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    How come there are no slave revolts in the Free Cities?

    ^This. What attempts at uprising there may have been in the past, were probably swiftly - and brutally - crushed. Not having the infrastructure, leadership and organisation will leave the slaves in a bit of a complacent state. After all, if the slaves of Yunkai were to revolt, what's supposed to happen? They likely can't run the city themselves, and it's the only home most of them have ever known. The other cities would definitely boycott trade with uppity slaves, if they didn't just march in and snatch themselves some new slaves, if only to execute them lest their own slaves got ideas. The only reason the "emancipation" happens now is the arrival of an outside force with the military strength to prevent retaliation from the various flavors of Masters in Slaver's Bay. Even then, we see the freedmen mostly unwilling/unable to govern themselves, becoming easy prey to re-enslavement and even becoming slaves themselves. Sidenote: Slave revolts in ancient Rome/Greece were pretty much never based in opposition to the institution of slavery. The slaves were merely against *being* slaves, as opposed to *owning* slaves. As far as we can see, the slave uprisings of antiquity never actually had an issue with the concept of slavery itself.
  2. Godlikebuthumble

    [No Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    :eek: Seven Hells! But yeah, probably trying to keep Robb's "posse" to a manageable size. Cool as the Greatjon is, with Cat, Talisa, and the lords Bolton and Karstark running around, he does seem the most expendable character. Pity, though. ETA: Did a bit of a double take at Bran's voice the first time around. Guess having your ancestral home razed has a way of kicking off puberty?
  3. Godlikebuthumble

    Game of Thrones International Airing Info

    That's good to know. Def need some info on when and how they plan to show GoT in Germany. :unsure: