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  1. i agree it was vastly m,ore epic in the book and what we got was i dont know.... something like u said at a small renisance fair and no sandor winning 40000 dragons
  2. not to compare books to shows but....the hands tourney was a major major tool in the book for introducing many characters and establishing gregor as ax crazy- Baelishs little story to sansa does not do the justice that gregor lopping that horses head off then going after loras would have done.. How Epic would the show have been if we Saw gregor Lopp the head off..the show woulda been a 10! i give this episode a 5. I have seen reviews from people online that dont even mention gregor after the episode.... because the little story is not as effective as the visual..it would took 3 mins...yet they gave us a bathtub scene...for the sole purpose of skin that went on and on.... Gregor chopping the horses head off would been the ULTIMATE Scene and had peopel talking at the water coolers....and they would all be saying Gregors freaking crazy