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  1. Eyelesbarrow

    Careerchat II

    Thanks for the advice, yeah I am pretty much still a beginner and started only late last year. My scripts are still shite and while I can grasp the steps I need to do, writing the code is a different animal altogether. Sometimes I think, will this ever get easier? But I know I have to just practice and practice. and @S John Vielen Dank!
  2. Eyelesbarrow

    Careerchat II

    Welllllll. After immigrating to another country (5 years ago!), getting my Master's, learning new skills (Python!), working for shit pay in order to learn said skills, I have found myself in a proper job! It's in a consultancy that allows me to do some data analytics (and maybe more data science down the line). There is defo some future in it for me. The pay is pretty good and so are the benefits. It also allows me to stay in Berlin indefinitely, which is the most important thing. I only have a week in, but I am not spending so much energy worrying about the future, immigration, money, etc., which honestly, feels great.
  3. Eyelesbarrow

    Death of a Proud Sailor, a Board Legend - RIP Lord O' Bones

    Never met LoB, but he was always nice to me when I was a noob on this board. RIP LoB, you legend.
  4. Eyelesbarrow

    "My Family's Slave"

    There is a law protecting domestic workers enacted in 2013 so there were discussions about it. I know a lot of people who are not rich and who employ helpers/ nannies for low pay while providing other benefits (they pay for their education, allow them to train for other work) and treating them really like family. It is an uncomfortable truth even for the ones living in the Philippines but for a lot of people, it's the only way to earn money as the state does not provide childcare, longer parental leaves, etc.
  5. Eyelesbarrow

    "My Family's Slave"

    Airing the family's dirty laundry among Pinoys is verboten because the family is going to lose face and that would be apocalypse. In a way, I commend Tizon for writing this because it goes against what we were taught - it certainly opened a giant Pandora's box among Pinoys in the US and elsewhere, including the Philippines. This is not to defend what happened to Lola - she was a slave, she was trafficked, and criticism vs the Tizons are fair, I think. Different culture yeah, but still slavery. A lot of Pinoys become apologists for this and they get very emotional about it, citing the fact that the house helpers are part of the family (being the poor relations). This is true in most cases, but it is also an excuse to not properly pay them.
  6. Eyelesbarrow

    Should I take the visa free travel?

    I can sympathize with getting the visa part. Even though I live in Germany now, I still have to get deal with visas if I want to travel out of the Schengen area. (Traveling around EU is not a problem for now, but with my PHL passport, it is still conditional, you know?) In terms of visa-free travel, Morocco is on the top of my list, plus other South American countries (Brazil, Peru, etc). Have you looked into Japan? I think Indonesians can get a visa waiver to enter the country for about 2 weeks.
  7. Eyelesbarrow

    German politics xth attempt

    Ugh, Trump. As an immigrant to your country, this (and other stuff said here about German politicians - what's up with their lack of charisma? and why all of them? LOLs) are really interesting (and let me be honest, a bit disturbing) to me. I read online news and I mostly get Berlin news, but I need to get my German telly working for this stuff. Might even do wonders for my B1 Deutsch.
  8. It seems like I got accepted by my potential supervisor at FU Berlin after a 40 min chat with him today. If all things go well -pending the submission of a longer proposal that he will submit to the department and the registration formalities - I start in the winter semester. I still have to sort out the funding and the supervisor said he will give me a letter of recommendation for my applications to the foundations. There might be a possibility of funding from the department in the future, but the safe thing to do is find one on my own. Fees-wise, Germany is very affordable (around 250 euros/ sem, which includes a heavily subsidized city-wide transport ticket). After the UK application, which felt high stakes for me, this is kinda anticlimactic. But all good!
  9. Thanks to all for the helpful advice! Hah, good thing the word passion makes me cringe. Like moist. A part of my methodological approach is fairly new to me, something that I encountered only in the latter stages of my thesis writing. The 2 supervisors are quite experts on it and I have started reading bits and pieces of it recently. What's the best way of navigating my lack of solid knowledge on this part if it comes up during the interview? I know that they do not expect me to be an expert on everything but at least I do not want to sound like a fool.
  10. So what usually happens during the PhD interview? I'm up for one soon. The panel will have the PhD Admissions tutor, my 1st supervisor, and 2nd supervisor. I was told that we will discuss my proposal, which is what I kind of expected. But what else will they throw at me? & how deep will the discussion be? I'm in the social sciences, btw. Anecdata from my friends vary widely, some friends were heavily questioned about their theoretical framework and the like, some were not asked about it much, with the interview mostly about their interest and motivations.
  11. Eyelesbarrow

    Aussies LXV - what choices have we?!

    Hallo Aussies! Hope you guys are peachy. I'm asking you guys some questions because I am helping my brother who is moving to Melbourne. He got an IT job offer there so fuck Duterte and onwards and upwards with the Filipino diaspora! (And that means I might be on your shores for a visit in the soon-ish future). He's gross annual salary is around 45,000-50,000 AUD, how much can he expect to have after tax? And is that enough for a single guy? Also, what is the average rent and where are the OK, not so expensive neighborhoods? I understand his company will help give him a place for a week, but after that, he has to find a flat. Is there a flat-sharing culture there? He's also doing his own research, but it would be nice to have some pointers from the locals. Anyways, thanks in advance for any answers.
  12. I have been in touch with the PhD administrator of the School of Business and Management of the uni. She accepts the applications and checks to see if the admin requirements are there, among other tasks. She also prepares the long list. But I am not sure if she makes the decision on what to put on the grade equivalent, which is now my main worry. Unless the faculty has its own calculation. But it appears not because she said it's set by the uni and they follow the Naric calculations. I'm kind of resigned now to the visa situation - pick your battles and all that. I also understand that this has a lot to do with T May's immigration pledges. Anyway, I have registered for an IELTS exam in Oct.
  13. Went and called the administrator lady and I got more problems. She told me that my German Masters grade was not good enough; that it's hard merit instead of with distinction. She also said that the equivalent of with distinction in Germany is 1, which is hilarious because nobody gets 1 here. I checked with the uni office that deals with this, and the guy in charge of the grade equivalencies told me that I defo have with distinction, based on their own calculation and Naric's, the UK agency that checks overseas qualifications and equivalencies. (The guy cannot send me an email confirmation because he does not want to intervene with the admissions process, yet). Shall I notify my PhD supervisor of this? I find this quite alarming. I would totally hate it if this woman's own judgment excludes me from the long list. Another thing, the PhD admissions office also said that I do not have to get an IELTS if I will not be using the T4 student visa to enter the UK and use other visas such as spousal/fiance/unmarried/family reunion. (Context: Mr. Eyelesbarrow is Brit, I have family in England). The faculty also has the discretion to waive the IELTs requirement if they think the candidate has sufficient English level (my supervisor already made a note on my application that this is a waste of my time and money). But according to this admin, because I am a non-EU national, I should get a T4 visa, nevermind that I have other options (just for the sake of argument). I know that administration people have to tick boxes but life is messy and some applicants like yours truly do not fit cleanly into their admin boxes. Long story short, I have to get an IELTS.
  14. 3/3, not bad, DP. If nothing else, I hope this gives you a clearer idea for a proper proposal in the near future. Question, peeps: Apparently, the studentship I applied to was moved for Jan. 2017 entry instead of Sept. 2016. I sent an email to my supervisor and he had no idea about this; apparently this was an admin decision. (I'm speculating that the recent change in the PhD program chairmanship had something to do with this). Is it OK to call the PhD admin person (she's not the head, but she prepares the long list) to get this sorted out? I am still unsure if I was rejected (supervisor said it's unlikely right now) or if my application will be carried over to the new deadline or if I need to take the IELTS. Recently, she sent me an email saying I have to take the IELTS in order to be considered for the studentship. I thought that my supervisor already sorted this out with her: he sent her an email saying he doesn't think I need it, but I would take the exam IF they offer me a place, and that his note should be part of my application. Hence, my confusion. (IELTS is requirement set by both the uni and the fricking British state for students from certain countries - I'm really annoyed by this for a lot of reasons, but that's another story). So be warned, DP. Admin shit can be confusing and expensive, at least in my experience. Similar thing happened to me when I moved to fortress EU on a student visa for my Masters - German embassy routed my papers to a different state, which almost cost me a semester. Anyway, I wouldn't mind this limbo and confusing turn of events so much if not for certain immigration-related stuff that I have to do in Deutschland, which depends on whether or not I get this PhD in England. Ugh.
  15. It was a cold email for me, prompted by Mr. EB, so really it was his fault. The email wasn't long, maybe 3 paragraphs. I am familiar with his work, told him what my thesis was all about, my idea for my PhD proposal, and name dropped a couple of institutes that I was involved with as a shorthand for where I am theory-wise (yes, one of those was RosaLux haha). He replied yes, and from then on it was a back-and-forth. I was initially planning to apply in January 2017, but last month he sent an email saying there were scholarships available so I should apply NOW. I wrote my proposal (while finishing my thesis), sent it to him. He made some suggestions and passed it on to his another colleague who agreed to be my 2nd supervisor. I rewrote the thing, sent it 3 weeks ago. So for me, it was pretty painless getting somebody to agree to supervise me. Now, I just need the money. I was told that in the UK, and maybe UK boarders can weigh in on this, it's pretty much easy to get somebody to say yes to you. The hard part is the funding. Here in Germany, I find it is a bit difficult to get somebody to supervise you. At least in my field, they create PhD positions based on projects and funding. So you have to be a part of the research project already (via MA thesis or internship) or you are willing to work on a topic that they have set. I once called a guy here who is doing aquaculture work to ask about PhD positions. He did not ask me what my proposal was all about, his only reply was: do you have funding? We only accept students who are part of research projects with funding. MEH. ETA Timing: yeah important. My potential supervisor and his wife had a baby recently so he was not quick in replying to my research proposal. So get that proposal done waaaaay ahead of the deadline. Because babies. Re: GIS - they told me I have to be good at differential equations!!!! LIARS!!!!