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  1. oneeye

    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    I think Tywin was so confident in his 30k plus men and his scouts probably saw Tyrion with the clans men so he purposely let him come in without an escort. I don't know if they should cast heavy weights for season 2. I am afraid of cost overruns a la Rome. We still have to introduce most of High Garden, Stannis and crew, the Greyjoy crew (yay Asha). There's a lot of characters to go. I still think people giving less than a 10 are comparing apples with worms. Does any other tv show in entertainment forum subsection hit two threads in two days? Greatcock!
  2. oneeye

    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    oh how could I forgot the leech, they haven't introduced Roose properly yet have they? One thing I noticed, a friend of mine is watching the show who has not read the books, and he is so confused by the Targaryen, Ned, Robert background, even though he is very keen on the show and likes it. I wonder if they needed to do more there in the tv show.
  3. I have been giving 10's. I mean compared to the book, we could argue, but compared to other TV shows, especially non HBO/showtime/AMC crap on CBS or FOX, 10 is easily the only option.
  4. Awesome summary, thanks Wert! I saw Corvus Corax live in Kaltenberg when I was in Germany, they were cool.
  5. oneeye

    Goodkind XXVII: Welcome to the Yeard Reich

    nice one highgravity!