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    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    It wasn't the worst episode. There were some corny parts, and the whole thing seemed a little rushed, Samwell was good, especially the first scene where he figured out Bran and Summer. I also liked the scene with Maester Aemon. The small counsel scene was pretty good. Arya and Hound were good. Frey and Bolton was OK. I kinda liked Asha now wanting to save her little eunich brother. Have to see where that goes, though. Sansa and sheep 'shift' was dumb. Davos was good with Gendry early on, but the escape was kinda rushed. I won't get in to Stannis too much, but I would have expected him to be a bit relieved he didn't have to burn the kid and now he has a new mission in life! But no, he still wants to execute Davos. None of the Theon and Ramsay scenes seem right to me. They come off as childish. As if a sixteen year old wrote a horror scene. I guess I liked it in the book, where you get it in pieces and hints through flashbacks. The sausage just made it even more childish. I didn't mind the ending - I was expecting it. The mosh pit was a little dumb, but the final image was cool. Not as good as the first season, though. I have mixed feelings about unCat. I don't like resurrections in the books, but it would have been cool to see Thoros give her the kiss and her eyes popping open. It is definately too early for lady Stoneheart, though.
  2. That was incredible. Too bad she squanders it all in Mereen.