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  1. I agree with all of these being signs of questionable taste. I think you really honed in on some classic culprits here. I always have to qualify country because there was so much good in country before it got so bad. I primarily listen to metal, but my largest and most curated playlist is actually country. Anything made in the last 25-30 years has a very high chance of being complete shit, often so bad and vapid that it’s frankly fucking insulting to me. A lot of people say to me, yea that is true about modern county but you have to mine the underground guys! Well I have tried that and I just can’t get into any of it and now I’m too old to want to try. So to me country remains kind of a snapshot in time, between about 1955-1995. The only country album in the last decade or two that I can think of that I REALLY like is Pony by Orville Peck. And that may be due in part to the fact that it sort of reminds me of a brilliantly updated Marty Robbins album.
  2. My take also. There’s a large contingent on my moms side like what @VigoTheCarpathian described. Now that my immediate family is all at least partially vaccinated and about one week from all of us having both doses AND the US has now opened vaccinations to all adults nationwide - I am on the verge of not having to care what fucking morons in this country do anymore. I’m tired of hearing their bullshit and I can’t wait until the only people hurt by their destructive and moronic behavior will be themselves and others like them. Get vaccinated or don’t, and for the sake of our healthcare workers please do - but to any American who finds themselves in the hospital 6 months from now with Covid - I fucking told you so.
  3. I don’t think I’d be too comfortable with a teenager taking a wild stab at me even if paramedics were holding my hand when they did it.
  4. That’s a new one to me. I don’t get it, unless it is some kind of nod to classical revival styles popular in the 18th and 19th century for plantations.
  5. Thanks, that had escaped my notice. Also funny, and so typically Trump, that the guy who lives his life between skyscrapers and mar a lago is mandating classical architecture?
  6. The meaning of the Anglo-Saxon part is pretty clear, but WTF is the part about architecture? I’m really hard pressed to think of any architectural examples that would be threatening to the worldview of, well anyone really, but I guess MTG in this case. And on top of that, I really haven’t borne witness to anything even all that different in recent years? Let alone somehow threatening to society. I guess I don’t exactly follow the world of architecture (other than I love the British show Grand Designs) so maybe there are trends unpalatable to alt-right types that I’m unaware of. Anyone have any idea what the hell that is about?
  7. No way you should feel bad. This is what ‘networking’ is all about. You know him from a professional setting. It’s not getting your drinking buddy a job because he’s hilarious after a couple shots. You have confidence in his ability to do the job because you’ve seen him do a different job. The only reason we have headhunters and sites like indeed is to help hiring managers sort out who appears to be qualified for a given position. If you have personally seen those characteristics demonstrated that is more valuable than any blind candidate search or interview process ever could be, IMO.
  8. In the US I do think there’s been a very slight trend toward smaller dwellings for the reason that people seem to like living in mixed use areas and might prefer a townhouse, apartment, or smaller urban house if it means that you can walk to some amenities. A style of living that used to be limited to only pockets of the northeast + Chicago and San Francisco is slowly becoming possible in a limited sense in most growing US cities. In Austin TX, for example, they are practically building secondary and tertiary high density downtown-like areas. It’s a far cry from NYC or even DC but it is designed to promote higher density living through the brilliant idea of making it actually possible. But - we are also still building your standard drive-for-everything suburban neighborhoods too. There’s something of a housing shortage in the US nationwide so I think there’s plenty of demand across the board. Wife and I are lucky that we got our house when we did last year. We just caught the seller during a brief cold spell in the market during the winter and got a deal. Many people buying houses now find themselves one of dozens of bidders. Was just reading today that the median housing price in Austin went up 29% this year! And that on top of years and years of price increases. Also saw avg price of ‘starter’ home in the DC metroplex was well over 400k. I think my parents paid, oh maybe $35,000 for their first home in the late 80s. As far as your last sentence - IMO banning houses above a certain sq footage will never happen in the US. Maybe... maybe I could see a couple of states or jurisdictions making it a pain in the ass for a new construction, but no more than that.
  9. Yea and the really annoying thing about that is it’s been found that some of the hand sanitizers (including many widely sold in the US and one that I definitely had and was using) contain toxic levels of chemicals like benzine and we’ve all been rubbing it all over ourselves for the last year.
  10. Interesting, I have been wondering why the insurrectionists weren’t engaged more forcefully. On right wing internet there have been many cries of hypocrisy because the country is not outraged by the police shooting unarmed Ashli Babbit but has been outraged all year over the police shootings up unarmed poc. As if unarmed black men killed by the police were, oh, I don’t know storming the fucking United States Capitol! Jesus, some folks are truly lost causes. I do not envy the officer that shot her, but I believe that he did the right thing. She comes through, they are all coming through. And I agree that all of them are so god damn lucky that only one of them was shot. As I watched it all unfold while on paternity leave I really could not believe that they weren’t being shot.
  11. I don’t worry about him too much day to day, probably because he can’t go anywhere on his own yet. But earlier this week I did an infant CPR class and I had to resolutely refuse to pretend that the doll was anything other than just a doll. Contextualizing it as an actual infant, specifically my son, was too hard to think about. It’s still hard to imagine ever having to apply what I learned, unthinkable. Hopefully it will forever remain unneeded knowledge.
  12. I love Bill Maher. Funny enough I didn’t used to like him but started watching his show more often when I got HBO and now he’s one of a very few shows that I actually make an effort to keep up with. Don’t agree with him on everything but I think he ranks pretty low on the list of America’s problems and he does hit it right on the head sometimes.
  13. Yea I really need to start cleaning it up before my son understands me. As it is I have not changed my behavior in this regard at all and, in fact, I am childishly amused by things like asking him if he’s shit his pants in the voice you use to talk to babies.
  14. One interesting design tidbit in my house, though it’s technically exterior, is the blue ceiling on the front porch. When my wife and I moved to our current town we noticed on our hundreds of walks - since we couldn’t do anything else due to Covid - that many (most?) of the houses in the older part of town had their porch ceilings painted a robins egg blue color. When we eventually bought our own house in the same older part of town it had a blue ceiling on the porch as well. We looked it up after we moved in and apparently there’s a whole thing about this. There are two common explanations for it. The most common one is that it is due to a superstition that ghosts cannot cross water, so the blue color mimics water and keeps the ghosts away. The particular shade of blue that I called Robins egg is actually known as “haint” blue, which I guess some kind of regional slang for haunt that’s fallen out of use. The blue ceilings are supposedly fairly common along the eastern seaboard, the South in particular, and even moreso in places with a ‘haunted’ history and/ or reputation (like, say, Savannah). My town falls into all three categories, which explains why it is so common here. The other explanation is that some people think that it keeps bugs away because they confuse the ceiling with the sky and therefore will not nest there. Obviously the first story is the one I’m going with.
  15. My son has just recently gotten out of the ‘just keep him alive!’ phase. Well, we do still have to keep him alive, but that finally isn’t the only thing I can do with him. Now he smiles, laughs, grabs things (like mom’s hair and dad’s beard), usually seems to be paying attention when we read to him, and is able to carry on a completely nonsensical conversation - if he feels like it. I can’t really offer advice for people with kids older then mine so I’ll keep an eye out and picking up some useful bits. I know every baby is different so we have been fortunate that he’s a pretty happy go lucky baby. If he’s upset I can usually figure out why and address it and he’s not a bad sleeper either. Which are the two things I was most concerned about before he was born.
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