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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/former-baltimore-detectives-convicted-in-corruption-trial-with-shocking-details/2018/02/12/961995a6-0a98-11e8-8890-372e2047c935_story.html?utm_term=.3c7002b02ab0 I don't know to what extent you all have been following this. Nearly every day during the trial led to WTF moments.
  2. My Lady Ashalind

    game of thrones wedding reading

    Welcome Patrina! And Congratulations!!!! Wedding planning can be quite exciting and overwhelming. Good luck! Pretty sure, that quote is not in either the books or show, though it's possible it could have been in an extended blue ray addition? Either way, does it matter? If it's a quote you like use it! Our youngest daughter recently married ( May 27th!). The wedding was very much inspired by LOTR and GOT. But she didn't want it to be too literal. So she pulled aspects that she liked. And it was a stunning day. Everyone walked away with a "fairytale" feel. Etsy is great for personalized decor. The bridesmaids incorporated the GOT theme into her bridal shower with a Wedding is Coming banner and goblets . They incorporated the "I am yours and you are mine" into their vows. And if you enjoy or think your guests will enjoy Harp music...Camille and Kennerly have a few GOT songs. And yes Rains of Castemere was played during the reception...... But again it was subtle. Best wishes to you!
  3. My Lady Ashalind

    Death of a Proud Sailor, a Board Legend - RIP Lord O' Bones

    This about sums up how I feel. My deepest condolences to family and friends. Bonesy will be greatly missed.
  4. My Lady Ashalind

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    I'm wondering if Parris' response was the clue. "woof woof"! - the hound bred from wolfhounds - somebody that's Irish some dna dug out of prehistoric direwolf bones --maybe was in Jurassic PArk or someone known for steriod use? I'm really looking forward to teaching mine to 'fetch'. - Fetch...another movie clue? I don't know. Maybe I am reading too much into what any of them say anymore..... :dunno:
  5. My Lady Ashalind

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Bran 1 - Spoilers for ADWD

    Adding another voice of thanks to Jughead. This make me wonder about Maester Ameon's statement "Fire consumes, cold preserves". Beric being reanimated by fire, loses is memories. If the wights are reanimated by cold perhaps their memories are preserved. *excitedly anticipating Dance*
  6. I found a way to read the invisible ink. I am shocked and appalled. And intrigued. :kiss:

  7. Smile, someone loves and misses you!

  8. You're a great kiddo.

    That's a total endorsement from the Deej.

    Always fun to see around. :)

  9. You have been missed. I have worried. Know that you'll always have special place in my heart!

  10. My Lady Ashalind

    References and Homages

    LOL I knew my eyes were bad, but I didn't think they were that bad!!!! either that or my brain was fuzzy! too many rereads!
  11. My Lady Ashalind

    References and Homages

    I picked this up, don't know for sure if it's considered a nod: In one of the Brienne POV she talks about her father being the lord of EVENSTAR a possible nod to Tolkien Arwen gives the Evenstar pedant to Aragorn