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  1. I wish to welcome all three of you. Though I am relatively new myself (since November of 2009). But this is a great place and I think you will all enjoy it. Post whatever you are thinking about, and prepare to defend your posts. People here will make you think. Gotta love it. :)
  2. What is the minimum height required to ride the Mandi-coaster?

  3. Don't worry too much. The elders around here tend to be a friendly, compassionate sort.

  4. Keep on being strong, you are doing well. :D

  5. Does not have all the answers to your questions. Too bad, I would have charged a handsome price for those answers.

  6. Um, I did notice a certain "feminine" presence amongst my "friends". I think it's a good thing. Keeps me civilized. :)

  7. I do seem to have only women friends on Westeros.org. Not quite sure how that happened....but why fight fate? :)

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