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  1. I agree with DMC here- the government agencies certainly should be doing that boring, serious stuff and we hope that the politicians go along with their advice most of the time. But performances are in a politicians job description. When getting information out to the public, as much as I wished it was otherwise, a lot of folks are more likely to heed advice coming from the governor than the head of NOAA. As a better example, look at Zelensky- almost everything he does is performative in nature, and he's been an incredible asset for Ukraine.
  2. Out of curiosity, why are 20 and 30 year fixed so rare in the UK? I just checked one of the rate shopping aggregators for the UK and they were quoting 2 year fixed, what the heck is the point of that? I cant imagine having to go mortgage shopping ever two years or accepting the unknown of a variable rate. We locked in our 30 year at 2.4% right before the housing market exploded and feel like we caught ourselves right before falling off a cliff. No way we'd have afforded it with today's rates.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the thoughtful response. I agree with the thought about demographics as destiny, much to the peril of the D coalition, but with Florida, it seems something else is at play.
  4. Yeah, in all my years of Federal service, including running a communications branch, I've never heard the term "Government Speech." On a side note, if I can ask DMC or others, what is it about Florida that makes these kind of overtures into an electoral majority? I remember an AAR from 538 that in the 2016 election, while the lost Midwestern states were basically a botched opportunity for the Democrats, Florida was drinking the Koolaid by the pitcher. The state has large city centers and is ethnically diverse, things that typically lead to a more liberal outlook, yet here we are. I wouldn't think that the panhandle and other rural districts are rapidly gaining population, and I was under the impression that the more staunch Bay of Pig era Cuban population was being overcome by the more liberal second and third generations. Is it a consequence of the retirement community continuing to grow? I understand how most States in the US are voting the way they are, but Florida I just dont comprehend how we went from a few hundred votes difference in 2000 to where we are now.
  5. Jimmy G really needs to buy Rita Oak a plane ticket and box seats to a few of his games. She's been better than a publicist.
  6. I stand corrected- where are they finding $100 million in donations at this point? I agree, it might be good for the IRS to take a look at their books. I'm sure there are a few folks with little common sense and too much money buying those luxury ships, but hard to believe there are ~2-5 million new donors out there are there?
  7. I think the dev team for Star Citizen is pretty large (over 500 for Cloud Imperium as a whole). I've got to assume that even with that ridiculous amount of cash, there is some breaking point where the costs are growing year over end, while the donations surely must be diminishing over the same time frame. Given that a huge set of the 'fan' base (including my $20 buy-in years ago) will be getting the game for free, I wonder how long into the future we see a point where they either have to release or pull the rug out from everyone.
  8. While I initially scoff at a game price of $60, its probably been decades since I actually paid that much for one. Double checking my memory against Google, I paid $65 for Ultima Online with a $10/month sub fee in 1997 (thats worth nearly double today). Its amazing just how price resistant PC games in particular have been. I wonder how much of the price back then was for physical product production and store front sales vs consumers just having a mental block? When it comes to entertainment hours/price, Its hard to think of a better deal besides doing something unimaginable like playing outside.
  9. No doubt- the storage space particularly rings true from years living in a 300 sq/ft apartment. There is a case though that there is a certain point when you are too poor not to take advantage of those kinds of deals, if you have access to them. My S/O and I lived through GFC living off of 12/$10 cans of condensed soup and drug store packaged meats purchased with their rebate currencies. Though I hate to think about the sodium content of our diet back then! That being said, the 'brain-dead' part mostly refers to the folks who, you can generally tell, aren't doing the math at all when they shop. You can generally tell when someone is going through the mental calculations/weighing the purchase and alternatives vs those that are not putting any thought into it before complaining about the final price at the checkout lane.
  10. Yeah the same here as Nora and Wert. I have the same annoyance when clicking on a news article and finding its fully video. Please give me an article containing the same content I can read in 30 secs vs spending 5 minutes of video. Obviously there are exceptions with some movies and TV where great cinematic medium can adequately replace or even provide more than written text, but those are a rarity.
  11. Well, I tend to agree with her- Mein Kamph, on its cover, sounds like a decent read, compared to its contents.
  12. Sure- but a part of this is just brain-dead consumers. Our local chain has them for $5 a bag, but if you buy 5 of them the price is $2/bag. Yet, I see way more people buying single bags then stocking up. Overall, I am never ceased to be amazed about the poor economic choices of people at the grocery store. Its like they were given a list of items that must be purchased, at any cost, regardless of substitutes, sales, or 'yellow tags.' I was on another forum recently where folks were having fun denigrating people that purchase near-sale-date sale products as losers- my SO and I think its one of the best small-pleasures in life to find an item we are looking for at 50%-75% off- its like you won a little lottery! Edit- I should note that folks in food-deserts are exempt from my scorn above, since they probably dont have access to the larger stores.
  13. So, come September 15th, when the Donetsk region is fully occupied, do the Ukrainian soldiers garrisoned there get to vote in the referendum?
  14. Interesting, if anything, the US media tends to be pretty conservative in reporting Ukraine military progress. Most of the reporting focusing on civilian toll of the conflict. I find it typical that the various open source collectors are able to point out significant events several days before they show up in the US media, if at all. As for the Russian army being both an existential threat and disorganized mess, they most certainly can be both at the same time. As the old quote goes "quantity has a quality all its own," as the Soviet army demonstrated in a previous continental spat a few years back.
  15. In other news, it appears that defenestrations are back in vogue. From my count this is the forth oligarch (not counting family members that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time) to 'accidentally' die since April after denouncing the war. I hear the Czech Republic is getting nervous of a possible competitor to Prague's historical pastime. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-62750584
  16. I found that MBTI was pretty good for core personality assuming you were answering honestly about yourself. But what was surprising was the revelations of those around you. I am about as introverted as they come, but have forced myself into being an extrovert at work, managing a federal branch and being the US rep on one of the UN panels, standing on that damn podium in front of the international assembly delivering speeches, while hating every second of it. My staff, had me rated at a completely different personality then I am, based on the work facade.
  17. Yeah unless there is something uniquely awful going on in the UK that prevents trading on the international market, somethings off. Natural Gas price has about doubled since the beginning of the year, which, is ya know: not great, not terrible. I understand there are some other contributing factors (a power transmission station to the mainland down etc), but not sure how that translates into that kind of spike. You'd think that a country as vulnerable to naval blockade and few domestic sources of energy would have a massive strategic reserve to tap into.
  18. Although I could see them finding a legal argument that would make it past the current SC makeup, this legal argument seems like a particularly poor route to take and I'd be willing to go out on a limb and predict it wont be upheld. Generally the employees of a given department are empowered by congress to act on behalf of the Secretary/Administrator of the agency within a scope of activities. I would be very surprised if the ACA, HHS enabling Act, or other myriad of health care laws lacked language about delegating what can and cannot be required in a health plan to HHS. If in the slight chance there isnt any law out there granting that power to HHS, then, as odious as the intent of this challenge is, it probably should be upheld. Even then, based on the way the challenge reads in that article, it sounds like a work around would be for the Secretary to do a periodic blanket approval of the list of mandatory covered procedures. Not to give any ideas, but I'd think if they really want to swing for a libertarian hellhole, they'd try and make the argument that Congress cant delegate those decisions to the Executive Branch at all to wedge open even further the recent EPA decision. (I dont think they'd win their either, but it would be more appealing to an ideological originalist choice rather than an administrative red tape issue.)
  19. Subnautica is such a gem of a game and a good example of why you dont need AAA budgets to produce something great. The ambience just got better and better (the starting reef was probably the least interesting to me, though pretty, and I almost bailed on the game at that point) and the music nails the terror of the deep. The 'heartbeat' soundtrack as you are taking the Cyclops down into the midnight zone, not knowing whats lurking around you is paranoia inducing. One of the rare games I've played start to finish. My first play through on hardcore I made the mistake of going AFK in the Cyclops in a safe area but forgot to surface completely and ended up suffocating . I was able to cram a small base into the lava area right before the mountain where the Sea Dragon swims around which remained unmolested so long as you don't train the dragon back to it on a return run. I should give the sequel a try here sometime, but heard it doesnt live up to the original in terms of story and ambiance, which, if true, is a shame.
  20. I gotta say, for someone who has spent a few months in India, the best Indian food I've ever had (on two occasions) was in the UK. While I was still in heaven since I got to eat it everyday, the food in India was actually milder in most cases then I expected, granting its a huge country with massive differences in cuisine from region to region.
  21. Reading the article, the evidence presented was that a captured soldier had Hep A antibodies and a Ukrainian minister had previously petitioned and received aid to combat Hep A with vaccines. Even taking those statements at face value, I would hope that even the slowest of individuals would conclude that the soldier either 1) had Hep A or 2) had been vaccinated against Hep A? But no it must be Hydra's Supersoldaten program coming to fruition. Its like if I declared that I will screw in a light bulb in my dining room so I can have light to eat dinner, proceed to do so, and then someone else declaring the sudden appearance of light to indicate I had established a demonic pact to stop night vision goggles from working. What I find surprising isn't that they are employing propaganda and conspiracies to shore up the effort, but that they are so incredibly lazy about it.
  22. Just out of curiosity, is Rishi also responsible for the record low unemployment in the US, the rest of Europe, and probably most of the developed world? Or is that just a coincidence that it all happened at the same time? Odd, much like how all those countries are also suffering from inflation, which must be due to Biden.
  23. Made worse by the fact that since Russia already killed all the HIMARS 10x over (along with the 1000 TB-2s), it must have been an undead HIMARS with a CR rating above their priest's Turn Undead channeling ability. A chilling turn, and truly proof that the Ukrainian Nazis are following the Occult practices of their Wolfenstein namesakes.
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