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    How Would You Rate Episode 105?

    I think that they are bigger threat now with the child, because not only is it an heir to the Targs but also to the Dothraki. With a child the bond of marriage has become a real blood bond. Much harder to break than for example a childless marriage
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    Hey all, Long time lurker, new poster here. I've been reading threads here for what most be at least a year but only recently started posting. I first found Martin and asoif when I started college in '00 and have never let them go after that. I love all kinds of fantasy and sci fi, everything out of the normal basically, both in books and in TV series. Currently I'm a Dutchie lost in Sweden, trying to learn the language and having a crappy weekend job. I hope I can start real school again after the summer to get a teachers degree so I can finally can do something with my English degree. Having a master in English Lit doesn't go well on the job market, who would've thunked.