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  1. Raskolnikov


    I'm recovering. Removed my credit card information from the client, and disabled Steam on startup as well. Had I used the money I've spent on games over the past few years on a new computer instead, I'd have finished all my backlog games by now!
  2. Raskolnikov


    I haven't been in these boards in gods, what, a year and a half maybe? I guess it's time for a re-introduction. Hi, I'm Raskolnikov from the Philippines (shoutout to my homies eyelesbarrow, The Wolf Maid and Niphredil, if these clowns are still active). Currently reading The Great Hunt. Pretty meh series, but can still be fun. Let's see if I can see it through - I took a break from Malazan after the second book, but still planning to read the rest someday. Other interests: Doctor Who, TNG era Star Trek, horror, indiepop, whiskey and hoarding Steam games I'll never play.
  3. Raskolnikov

    Nobel Literature Prize Speculation 2018 Cancelled

    Yo Man, so like, Nobel, huh?
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    Official Testing Thread

    Smiley! :box: Edit: Thanks Stubby! :bowdown:
  5. You have beautiful eyes. Can I touch them?

  6. Raskolnikov


    Hey everyone! Signed up as soon as I finished AFfC, but was sidetracked by Reddit (are there any Redditors in here?). With all the Saydrah drama, I'm off Reddit for a while. Hello to my co-worker The Wolf Maid, who is in the other room as I type this, and eyelesbarrow, who is getting fatter as I type this.