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  1. Well, I have no idea about ADWD and subsequeant Jon*s development, but swapping the babies that has already been done with Jon*s knowledge, consent and most probably at his Own incentive in AFFC was IMHO something that easily can be qulified as grey. Of course if (or when) Mel decideds to burn the baby to produce a dragon (presuming he is of king*s/Mance blood) Jon (if stays alive at that point) might reveal the truth and save the baby however causing that to any mother (Gille) and risking the absolutely innocent boy*s life for what ever the reason may be is in my understanding a good match for growing grey. Otherwise (and in form of general rant) once a man decides that (would be noble) aims justify the ends you may count him as grey characther if not even black one.
  2. I see it! And Natasha Rostov has begun to remind me quite a bit of Sansa Stark. ;)

  3. Pierre Bezuhov = = Sam Tarley :)

  4. nice Nick Name BTW

  5. easy as she goes

  6. You are most wellcome s0cKi, Your intro was quite cute to my standards. I know for only one more boarder from Bulgaria (but haven*t read anything from him for anout 4-5 months) so including my self we are at least 3. It sounds like we would have a quorum for voting if need be. :) And of course - your characher eliminating game is great. Good Luck.
  7. :thumbsup: :bowdown: :agree: ++ etc.
  8. My cons(iderations): 1. From punctuality point of view I think that it would be better if overal and ultimate evaluation system of a poster (following the rating/voting) varies from disliked to popular. (instead chaotic evil and good qualifications). After all alignment and reputations while being somehow connected, are not quite the same. Even in the good old AD&D games system these are different terms. Usually alignment affects the initial reputation only, sometimes charisma is considered (in way of bonus or penalty points. In i/net space it could apply for avatars & names only after a fashion - besides hardly). It is the character's activity that really matters about reputation after that. I am not sure but may be similar shifting of the assessment system would be less offensive for the most sensible boarders as well. 2. I am generally against the negative points. But if these are really necessary the problem that would exists in many occasions would be the acual difficulty for the poster to understand what was really behind all that. I could be wrong but I think that currently - there is no easy way to see which post(s) exactly was/were negatively rated. If I must check all my old and new statements - well it could be still possible (should I have the time and good will so to do). For the most prolific posters among us however it would be quite a challenge. (also if I have 3 negative and 3 positive votes I could never know about that.) But Even if I find the post which caused someone's anger or just a bit of disapproval to draw down upon me I could still be at a loss to derive the reasoning beyond that. So I trhink it would be better if after a minus was clicked it triggers a dialogue box asking for personal message for some (even one word explanation). And the vote is validated after that. I do not know how much it will be practically feasible however.
  9. Hi,

    nice Nickname BTW.

  10. Well come (with some delay) as I have already read several of your post elswhere over the board (nice stuff). BTW Why did you pick up the name which I must think twice before turn to (my) acronym?
  11. Ok tks vm. I'd try to put that into my agenda for my next call to London. (next year I hope)
  12. @Renya You are most wellcome Karen, I am almost new here too so I believe you deserved some most honorable boardres greeting. Whatever even with some delay that is all I can offer for the time being. As regards you Avatar - I like it although I have no Idea waht it actual re-presents. I am complete laic in art (although I happend to visit at some occasions a few famost world's galeries incl. in London) I am not sure though if DanteGabriel implies that it is exposed in the National Gallery where I actually lost even the vague remainders of my mind that I'd ever possessed. To my childish perception 'The Lady of Shallot' sounds more or less like 'The Curse of Chalion' (that is Just to ilustrate my ignorance) :) @Shahrizai Wellcome! Your first appearance is rather impressing.
  13. He would most probably have taken it as a badge of honor in my guess :) ... Just kidding. Well come!
  14. Wellcome. As I am also a cub-poster here - I am hardly in a position to advise you. And yes the great majority of posters has astonishing ASOAF knowledge and amazing journalistic style and publicistic skills. And I know its strictly individual but still please do not postpone your more pro-active participating. It's great fun and I will wait for your contribution... :cheers:
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