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  1. yeah. newcastle should have a couple more wins by now. actually not sold on them winning today. just not getting it done in front of goal. but it is pretty surreal seeing them play positive, attacking, pressing possession based football after what we've endured for years.
  2. haaland is gonna really blossom in two years when he is at newcastle.
  3. Lee Mason told to take the week off after his failure this weekend in the palace newcastle match. a goal disallowed that would have been the winner for newcastle.
  4. a depleted toon took the wannabe champions to the wire. and regarding the comments about time-wasting, fouling and 'cheating' from some of you
  5. american pulisic to newcastle is being bandied about. a loan w option to buy I'd be interested. he's a tireless worker who would fit really well in the system howe likes to play and he can bag a goal. and we need more goal scorers. our defense will be tight all season but i worry about losing points to 1-0 and 1-1 matches.
  6. you are right about the unexpected...but it is newcastle finishing top 6!
  7. dc signing benteke is kind of wild. he is so physical he'll give defenses fits and really open things up for other attackers playing off him.
  8. I'm gonna annoy you all with some american league mls stuff. my club dc united dead bottom of the table recently got Rooney as coach. Sunday was his first match in charge. down 1 and looking destined to leave the stadium disappointed we grabbed two 90+ minute goals to win! absolutely insane!
  9. let's keep boring you all with talk about my local club dc united now coached by a guy named wayne rooney! current rumors are ravel morrison and jesse lingard coming over. the former is pretty believable. the latter would be a dream. he is the kind of attacker that would shred mls defenses. wayne has immense connections and brings immediate clout to the club when attempting to recruit players who would ordinarily laugh at coming to play at dc.
  10. rent is pretty expensive in dc. and it is funny how so many if the fans are now eating out of the front office's hands due to rooney. i will continue being very skeptical until i see them sign some players to go along with rooney's ambitions. we have a few decent players, but overall not keeping up with the rest of the league.
  11. he's now the boss for my local club. when he played for us he was exciting and electric. it was surreal to have him on our pitch. as a coach i feel he is in for a lot. ownership is cheap and turned on the previous coach quickly when he pushed too hard or questioned too much. players rebelled against being held to a European level is fitness. luckily most of the squad played w rooney when he was here as a player and has enough cachet to push these players. but if ownership doesn't open up the wallet the team in last place will stay right the fuck there, rooney or no rooney.
  12. toon looking to add moussa diaby. all their moves have been fantastic without adding in players whose egos and wages would upset a very stable and cohesive dressing room. last time i was legitimately excited and optimistic going into a campaign was when they were relegated in 16 and going into the championship w rafa at the helm.
  13. debatable. he's joining a floundering giant where he may not even start. man united are going to be lucky to finish in the top 6. city, spurs, arsenal and liverpool have all improved their squads.
  14. sven botman should be announced tomorrow for newcastle. we are having a subdued but quality transfer season. these new signings added to the quality of the latter half of the last campaign a top ten finish should be attained and i wouldn't be too shocked if they have what it takes to challenge for the two lower european competitions.
  15. gonna share something horrid. recently i went back to the village to see my dad. the bed he set for me featured pillows i have known since i was a child. these pillows my mother rested upon as she died. give me a moment while i buy pops some pillows and search for a therapist.
  16. this is fucking awful. https://news.sky.com/story/ex-premier-league-boss-alan-pardew-quits-bulgarian-club-after-fans-racially-abuse-own-players-12625323 if you don't read the article alan pardew quit his coaching of a bulgarian club after it's own fans racially abused players. what in the fuck?
  17. my greatest scotland world cup memory is world cup 2002. i met a random scot in a kilt and a brazil shirt. we watched england v brazil in a pub full of england fans. he was a glorious human being who got me savagely drunk. i think brazil won. I'll have to check to see if my memory serves true.
  18. watch how quickly texas voters rally behind arming teachers. each time this happens gun manufacturers see a boom in business. fucking gross.
  19. klopp manager of the season? sure. what he did was impressive. but i think eddie howe was robbed.
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