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  1. No, of course, we all feel sorry for him for the bad things that happen to him. All I'm saying is, we were wondering if the silence on his blog about writing TWOW in august-november after the kind of unexpected and frequent postings about it in july (after years of silence on the matter) was due to him just not wanting to jinx it by talking too much about the writing process, or him having actually stopped writing. Now we know the answer, and it wasn't the one we were hoping for. (Even if it wasn't writer's block per se.) But hey, he also says he's picking up steam again, so there's the silver lining... Let's put it this way: It's definitely too early to completely rule out a 2021 release...
  2. Guess it was the 1) scenario then... *sigh* Poor old George... From the blog post:
  3. Well, he says he doesn't read fan speculation. So either he stopped blogging about writing WoW and is now back to blogging about football because 1) he hit a roadblock and lost all his momentum, or 2) he's writing POV characters that he wants to keep really close to the chest, or 3) both.
  4. I'm looking forward to being completely surprised by events that feel as unpredictable and chocking as the Red Wedding, Oberyn vs The Mountain, or Littlefinger conspiring with Lysa did when reading ASOS for the first time. Or, say, when Aegon showed up in AWDW. I guess I'm looking forward to ten years of collective fan speculation being completely turned on its head Which I think it will be, at least some of it (and I don't think the TV show really spoiled that much). When George says he likes to write stories that are unpredictable, he's not kidding around. From what I've read of his other stuff it seems to me that he makes it a professional point of pride to never ever write a story that isn't impossible to predict. So that. Oh, and finding out what's wrong with Dany's memories of her childhood...
  5. And suddenly a couple of hundred Night's Watch men turn up and start fortifying and ancient First Men keep that has been abandoned for millennia (and also cut off their route to Craster). From an Other perspective that would look pretty aggressive too... Right. The ultimate failure of mankind in this regard isn't necessarily in failing to recognize a threat, but in how we deal with it - the over-eagerness to "shoot first and ask questions later". Even though failing to unite against a common enemy is clearly a big theme in the story, don't get me wrong. The problem with the comparison to climate change, as I see it, is that climate change is (relatively speaking) well known and well researched, whereas in ASOIAF precious little is known about the Others, and no one really bothers with even trying to understand them (only how to fight them). But has it really though? Two encounters with POV characters in 5000+ pages, and pretty much nothing but a few myths and legends besides that. If it really is all about the Others and the war for the Dawn, then that seems to be pretty poor story structure from such an experienced and skilled author as GRRM. In fact, I used to think exactly this - GRRM has lost control of his story, is getting distracted by all this other stuff and is now forced to stall the real plot of mankind vs Others. But since I started reading his earlier works I've come to believe that the whole point of the lack of information about the Others, even five books in, is to make us (and the characters) draw all the wrong conclusions in order to have a big twist reveal right at the end. Of the stories I've read so far (working my way through Dreamsongs as well as few others) every single one is structured as a mystery, with twist ending that forces you to go right back to the beginning and reread the story in light of the new information. So even if there is a war for the dawn in the last book, I'm guessing we will find out that it was fought for all the wrong reasons and could have been avoided. Anyway, wrong thread for this discussion I suppose. What was the topic again? Winds of Winter in 2021? Yeah maybe. GRRM seems to be in a better mood about writing this story lately than he has been in a long time. Which is good, right? But about estimates on how far he has come or has left - from what I understand he could at any moment decide that he hates whatever he last wrote, rip it out and start over. Meaning, more time does not necessarily equal more progress. So who knows...
  6. Very well said. I've been thinking the same for a while now. GRRM repeatedly says in interviews that he's not interested in the army of Good vs. the army of Evil ("I think ultimately the battle between good and evil is weighed within the individual human heart and not necessarily between an army of people dressed in white and an army of people dressed in black") And yet, most of his readers, it seems, keep insisting that this is exactly what the the whole story is building towards. It's become pretty much canon among the fans that there will be an Ultimate Showdown between humans and the Others, despite everything GRRM says about how he finds those sorts of stories uninteresting. I don't get it... No one is saying they are irrelevant, just not relevant in the way we may think (certainly not in the way the characters think). Some kind of twist reveal concerning the Others is very likely coming. I mean, this is essentially the whole premise of GRRM's short story In The House of The Worm. A society of humans living on a planet with a dying sun, who have regressed to medieval level technology (and their real history has been lost and replaced by warped legends) believe themselves to be at war with a species called grouns. Only, it turns out in the end the two have no reason to fight each other, it's all a big tragic misunderstanding, and a third party was playing the two groups against each other for his own personal gains.
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