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  1. Strange, I always imagine Tyrion to talk like that. I agree that they might have failed a bit with that, but I always had the impression that Sansa had a crush on him because of the fact that he was prince more than anything else. Arya and Bean are great!
  2. Welcome to the forums :) ! And there's no problem with your post whatsoever. I liked the second episode better than the first one. This is probably because of the fact that the main Introduction phase was done in episode one, and it felt a bit rushed, even though I have full understanding to why they had to mush in so much information in at once. I do have a bit of problem with the sex scenes though, and I hope they don't let them take up so much time in future episodes. I know that some sex scenes are integral to the story, like the one between Cersei and Jamie in Ep 1, but some are unnessecary, like the one in the Winterfell Brothel (!?) with Tyrion. I understand this was used as an introduction to his character for people new to ASOIAF but it was a bit over the top, especially with Jamie shooing in four additional girls in the end of the scene. It felt like they had toned it down a bit in this episode which I thought was good, although I fear that they will make Danys ex-prostitute handmaiden a more important character than in the books for more scenes in which she educates Dany, or even when she has sex with Viserys (which is only mentioned in the books but will probably be an entire scene in the series)./rant I do however feel that this series is just going to become better and better when the viewers will get to know the characters more, and watch the plot build up. But that requires a focused viewership from day 1. Episode 1: 7/10 Episode 2: 8/10
  3. Great read, and thanks for the back story. I remember reading somewhere that GRRM had moved some chapters over from ADWD to TWoW, does anyone know how many pages/chapters that was, exactly?