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  1. Lummel

    Umberto Eco RIP

    I love Baudolino! It is one of the funniest books I have read... more Semiotics
  2. Lummel

    Umberto Eco RIP

    How lucky we are that he lived and wrote! More than a fistful of decent books (unless you have expectionally big hands) Not an exciting obituary, quite like the one from the Torygraph, amused to see how his personal history made it in to the novels in different ways. Also I read something about the publishing business in France which was uncannily similar to the publishing set up in Foucault's Pendulum with the fake prizes as part of its marketing mix. So little love here for Baudolino, all of you too honest to enjoy a lie?
  3. On contining hiatus due to ongoing first world problems. Best wishes to everyone.

    1. Fragile Bird

      Fragile Bird

      I was wondering where you were....hope your problems get solved to your satisfaction.

    2. Risto


      Best wishes to you too, Lum... We do miss you.

  4. In the stewpot the noble stag is overjoyed to be cooked with only the finest spices

  5. Links to four reviews of Munro's works from 1998 to 2011
  6. Lummel

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    the linked website is down for reasons unrelated to this thread
  7. Lummel

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    isn't there enough evisceration here?
  8. Your mail box is full! Who knows what messages you are missing? :)

    1. kissdbyfire


      Argh I'm horrible at it! But if I've missed even one PM from you, I've missed one too many!

      Cleaning it up now! :)

    2. kissdbyfire
  9. Stannis and Davos forever, 'tis the love that cannot die!

    1. Alexia


      I'm just seeing this now. I love Stannis and Davos together so much... the sexual tension just oozes off the page whenever they are together!

      And, hugs. I always do love reading your posts.

  10. Lummel

    Vote on the Reputation System

    Why? Where do you keep your eels?