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    Scene from S8 Teaser or Trailer not seen yet

    Another scene from the trailer that I didn't see in the show is where Cersei is in a dark room with candles sipping a glass of wine. When was that?
  2. StarkofWinterfell

    Is Jaqen H'ghar Rhaegar Targaryen?

    Old theory. It's been debated for years.
  3. Did you not watch the episode before posting this?
  4. StarkofWinterfell

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    Probably to have him killed like Robert wanted to have Daenerys killed
  5. StarkofWinterfell

    Tywin's Sack of KL vs Dany's burning of KL

    Death count aside, there is literally no difference. What Tywin did was equally reprehensible and I don’t see anyone calling him “mad.”
  6. StarkofWinterfell

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    No clue. But some people *cough* seem to have a deep seated hatred for her
  7. StarkofWinterfell

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Remains to be seen if Jon would make for a better Targaryen ruler
  8. StarkofWinterfell


    So you’re agreeing with me by saying that by jumping in when she did she in effect saved everyone? Awesome Seems like you have this illogical hatred for her from what I’ve seen. Mind getting into why she gets under your skin?
  9. StarkofWinterfell


    It’s pretty much a blow to everyone in-universe should they find out. But I can empathize with it affecting Dany who all her life believed that apart from Viserys, she was the last of the Targaryens. In a story where family and name is everything, it holds more weight to her than anyone of us can truly understand today. No one’s name really carries the same weight a Great House’s or royal’s name would in our own feudal era. We’re nobodies
  10. StarkofWinterfell


    She’s a tragic hero. She sacrifices her army and her dragons to save the world of the living against the army of the dead and no one thanks her for it. All her life she’s been trying to reclaim the throne and everything she’s done up to this point brought her to where she is now. How anyone can not appreciate her drive and love for her people is beyond me
  11. StarkofWinterfell

    The underlying logic of the GoT TV show: surprise

    He has said that the show has diverged farther from his books in an article that came out today. He also said events for some secondary characters are quite different. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/entertainment/books/1123230/Game-of-Thrones-George-RR-Martin-HBO-ending-books-change-differences-Iron-Throne-die/amp One of the most telling quotes:
  12. It does. And now you know.
  13. GRRM doesn’t even like the way the show ends. That should tell you something
  14. I’d disagree with you there. If you’ve ever been with a woman you’d know otherwise.
  15. StarkofWinterfell

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Haven’t seen that explicitly stated by anyone. It’s been spelled out pretty clearly that the writers are TRYING to paint Dany in a bad light when she’s done nothing wrong and has been a good ruler for 7 seasons prior. In fact, it’s more that people are racist and didn’t like seeing the Dothraki and Unsullied that were of different skin color than them.
  16. Not quite over. You still have all the spinoffs that they’ll fuck up.
  17. StarkofWinterfell

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Only some fans of the show dislike her. And Sansa. We haven’t seen anyone else
  18. StarkofWinterfell

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    I disagree. Dany is loved by her people
  19. In the episode they said they were going to White Harbor so I imagine the Manderly’s helped them out
  20. StarkofWinterfell

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Isn’t Cersei the Mad Queen?
  21. StarkofWinterfell

    Bittersweet Ending

    Cersei remains on the Iron Throne but with no allies, free to descend further as the Mad Queen
  22. Easy. She’s jealous and has a hard-on for Jon obviously.
  23. StarkofWinterfell

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Who says Dany would be?
  24. Why why why did Rhaegal have to go out like that?! That was brutal. The show really wants Dany to be hated by everyone and depicts her as a “Mad Queen” but then we literally got Cersei who is worse. Does no one trust Jon or Tyrion? Varys slyly plotting Dany’s assasination and Tyrion “Please don’t.” wtf with this contrived drama. Oh and Cersei remains queen at the end. It is known.
  25. StarkofWinterfell

    RIP Ghost

    It's safe to say he isn't making it back from that suicide charge into the horde of zombies. Probably one of the most wasted potential for a non-character there could be.