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  1. during quarantine i learned a lot about sourdough bread, fermenting vegetables and making kombucha.
  2. so. the latest napalm death album 'throes of joy in the jaws of defeatism' is really good. if you are reading my words and don't listen to it within 24 hours consider yourself false and vanquished.
  3. first, that curry sounds exceptional! and second thanks for the kind words! third, meatloaf is awesome!
  4. so at my new gig i am not the big boss so i am mostly coming someone else's food and realizing their vision, but staff meal is all me! i take a lot of pride cooking a family meal for the team. on the rotation this week: adobo chicken tacos, korean grilled chicken, dandan noodles, meat loaf, Portuguese style fish stew.
  5. classic french cooking was the inspiration for steakhouses, ie sauces! i am pro sauce! for kair's birthday some years ago we had a magnificent giant dry aged ribeye slathered in a ramp bearnaise before seeing the cure at madison square garden. that was the fucking best! only time i am anti-sauce on steak is in the world of real japanese wagyu. that meat is just so fatty and rich with umami i want nothing more than flakes of maldon salt or in a super traditional preparation a tiny grating of real wasabi. all this beef talk aside got a chicken roasting with assorted veggies and tatos for tonight. roasting chicken is maybe one of the greatest things you can do to a chicken.
  6. a few things: * Callum Wilson is a fucking joy! his smile as he bags goals warms my heart! *Gunnersaurus should have been allowed to move to Southampton on a free transfer. *the sheer amount of money man united has spent since Fergie's departure vs their success is absolutely hilarious.
  7. ah yes! metal! i am loving the old school yet still modern feel of the new skeletal remains album. my new gig has themed music days in the kitchen. while funk fridays are good and i like playing a narcocorrido playlist on Saturday's latin music day, sunday is METAL!! mostly we end up going easily accessible thrash and classics like maiden and priest. but, today i am going to shred souls and realities with blood incantation and decrepit birth.
  8. well i start a new job in a couple hours. was furloughed in march from a place i was at for nine years. 3 weeks ago i was on a call about a return date. the structure and organization of the restaurant had changed dramatically staffing wise due to reduced revenue because of covid. i questioned things (in retrospect possibly too fervently). the next day they called to tell me my position as executive chef had been eliminated. they called it a financial decision but i know it was political. but today i start at a small and very awesome place where my focus is all about making great food.
  9. newcastle have made some good moves this window. i am pleasantly surprised. we have the makings of a solid 11th or 12th place side. here is to still hoping for a sale of the team at some point though.
  10. polish, the rest of the folks commented well on messi. yes, it was a horrific collapse, but how much can be put at his feet? what does everyone expect from even one as great as messi when the opposition is completely ignoring your team's attempts at defense?
  11. when you are arguably the greatest to ever play the sport you can do those things.
  12. welp. they were never going to keep psg from scoring, alas.
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