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  1. Legends II mildew has taken on a life of itself, Its taken over my tv chair, my favourite mug, it's even started updating my facebook status

  2. Happy Birthday to me... happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me...eeee... happy birthday to me!!!

  3. Yeah I kinda figured that, was just attention seeking, Is a common problem amongst us youngest children in familys!!!...hehe:D Thank you for the welcome:)
  4. Thanks for posting in my new threads, for a moment there I thought they would fall into the abyss of page two never to be seen again

  5. I'll just welcome myself then!!! *mutters to self* jezz I did an essay and everything :rolleyes:
  6. Hi, I'm new, Started the series in April of this year, was hooked instantly and read the series so far back to back, am waiting patiently for the new book! Ok, so I should say a little bit about me here, so I am a fantasy fan, apart from GRRM I am also really into reading stuff from David Gemmell, Trudi Canavan and Neil Gaimen to name but a few. I am also hugely into music, mainly Indie and Dance, but have pretty varied tastes, my new favourite band are 'Bat for Lashes', for those who havnt heard of them, the sound is kinda like Kate Bush meets PJ Harvey with a little melodic pop thrown in, I know a lot of sites dont allow you tube links but If this isnt allowed I'm sure someone will come along and delete it . So apart from reading and music I also love romantic art, Waterhouse's 'The Lady of Shallot' ( my avatar) and Burtons 'The meeting on the Turret stairs' being my favourite paintings. I am also really into Nature and Photography, not a professional or anything but just like to capture natural images so I can enjoy them over again. So thats about it really, anything else anyone wants to know you can pm me:D Karen
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