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  1. if i can speak on behalf of my beloved friend @Trishkin mookie betts is a fantastic human and we are pleased to call him our friend.
  2. 90 days in. thought i would share because it's a big deal to me. between that, going to a meatless diet and consistent workouts i have lost 20 or so pounds and feel pretty damned good.
  3. we only decorated over quarantine. it was actually just some of the self care we needed. our small and modest studio plus apartment is decorated with framed concert posters, various art from tattoo artists and fantasy artists and pics of family. we have a couple bookcases full of books and random memorabilia, knickknacks, toys, etc. two magnetic blocks hold some of my knives just off the kitchen area. two walls are dominated by ikea shelves filled with our ample bar, fermenting veggies and auxiliary kitchen equipment. it isn't luxurious, but it's home and we like it.
  4. like a bechamel the plot had thickened. the incoming chef du cuisine i wasn't too thrilled about bailed on the position. owner has now taken my advice and is using a recruiter to fill the position properly. we had hired a very very good floor manager stealing her away from another michelin star restaurant. she lasted 1 week and quit. she was suffering anxiety issues with the stress of our restaurant. a cook quit right before service. he said he just couldn't keep up. i got to work his station plus my own as we simply have no backup. we debuted 5 new dishes last night that were absolute struggles to get right. this weekend one of the other remaining two cooks begins a 6 day vacation. we have very solid bookings. only my personal and professional pride keeps me going. i am mentally preparing myself for more 15 hour days of slogging through prep and service. but, at least i have a job?
  5. @Iskaral Pust i like way you have spelled all of it out to make it relatable. the hours areb what the job is. i have always put in long hours as a chef. that is kind of the deal. our industry is a bit broken in that regard. he has a larger dream for me as corporate chef of his growing restaurant group but that transition is dependent upon contracts being signed and investors handing over cash. it would be a role that would pay more to my expectations but not a role that actually excites me. it would satisfy my need to bring order and systems to kitchens and to mentor chef teams though. that is all cool sounding but i still want to cook. i still want to create and express myself. i still have things i want to share culinary with guests.
  6. i am suffering from burnout at my current gig. i feel bad for it. with this whole pandemic thing and everything that has happened i should just be happy to be employed, but i am not. while i have learned some interesting techniques and get to work with some stellar products the food often just comes across as too salty and too rich in an attempt to be luxurious. dishes are conceived for appearance and other factors take a backseat. some items take longer to put on the plate than they do to cook. overall i find the food soulless. i have little influence on the menu at all. but, boy do i get to work! 12 and 14 hour days are the norm again. i do all the butchery, do all organizing, ordering and other tasks to keep the place running. during service i work a station. my output to return is not good right now. the owner is a talented chef, but has other projects and cannot focus his attention on this restaurant so he and i discussed him hiring a true chef du cuisine to push the food forward. rather than actually search out someone he hired a former sous chef who is spoken of as a joke by other staff. for me that's a regressive move. the exec sous i have spoken of in other posts is a non-issue at this point. i work around him and he will take direction from me which is helpful. but he is still ultimately clueless and will come in see me neck deep in prep with a list on the wall and think the best use of his time is to r&d a new dish. in addition the place suffers from some culture issues that i cannot possibly fix as they start at the top. overall i am getting no satisfaction from my time each day. a craft that i love so much is rendered to just be work. and it is work that doesn't pay quite what it used to. owners and operators have used the pandemic and their lowered revenues to lower pay for staff. as revenues return to pre-pandemic levels wages will not. capitalism is pretty neat. yeah, so that's that.
  7. hell, i suppose I will join you all. March 1 the peloton bike kair suggested we buy arrived. i have to say i love it. it is just what i personally need right now. back to 12 to 15 hour days i lack the interest in doing much physically. but having this expensive hulking beast in eyesight i can't resist it. already i am 180 miles in. i foolishly tend to pick rides based on the music and little else. getting ansolutely slain to depeche mode, tom petty or rush is fantastic. it has been a stellar workout and i can already see improvements in my performance and physique.
  8. if he truly cared about being competitive and giving the supporters of the club anything positive he wouldn't have let rafa get away and appoint steve bruce. Bruce has been absolutely useless. any real club would have sacked him by now. with the lack of tactics, the frustrations of the players and the mass of injuries i see them needing some jonas Gutierrez level heroics to stay up.
  9. loving valheim! yesterday we had an epic adventure of failure! i am decked in iron gear, raiding crypts is our new thing. myself and another viking set sail from our home to a swamp on a distant island in search of riches. we instead end up on a different island, no big deal. we kill a bunch of dwarves, a few trolls, mine some copper and attempt to head back to sea. our boat is destroyed on the rocks. i drown. i respawn at home, grab our other boat and head back to get my friend. i find him, we get going back towards home as it is getting late and our dreams of iron riches have been dashed when our small boat is attacked by two serpents! we run out of arrows before killing them! the winds die and we are languishing at sea with these beasts attacking. so tonight we will craft a new boat and attempt to sail out and recover our gear.
  10. yeah. it isn't bret easton ellis' depiction of 1980s yuppie capitalism excess generously dusted with cocaine. coke has long been a very ordinary aspect of the hospitality/restaurant industry. coke came into vogue and then was cooked down into crack totally fucking things for mainly minority people with the cia's hands all over it. for me it is hard to try to paint coke as this innocent party drug paid for by regular people while crack is tearing apart society.
  11. who thought two dinosaurs battling would be so boring? i want to personally apologize to whoever has watched newcastle and west brom this morning.
  12. so, I'm 50 days sober. what began as a simple 21 day challenge among workmates took off for me. i did realize i drank too much, too often and from a place of routine and sense of normalcy. get home from work, have a beer. get in the shower, have a beer. having lunch, have a beer. eating dinner, have a bottle of wine. cooking dinner, have a cocktail. during quarantine my drinking definitely had a major uptick. not working and having nothing to do but worry all the time made me thirsty i am trying to form a new sense of normal and routine in my life. 100% i will drink again one day, but not soon. this has been too interesting.
  13. valheim is just the distraction i have been looking for! 2 irl friends and i are on a persistent private server living out our dreams of being vikings. we all work different hours and don't play together often and it is fun to see our village and farm grow when you log back in. yesterday my friends came back to find i had mined and logged a massive swath of the black forest into a wasteland. i have been stripped of my logging and mining rights alas.
  14. i have been loving valheim. it has no business being as pretty or as engaging as it is for a $20 game. some friends convinced me to get it and we have had a blast. we set up a server and have carved out a nice little existence for ourselves deforesting the country side to build a classy little village, rafts to take us on scary journeys to the black forest and an ever increasing number of pet pigs. I see images online of players decked out in metal armor living in stone castles while we are veritable cavemen in comparison.
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