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  1. Vuron

    Can Jon Get Burnt?

    We don't even know if show Dany is immune to fire. She's survived fire twice in the show and both had a similar circumstances. She walked out of Drogo's funeral pyre and she walked out of the Dosh Kaleen temple. In the first, she sacrificed a powerful witch and in the 2nd, she sacrificed all the Khals which are the closest things to kings in their society. Both these instances are pretty similar to what Mel was doing with her sacrifices. GRRM has specifically said that Targs, and Dany in particular aren't immune to fire.
  2. One of my favorite episodes, so far. I think they handled the Arya situation the best that they could with the time constraints. It just makes me sad that we're not going to see Lommy try to yield to everyone all over the 7 kingdoms. I'm happy with Brienne and am glad they got such a dedicated actress to play the part. That should end well in upcoming seasons if they keep most of her storyline. Tyrion was great, as always.
  3. This, this, and more this.... everyone always stating that Stannis is this way or Stannis is that way in the books always seems to forget that we really only see Stannis from one POV and that's Davos. I've thought all along that Davos had a man crush on Stannis, anyway. People claiming that Stannis hates bastards and would never father one or do anything for one seem to forget that he was more than willing to give Winterfell to Jon in order to get what he wanted. I think people are giving Stannis way too much credit and he is just a man, after all. I think the Mel/Stannis scene was fine and was probably pretty close to what would have happened in the books if we had a POV.
  4. Vuron

    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    That wound might not be very big, but it looked very deep on a rewatch. It opened up and appeared to go almost to the bone. Maybe not much by Dothraki standards, but I'd be in some serious pain. A wound like that would become infected very easily in that time and place... even if they do look way to clean for horse soldiers.