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    BOOKS, opera, singing, voice, classical music, rock and roll, BwB, Napa, oceans, California, food glorious food, wine, Boiled Leather, laughing my ass off

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    You are so not kidding, Kat. I find that if I don't post at least once a day, I get all twitchy and my vocabulary gets reduced to just one word: "Hodor!"
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    <n00b Alert!> Hello Everyone! I am TheRedWoman (also known as Rachel) and joined a few days ago. My SO, Boiled Leather, has been on this board for years, and we have socialized with the BWB Norcal group for a while now. Since I have read all the ASOIAF books, and since I keep pestering Ser Boiled Leather with all my questions and theories, he suggested that I just get off my ass and join the board. So here I am! I am a California girl who is trying to be an opera singer when not working at my corporate soul sucking day job (but hey, it pays well.) LOVE books, music, movies, TV, food, wine and all other forms of bohemianism (if that is a word.) Glad to be here :cheers: