying to see the viewpoint of Trump supporters. Especially if they 'aren't racist' and 'care about people'.
  17. Today I learned that people calling their 23rd year their Jordan Year is thing. I've seen the hashtag on Instagram etc with no idea what it referred to and decided to look it up. 26 years ago I just called it 'Twenty Three', no hashtag. Kids these days... Also, Jordan's Jordan (best) Year was 1990-1991 when he was 27/28.
  18. For me, it will always be The Hunt for Red October and Finding Forrester.
  19. Someone is predicting some sort of unrest because businesses in the DC downtown area are boarding up their windows, much like they did in June. https://wtop.com/dc/2020/10/bid-boarded-up-downtown-dc-businesses-making-their-own-decisions/
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