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  1. Brienne is a Lady and representing her house. Davos is a Lord representing his house. Arya didn't vote. Personally, I think Davos would have been the best choice, but that's just my opinion. I don't think the North really forced anything and they were all trying to avoid another civil war. The biggest issue that I had with the scene was Sansa declaring independence but the Iron Islands and Dorne just went along with it.
  2. It's been developed and explored for 8 seasons and has been hammered into us for the last 2 seasons. I'm really amazed that anyone could have been surprised by what she did. So everyone knows about the Targaryen coin flip, everyone has heard Dany talk about executing the masters, killing their soldiers, and burning their cities to the ground. Everyone has seen Dany crucify, execute, and burn people alive. All these were just the basic groundwork for the possibility of what she could become. The real clues were the conversations that Tyrion had with multiple people the last 2 seasons. In his private conversation with Cercei at the dragon pit summit, Cercei asks what makes Dany so different from Aerys because she threatened to burn down KL. Tyrion's answer, and what he mentioned to several people, is that Dany was smart enough to surround herself with people that would temper her violent temper and basest urges. Fast forward to season 8 where all those people have suddenly left her... Jorah dies, Missandei dies, Varys betrays her, She no longer trusts Tyrion, and she feels she lost Jon because he wont return her love. She has literally lost every person around her that ever gave her council and advice that she could trust. Add all this to the feelings of her being an outsider after her trip North and she does the only thing she can.... rule and conquer with fear instead of love. To be fair, Dany wasn't really evil. Her long term plan actually had Merit even though it was repulsive to everyone around her. She mirrored Thanos in that way.
  3. Vuron

    Loose ends

    I agree. Jon was the PtwP because he lead the fight against the darkness. The prophecy never talked about personally killing the NK. Jon was directly, or indirectly, responsible for gathering the north, vale, wildlings, dothraki, unsullied, 2 dragons, and some select southerners together to defend against the dead. Now, to answer the OP, I was disappointed that we don't know who is actually left, which houses still exist or were wiped out, and who rules the various regions. I'd really like to see a comparison of the population numbers of when Robert died versus now.
  4. After Jon kills Dany, there's no way he can become King without starting another civil war. Whether justified, or not, he assassinated the current queen. Even after what she did, Dany still had the support of a large group (unsullied, dothraki, the iron islands, and any number of smaller houses). These people would never support Jon and would have fought against it. Jon also had the issue of his parentage being known and at this point, being a Targaryen is a negative after the last 2 Targaryens turned out to be viscious rulers that didn't care about their citizens. Jon being a Targ is one of the reasons he was sent to the wall. He's not supposed to have any children that might press a claim for the throne or history might repeat itself again. Bran, although an odd choice, might be a food choice. He's from a noble house, he should technically be the lord of Winterfell and protector of the North, and he has the Stark name, which is still respected. The new King has to come from nobility and there are limited options left after all the wars. Maybe it could have been the new Prince of Dorne, but we have no idea who that is.
  5. Correct. We know from the books that Varamyr, who was one of the most powerful wargs of the wildlings, had been training since he was a child, and was able to warg into different types of animals, had trouble warging into a bear because its mind and will were too strong. Bran had only been warging for a few years and we have only seen him warg minor creatures or Summer, who he had a connection with. I never understood why so many people were under the impression that Bran had superpowers. He can't warg into any person he wants, he can't see the actual future, and he doesn't have super human abilities. It's just like Bran said before the battle... has a repository for the past, a library on wheels... for those that understand the reference, hes the Bookmobile.
  6. Vuron

    Do you think Varys will...

    I thought about this when the GC were first mentioned in the show. I think the only way to get the GC to break their contract would be to re-establish their lands and titles that were stripped and there should be quite a few titles open since most houses, including great houses, seem to have been destroyed. Losing their lands and titles was house the GC formed and getting them back has always been their main goal.
  7. Vuron

    Confusion about Character Arcs

    I agree and disagree. What the OP describes is true for arcs in the books, but a television show is more about payoff, shock value, and entertainment value. Also, George Foreman named all his sons George, so having 2 Aegons is nothing.
  8. I think you might have misunderstood or I wasn't completely clear... I'm not saying Arya is meaningless, but from a book and show standpoint, she has to kill someone more important than the Freys. Arya is one of the most heavily featured characters in the books and most of her time is spent outside of Westeros. There has to be more of a payoff for spending all this time on her development. If not, it would be like Dany's arc if she never made it back to Westeros. GRRM is setting her up for something big. Now Jon.... the PtWP prophecy talks about leading the battle against the forces of Darkness. Jon is, absolutely, the leader of the fight against the NK. As Davos told Dany, he was the 1st to make allies of wildlings, became the leader of the Watch, king of the north, and even died. He gave up being lord commander, gave up his crown, and gave his life, all to assemble the greatest force the world had ever seen to fight against an enemy that most still dont believe even exists. We had northmen, wildlings, dothraki, unsullied, dragons, and people from the south all assembled because of Jon's actions. He's been stupid at times, isn't a great strategist, and doesn't think long term, but he is a good recruiter.
  9. I wouldn't say she killed Littlefinger. She was simply acting as an executioner for Sansa, which anyone in the room could have done. You dont need 5 years of training to slit the throat of a defenseless man kneeling on the floor. I might agree that killing the Freys could have been the point of her arc if it had even been mentioned, but it seems like all of Westeros doesn't even seem to be aware that they're gone.
  10. Vuron

    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    After rewatching this scene and the episode numerous times, I've concluded that arrogance actually killed the NK. He knew Arya was there and coming for him, but he simply didn't care. He just nonchalantly turned around and caught her mid jump. The Theon scene set this up perfectly. All the WW's and wights just stood aside as Theon charged and the NK just let him attack. This is exactly what he did with Arya. Bran had said in the previous episode that nobody had ever tried to use dragon fire to kill the NK, but he just stood there and let Dany try to roast him. He knew Jon was running up behind him and didn't seem to really care. The NK was an arrogant prick and his over confidence got him killed.
  11. I actually have to agree with D&D on this one. As much as people on this board like to put down common fantasy tropes, having a battle between 100k+ living and dead come down to a 1v1 fight between the big bad and big good of the series would have been the worst of all. That's why I agree that Jon shouldn't be the one that killed the NK. The PtWP prophecy never says the he/she will actually kill anyone and Jon is still the hero of the story. Without him personally gathering together all the forces he did, against all odds, the world would have been lost. I also think Arya had to kill one of the main villains or her story would have been meaningless. You can't show her learning/training to be a killer for 7 seasons to not have her kill a major player. Having her entire arc revolving around killing the Freys would have been meaningless and I think Jaime or Tyrion have to kill Cercei.
  12. Vuron

    What was Bran doing the whole time?

    What, exactly, was Bran supposed to be doing. He's basically a library in a wheelchair. There's never been any indication that he's got all these superpowers that some people wish he had. He can warg, but we've only seen him warg lesser creatures and Hodor. Jon and Arya can warg, too. There have been many other 3ec's and they didn't make some huge impact on the world, either. As far as we know, Bloodraven spent a century embedded in a tree and didn't have much of an impact on the rest of the world.
  13. Vuron

    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    Well, I thought that the sacrifice from Varys might be dying so that Arya could take his face and then know everything about all the hidden tunnels, rooms, and secrets of KL. Now that she's kill the NK, I can't see her killing both big bads.
  14. Vuron

    Who can be gendry's mother? a targaryen?

    It's not show canon that Cercei had 4 kids, only that she told Cat there was another kid. We know Cercei isn't one for the truth, so we dont know if this is true because we've never seen evidence that a kid ever existed outside of one conversation.
  15. Vuron

    Why so serious?

    Yes. The best example is Sandor when he started out using Gendry's hammer and then switched to dragonglass daggers because the wights would just get back up and keep coming. If you rewatch, you can see them all grabbing daggers from their belts.