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  1. I should know better than to wade into this, but I have to agree. I am a liberal. I don't want Kavanaugh on the court, but I can't say I believe or do not believe the accuser until evidence is presented because I don't know any of these people personally or what they are like as human beings. To be completely honest, I am having a hard time getting over the timing on this one. I believe that the victim of a crime should have the space to come forward whenever they are comfortable doing so, but 38 years later at a key moment in the life of the accused that is also of monumental political importance? How can that not beg the question - Is this about justice or is this about stalling this appointment long enough to see if the Dems can retake congress? I don't see how it could not raise some suspicions. Not that the R's don't deserve that after sabotaging Garland, but damn.
  2. S John

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    I'm in the same boat, mixed feelings. Trick plays are always a blast, especially when its an underdog team doing it to a major conference team. Though Arkansas is abysmal and that play was hardly the difference in the game, this still qualifies as big dog getting duped by wily underdog. On the other hand, though, those players are making a snap judgment call and surely they are coached not to blast a dude who has called for a fair catch. Even though the UNT guy didn't officially make the signal, his general demeanor was of someone who had called fair catch. They had to have notified the refs ahead of time or they would've blown the play dead when he started to walk past the defenders. I both salute the balls of the returner in facing down certain annihilation of the defenders don't bite, and find the play to be a little cheap.
  3. While I do have a vinyl collection I use Spotify 90% of the time. I have cultivated a pretty killer classic country playlist, and I love to be able to just pick a genre and a random playlist. Great for driving and podcasts too. I have one of those little portable jbl Bluetooth speakers and it’s the best for being able to jam out whether I’m in the kitchen making food or working on something in the garage. I can’t overstate how much I love the jbl / Spotify combination. I tell my fiancé all the time that the jbl is one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. Different story for books though. I love the physical book. I do have to do a purge every so often to prevent my house from gettting too cluttered, but between smart phones and work computers I spend enough time looking at screens. I don’t think I’ll ever covert to digital books.
  4. S John

    My new daughter

  5. I often go to Fox's website when doing my news rounds and this sort of thing is pretty common.
  6. I think it'll be alright as long as enthusiasm remains high and I do think there are a lot of people who don't want an unrestrained Trump. Maybe fatigue is starting to set in. Is Trump's base still as riled up as they were in 2016? Are they as riled up as everyone else is against Trump? I don't think so, but we'll see. I'm curious to see, if the Dems win the House, if that will be the thing that pushes some of these Republicans who supposedly loathe Trump behind closed doors into more active resistance. If you hate the guy but you are getting the things you want policy-wise you might hedge your bets for 2 years while your party controls everything. But once the other party has control of part of the legislature until the next presidential election you can say goodbye to major legislative victories, and perhaps you don't have to sit on your hands when it comes to the president anymore - and also maybe you fear which way the political wind is blowing. I know it's asking a lot for R's to grow a spine, but it's one of the things I'm looking for if the Dems manage to take the House.
  7. S John

    Careerchat III

    Mine is sequential but I also leave out 2 shorter-term jobs that I've had post-college that are of little relevance to my overall career track. My 2nd professional job was at an engineering company where my responsibilities were not really related to anything I do now and I only worked there for 5 months. Later on I went to grad school after I'd had a couple professional jobs and right after I finished I worked in a temporary job for the city water department for 3 months in a role that might be best described as 'bushwhacker' while I was looking for more relevant work. I was given a truck, a machete, and a stack of maps with storm water features that the city had no idea where they came out and I had to go into the woods and find them and put them on the map. I was just doing this to make ends meet so that I could be picky about what post-grad school job I took. That job was actually pretty fun, but my resume would read funny if I went from an 'Analyst' to a 'Bushwhacker' to a 'Researcher'. Kinda like, hey, wait, what was going on with this one? Anyway, I get around not putting these on my resume because I don't bother to put anything more than the year when listing the dates I worked somewhere on my resume. Since they were both short term I can leave them off without it looking like there were employment gaps. And there weren't employment gaps, I just only choose to tell the relevant parts of the story, and some of it is also in the interest of keeping the resume shorter.
  8. S John

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    There was much consternation about this on the WVU boards among some fans. Supposedly Holgorsen experienced something like this @ Houston and the hastily thrown together game was a clusterfuck that he didn't want to repeat. The NC State game was the first part of a home and home, but switching the venues wasn't going to work because a. its possible the hurricane could cause bad weather and flooding in Morgantown as well (though nothing like Raleigh is likely to get) and b. it would mean WVU would only get 5 home games next year. And, unfortunately WVU and NC State don't have any compatible Bye weeks this year either. Additionally, WVU was slated to play 11 power 5 teams this season with Tennessee, NC State + the nine game Big 12 round robin. I think they figured that, in light of the fact that a good many P5 schools only play 8 or 9 P5 opponents, we should still be OK with having played 10. I do wish they'd made more of an effort rather than cancelling outright, though.
  9. S John

    Careerchat III

    I don't blame you. Funny enough, I'm applying for a job right now that I feel confident I'll get a look for that is located exactly 1 hr and 15 minutes from my hometown. So I could find myself in very similar dilemma if I were to move back east because I actually would prefer to live in my hometown vs. where the job is located. For a number of reasons, but specifically because there are some truly awesome houses there at extremely reasonable prices and I think the city is up-and-coming in general. I could live in and restore a legit Victorian mansion in that town (which is something that I would thoroughly enjoy) for less than what a 2br 2ba would cost me here in Austin. The commute would actually be a rural drive, not traffic filled, so maybe I could hack it with some podcasts. It'll be something to think about if the job comes through. Good luck!
  10. S John

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    That's the trouble with those FCS opponents. Beat them like a drum and nobody cares, but if they give you fits or (God forbid) beat you, everyone has a hearty Nelson Laugh at your expense. Still, I'd put more stock in the head to head results. Your D stopped their O more than their D stopped your O. I think Kliff has really tried to improve the D I just don't know if its enough for them to do anything in conference other than maybe upset a team they shouldn't.
  11. S John

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Kingsbury says hello.
  12. S John

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Man, WVU @ NC State cancelled due to Hurricane Florence. Pretty bummed about that. WVU's game last week wasn't nationally televised and now there won't be one this week either. Was also looking forward to a Grier / Finley shoot-out, two of the better QB's in the whole NCAA.
  13. S John

    NFL 2018 Week 1: From Wentz You Came

    Haha, well, yes but it's really only for BIG wins, not just any win. You also have to think of it in the context of Morgantown, which is hard to describe if you've never been there. Up until about 10-15 years ago, Morgantown was a pretty run down (but fun) mountain town with a seasonal influx of like 25k college students. It's really hilly and there are bars interspersed everywhere. And I mean, everywhere. I would love to see the numbers on bars per capita because Morgantown must be up there. Anyway, students lived in old shitty houses all over town and people often had old couches or other furniture out on the front deck for parties and/or general chillin'. Somehow, at some point, probably in the 60's or 70's, drunk people got into the habit of celebrating big wins in football or basketball by dragging porch furniture off the deck and into the street and setting it on fire. An impromptu celebratory bonfire, if you will. This happens at other places too but was common enough in Morgantown that WVU got a reputation for it. When this happens alcohol is involved 100% of the time. Nowadays though, the city and school have really cracked down on it. For one thing there's been a lot of money coming through Morgantown as WVU cashes in on the wave of both research and football money. The city isn't nearly as dumpy as it used to be. With new condos and townhouses all over the place its becoming more like, well, everywhere else. I recently looked into moving back there for a job opportunity, and it's actually kind of expensive to live there now, especially compared with the rest of West Virginia. I have like 8 cousins who attended WVU, including one who was a firefighter in Morgantown for a while, and basically if you are even caught in the same photo as a flaming couch, dumpster, etc, you are expelled from WVU. I think it still happens from time to time, but the heyday was really in the 80's and 90's, and the town / student body has largely cleaned up its act.
  14. Yea, occasionally it’ll dawn on me all over again. Kind of goes in cycles between being used to Trump and then being disgusted by him all over again.... as well as recurring bouts of shock that so many don’t see him for the crappy human being that he so obviously is and always has been. Earlier today, for example, I caught some of Trump’s 9/11 remarks on NPR on the way home today and told my fiancé that if I somehow happen to die under either massively tragic or heroic circumstances that draw national attention - I don’t want that fucking scumbag at my funeral. I can honestly say there is not a single other president in US history that I would feel that way about. I mean, I’ve never even had that thought before, but just listening to a clip of this oaf pontificate about 9/11 in his stupid voice made me realize that I couldn’t possibly want less to do with this guy. While it is partly about policy, it isn’t just that. Trump utterly lacks intellectual curiosity, empathy, and decorum and I respect him so little that I wouldn’t even be honored by a presidential eulogy if it was him that delivered it. I hope they broke the mold when they made Trump, in that I hope we never have another president like him. Just hoping we make it out the other side without permanent damage at this point.
  15. S John

    NFL 2018 Week 1: From Wentz You Came

    That’s usually after wins, actually.