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  1. Finally caught it. My son, who is in daycare, infected myself, my wife, and both my parents a couple of weeks ago. Everyone but my son was vaxxed and all are fine now. The vax had just been approved for my son and we hadn’t been able to get it before he caught it. My parents, in their early 60s, definitely had it the worst. They were both laid up for a solid week. My mom narrowly skirted pneumonia. For my wife and I it was basically a 36 hour sickness with a couple of mild symptoms that lingered about a week. I was suspicious of Covid from the start because I felt exactly like I felt after getting the second shot of vaccine. Almost went to work, but that similarity made me call in and glad I did. My son had a fever for about 5 minutes and then was completely normal. Most difficult part for me was chasing an 18 month old around the house while we were sick. And you can’t leave the house. The weirdest thing was losing smell and taste for a few days. This actually happened like 3 or 4 days in when most of the other symptoms were gone. I was eating an arugula salad when I first noticed it. It was like how I’d imagine eating a plate of leaves from the back yard would feel. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. After a couple of days I could distinguish broad flavors, ie this is sweet, or salty, or bitter but no refinement on those themes. Best thing to eat when I couldn’t taste anything was ice cream, worst were salad and chicken.
  2. Honestly, is there anything Trumpier than an ‘I hardly know person x’ statement immediately followed by a comprehensive list of that persons negative characteristics.
  3. I always imagine that I’m going to have 2-3 offers all come in at the same time and I will get to sit down and mull over the pros and cons of each, but it has literally never happened like that. It always has that disorienting feeling for me as well. Good luck on the interview! My advice is to prep if you can. I used to think that I was just naturally good at interviewing but, as it turns out, I’m not. I had just not been applying to jobs with supervisory responsibilities over people and / or programs and had a string of early career softball interviews. I blew a couple interviews before I recalibrated. Last time I googled the kind of questions the employer typically asked and had at least something mentally prepared for the questions I found. It didn’t go exactly as scripted, but there were similarities and I found that I could apply much of the prep work I did to the questions that they did ask.
  4. Saw on Reddit earlier that they were going to build a statue for Zelenskyy but there wasn’t enough bronze for his massive balls. He’s been very impressive. I honestly would not have expected any government with the ability to get out of town to put their own ass on the line like he has.
  5. He’s a monster and I’m bummed we lost him. Seems like there’s bad blood between him and Huggins. Huggins is clearly a great coach, but he seems to do better with taking diamond in the rough type players and forcing them into his mold. That’s not necessarily a negative characteristic in a coach, but, imo, it makes him not well suited to coaching great players who need some space to do their thing. I feel like if you’re an underrated recruit playing for Bob Huggins is a great thing for you, but if you have star potential you have to do everything his way or ride the pine if you don’t and I can certainly understand why that turns many players off.
  6. Outside my 401k, which I don’t really think about, I have a personal investment account. I also mostly invest in index funds. Probably 75% of it is split between a US index and an international index, with slightly more in the US index. I buy whichever is lagging when it’s time to contribute. The other 25% is essentially gambling money. I have no illusions that I’ll significantly outperform an index with that part of my portfolio and realize that underperforming is a distinct possibility but I’ve found that it keeps me engaged.
  7. Good luck, hope she feels better. my son goes to daycare during the day and they have an app where they post pictures and update whatever he is doing so we know how much food he’s had and if he’s going to the bathroom and whatnot. A little banner comes up on my phone and will say something like ‘new nap has been added’. Well, yesterday when I was commuting home the banner came up and it said something like ‘new health incident has been added’ and my gut reaction was WTF is that! Is he ok, did he hit his head or something? Is he breathing!? Then I go into the app and the health incident was that he spit up his lunch. He is 7 months old he spits up all the time. I think they really need to adjust that one. A health incident oughtta be - he’s got a fever, he passed out, he needed some kind of medical attention. Not ‘he barfed’. Gave me a very brief panic attack.
  8. I don’t worry about him too much day to day, probably because he can’t go anywhere on his own yet. But earlier this week I did an infant CPR class and I had to resolutely refuse to pretend that the doll was anything other than just a doll. Contextualizing it as an actual infant, specifically my son, was too hard to think about. It’s still hard to imagine ever having to apply what I learned, unthinkable. Hopefully it will forever remain unneeded knowledge.
  9. Yea I really need to start cleaning it up before my son understands me. As it is I have not changed my behavior in this regard at all and, in fact, I am childishly amused by things like asking him if he’s shit his pants in the voice you use to talk to babies.
  10. My son has just recently gotten out of the ‘just keep him alive!’ phase. Well, we do still have to keep him alive, but that finally isn’t the only thing I can do with him. Now he smiles, laughs, grabs things (like mom’s hair and dad’s beard), usually seems to be paying attention when we read to him, and is able to carry on a completely nonsensical conversation - if he feels like it. I can’t really offer advice for people with kids older then mine so I’ll keep an eye out and picking up some useful bits. I know every baby is different so we have been fortunate that he’s a pretty happy go lucky baby. If he’s upset I can usually figure out why and address it and he’s not a bad sleeper either. Which are the two things I was most concerned about before he was born.
  11. You can definitely do them in 7. I’m in 7 and the city is actively trying to make tulips a thing akin to the cherry blossoms in DC (which we also have in abundance!) and encourages everyone to grow them in their yards. They are everywhere right now. That said, we have not tried them yet and I cannot provide helpful information on whether or not extra work is required in this zone. My guess is probably not, because I don’t think they’d be getting the level of participation that they are in project tulip if it was particularly difficult. But that is just a guess based on my perception of human laziness.
  12. Yes mint goes crazy. My grandmother kept a huge garden when she was younger and more spry. She has an acre or two, about half of which is cleared and her garden was maybe 1/4 of the cleared area. At some point she discarded some mint plants at the edge of the woods and when we would visit my grandmothers house as kids one of the favorite things to do was visit (and chew the leaves of) the GIGANTIC mint bushes that had sprung up at the edge of the trees. They were bigger than we were, though that probably wasn’t that hard when you’re 8. I’m supposed to visit this summer I’m gonna try to remember to go down and see if they are still there.
  13. No kidding! Hope you’re doing well. I mean I definitely enjoyed Big East basketball, and do still watch it sometimes, but with Pitt, Syracuse, Louisville gone also and the conference being mostly made up of small catholic schools WVU might be an even bigger outlier in the current Big East than the Big 12, geography notwithstanding. And I do enjoy Big 12 basketball in its own right. The home and home every season (except Covid seasons) with every other team is great. Can’t duck anyone and always a chance for redemption if you lose the first one.
  14. Dont worry @Red Eye Ghost and I won’t start a ‘Big 12’ chant
  15. Poor bastard has probably heard that his whole life. Though being 6’ 10” might be a mitigating factor.
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