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  1. as a yank watching highlights of nufc learning to and playing softball made my fucking day. bruno is a hell of a fielder and jacob murphy fucking rakes.
  2. yup. champions league football coming to newcastle! wilson deserved a hat trick today. he looks so good w isak playing together.
  3. that isak one was superb. i cannot wait to see what he brings to the club if he can stay healthy a full season. big worry is the lack of depth when we are adding a European competition to things. i know the plan is incremental and smart acquisitions of players, but to really compete next season newcastle need a lot more.
  4. went as i expected. the better side showed up and took care of business.
  5. very nice of city to spot Liverpool a goal and having haaland sit it out.
  6. i knew the toon were gonna be competitive this year. figured we'd be bruising it out for a 8 to 10 place position. instead Europe is a possibility and we are in a cup final. hard to be too upset. newcastle is only going to keep getting better. on a local front Saturday was game one of mls (American top flight). was a joy to get to drink and sing w the boys in 3° c weather. and our coach is this guy named Wayne Rooney (apparently had some footballing experience overseas) and he made some great subs that helped deliver a win 2 down w goals in the 90th and 98th minute. i had forgot how much i love being in the stands.
  7. all i can say is i love seeing civilians offer tips as they are living the real life. that and learn to enjoy cooking or the food is a chore. you have to enjoy the cooking to enjoy the eating.
  8. i wish!!! and tickets are likely gonna be hard to come by.
  9. and the toon are going to wembley!!!
  10. i got a drunk driving charge once. something I'm not proud of. my restaurant still needed me to work.
  11. fairly certain i could handle arteta and would just need to have conte wear himself out.
  12. will someone sign him? that's the real question.
  13. fortunate that the toon are not currently looking to sign a 45 year old moral and ethical internet persona to round out their attack or midfield.
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