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  1. S John

    Careerchat II

    I wouldn't worry about it, unless maybe they are paying for it. I think of it this way: if it benefited my place of work to fire me, would they do it? The answer, in pretty much every area I've worked in (private company, state government, academia, etc) is YES. If they felt they needed to get rid of me for some reason, they would. Therefore, you should operate under the same set of rules in that you make the decision that best suits your needs, not theirs. Unless you entered into some kind of agreement that you'd stay for x amount of time or something. Basically, avoid burning bridges, but also... fuck 'em.
  2. S John

    Careerchat II

    I'm actually trying to learn Python again and it's going a little better this time. My first exposure to it, I took a class at the local community college last summer and while I really liked my Prof. as a human being, I had no fucking idea what he was saying most of the time. In addition to it being an entirely new thing for me the guy had a really thick foreign accent and I just didn't absorb it the way I thought I was going to. I somehow got an 'A' without really ever knowing what I was doing, perhaps out of the generosity of the prof. and my habit of actually showing up to class. In any case my dissatisfaction with my current job has been growing. There's been ups and downs as with any job, but lately the outlook is decidedly grim. It's not necessarily that I don't like it, my day-to-day is fine, but I think I'm underpaid and I also think it's a bit of a dead end (for many reasons that I don't want to get into) so its time to start thinking about an exit strategy. The problem I have is that I was in a pretty specific field to begin with and now that has been compounded by being in academia for the last 5 years and finding myself in this bizarrely specific niche where I don't feel like I have a lot of transferable skills, other than broad things like Microsoft office skills, computer literate, and speaks English. When I look for jobs I quickly realize that there are not a lot of places where I can go, and furthermore, my fiance also has a career to consider (a better one than mine, at the moment) and there's nowhere else for me to go here locally while staying in my current field. I need something with broad appeal and bonus if its a field where its common to work remotely - then I can go anywhere which is what I'd really like long-term so that I can go live on the side of a mountain somewhere. So, it's time for a career change. What makes this challenging is that I have to do field work every few months for my current job and I don't usually know about it more than a month ahead of time which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to adhere to a traditional in-person class schedule. I think I can get away with online classes, but I also don't really want to spend tens of thousands of dollars, especially considering I already have an MSc. I just need to learn a few new tricks and re-direct. I'm thinking about doing an online certificate course in data science / analytics. Since I'm currently a researcher I'm hoping that there will be enough crossover that this makes sense as a pivot and there seems to be no shortage of jobs in this area. I'm looking at two different programs, both are from reputable universities (U. Texas at Austin, and Duke) but neither are accredited. Meaning I get a credential to put on my resume but if I decided I wanted to get a second MS in Statistics or something the courses or modules I've taken wouldn't be able to count towards that. Since I don't want to spend the $ (or time for that matter) to get a 2nd Master's I'm not too worried about that, but it's worth mentioning. Anyway, I'm leaning toward doing the UT program in Data Analytics. Partly because, even though its online, it is local and I can actually go over there and talk to someone if I need to. It promises some pretty lofty outcomes for being only about 5 months in length, including learning Python, R, SQL, machine learning, and quite a few more. It's a little on the pricey side and I guess my main concern is that it won't be enough to actually get me a different job in a different field. I think it will be but I'm trying to be diligent about everything rather than just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks. Hence, I've been working on Python again via Codeacademy with plans to get into some of the other stuff on there when I get through that one. Apparently some stuff must have soaked through from the formal class I took. I feel like I at least can follow what's going on this time.
  3. S John

    Vacations Destinations

    Been to a few places in the Caribbean - Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico (x2), and the Florida Keys. I enjoyed all of them, but I didn't like any of them as much as I liked Thailand. For an American, Thailand is a big trip and I really don't know if I'll ever get a chance to go back there considering all the other places I want to check out, but I had a great time there. Good diving, really good food, good mix of nightlife and beach life, people were pretty friendly. But the next time I do a beachy vacation I'm leaning towards Mexico. Baja if possible but I'm cool w/ the Yucatan and seeing all the Mayan shit. Mexico's not too bad of a hop from Austin / San Antonio.
  4. I’ve thought about #2 a lot, though in a different context. Basically sometimes I daydream about winning the lottery (which I never actually play), and it is a pretty big question - what do you do with yourself all day if you don’t really have to do anything? The answer, for me anyway, would be to get into ‘work’ of a different sort. Try to structure my day into blocks of doing this or that. An hour working out, 2 hours woodworking or otherwise dicking around in the garage, 2 hours painting or some other creative pursuit, 2 hours reading, an hour of household tasks. I think I’d be just fine with that. I’d probably also take classes for shits and giggles, get a degree in ancient history or something. Cooking classes, art classes, etc. Basically I’d make an excellent wealthy person, but if I were paid the same as now and only worked a 20-30 hr week those are the kind of things I’d fill the extra time with. I do think it would be important for most people to find new things to get into with that extra time instead of geberal idleness. It is interesting how you can not really love going to work but not going to work can be just as bad.
  5. S John

    Family Etiquette

    A year or so ago I was out with my parents at a restaurant and there were some unruly children around. My mom said to me, ‘my kids never acted like that.’ So I asked her how she got us to behave in public. She said she would threaten us in the car before we went inside anywhere. Noted.
  6. S John

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/man-accused-of-biting-rattle-off-of-rattlesnake-releasing-it-into-neighbors-home-after-dispute/269-569333450 I think the heat is really starting to get to people out here.
  7. S John

    U.S. Politics-Hope Floats 2: We All Float Down Here

    Interesting. This is where I have a bit of a disconnect with the gloom and doom. Texas is a conservative state, there's no doubt about that. Considering the volume of electoral votes it's the gem of American conservatism. But I have to say, it is fucking EASY to vote in Texas. Yes, you have to have ID, but there are 7 acceptable forms of ID and another 7 or 8 things you can present if you were not reasonably able to obtain one including something as basic as a utility bill or bank statement. Texas has early voting so you do not have to vote on election day and there's a pretty decent period of time beforehand when you can go to the polls and reasonable hours. I haven't voted on an election day in 5 years. And I can vote at multiple different locations. Registering to vote was easy. I just haven't been able to find anything inherently unreasonable about the process of casting a vote in the state of Texas. I don't doubt that extra-judicial shenanigans occurs in isolated incidents, but the overall state sanctioned process is not difficult. If conservatives are winning in Texas despite demographics it isn't because it's too hard for people to vote. It is not hard, and there are several provisions in place to make it more convenient. At some point, people just gotta show up.
  8. S John

    U.S. Politics-Hope Floats 2: We All Float Down Here

    Eh, I don't know man. You're just handing it over at that point. For one example, I think Texas could go purple given a few more cycles. Lots of outsiders coming in, and mostly to the cities. Georgia, too. We can agree that all of that is bullshit. But none of it is prohibitive. Inconvenient, absolutely. Shitty, yes. But this kind of shit is precisely what should be lighting a fire under everyone's ass to go to whatever lengths necessary to make sure you get to the polls while you still can. Using it as an excuse to not vote does not help anybody.
  9. S John

    U.S. Politics-Hope Floats 2: We All Float Down Here

    Also, it's not just about voting now or in the future, but also kinda like... where have y'all been? It's no secret that liberals don't turn out the way conservatives do. Hopefully the wake-up call hasn't come too late.
  10. S John

    U.S. Politics-Hope Floats 2: We All Float Down Here

    Thanks! Not sure of the date yet, will be in 2019 though, probably in the spring before it gets too hot.
  11. S John

    U.S. Politics-Hope Floats 2: We All Float Down Here

    Yea I agree with this. If all liberals voted we wouldn't be in this position. Neither one of my fiance's brothers voted and neither one of them would vote R if they did. It's maddening, they'll bitch about things with the rest of us but neither could be bothered to get off their ass and vote. IMO this is the single biggest issue, Conservatives VOTE. They vote no matter what. They'll stand out in the rain and snow to vote. They'll vote for people they don't like for reasons like the Supreme Court. I read so many conservative people in the lead-up to the 2016 election say they don't like Trump but were going to vote for him anyway because of the court. How'd that work out for them? They got 2 SC justices out of that vote and counting. Even if they hate Trump's guts, that is a massive reward for putting up with him for 4-8 years. And if it's 8 years. who knows? How much longer can RGB hold out? I just don't understand why liberals have a more difficult time with this. In light of how shitty things are, in light of conservative attempts to gerrymander and disenfranchise potential liberal voters - why don't those very actions piss people off to the point that they'd jump through a flaming hoop to get to the polls on election day? At some point, if you aren't willing to do something as simple as register and vote, you are complicit in the shitty things happening around you.
  12. S John

    The Scent of a Man: A cologne thread

    Hey, I’m coming around! Just experienced a little sticker shock with the one I particularly liked but will probably go for it eventually. It wasn’t prohibitively expensive and would probably last me years, it was just more than I thought it would be. My grandpa used old spice too and I definitely associate it with him, but now there’s like 50 different old spice deodorant scents besides the original and none of the others smell like the old school one as far as I know. I guess my point is that you may have already inadvertently put out for an old spice wearin’ bastard without realizing it.
  13. S John

    What binds people together (?)

    Oh, I do. I much more closely align with the Dems than the R's but I think this blurb you quoted is 100% true - The left believes that rightwing tribalism – bigotry, racism – is tearing the country apart. The right believes that leftwing tribalism – identity politics, political correctness – is tearing the country apart. They are both right.” I agree though that the whole premise feels pretty much self-evident to me. Not sure I need a book to lay it all out for me.
  14. S John

    The Scent of a Man: A cologne thread

    I am typically deodorant only but it’s funny this topic came up because I almost bought some cologne a few days ago for the first time in years. I was in a men’s store with my fiancé looking for a shirt and they had a few colognes that we were going through for shits and giggles. There were a couple that smelled fuckin awesome and I really thought about buying one of them in particular (was called cowboy grass) but I felt it was too expensive for something I wouldn’t use very often. My general thoughts on cologne are that it can be a good addition to a man’s repertoire, as long as you don’t overdo it. It’s supposed to be for when people are close to you, not for the whole room.
  15. Miller and Trump both, it's part of the strategy. They want to stay at the top of the news cycle at all times, even if its negative. Maybe its just me, but it seems like in past administrations in my lifetime there have been weeks at a time where things were generally quiet and I didn't give too much (or any) thought on what the President is doing. Certainly stretches of multiple days. Nowadays if I'm out in the field or something for a several days I know that when I come back into cell phone coverage range there will be at least ONE thing that Trump did during that time that made the top of the news, and maybe several things. But I think this is all part of the game for Trump & Co. We will not be allowed to forget about who is in charge for any significant amount of time until those people are no longer in office. During the campaign Trump employed his bombastic style as a way to get the media to do some of his work for him (for free), and it worked. It is still working and they are still doing this. And why wouldn't they? Trump's base already deeply distrusts the media and Trump has cultivated that feeling. Negative stories about Trump have a hard time gaining any traction against him and actually often reinforce their view that the media is biased an unfair. Meanwhile, clearly pro-Trump outlets like Fox get a pass on their own bullshit because they act as a balance to the overwhelmingly liberal (in their view) media. It's a pretty masterful distortion and I'm not really sure how to untie that knot. I'm sure the admin. would prefer if more of the media attention was positive, but they've gotten pretty good at turning negative stories into 'liberals out to get Trump' stories which is the next best thing. And while I think Trump is a dishonest bully and I don't like him one single bit, honestly, so far not a single one of the parade of scandals that the media (social and traditional) has gotten into a lather over as the point where Trump finally crossed the line has changed a damn thing about the fact that Trump and his party currently have full control over the legislative and executive branches of government. His approval ratings have been steadily improving, for Christ sake. And the real coup is going to be if jack shit comes out of the Mueller investigation. If whatever comes out of it isn't irrefutably damning to Trump himself, it'll have been better if it hadn't happened at all because all the relentless press coverage over the past year or so will be far too easy to spin as the witch hunt that Trump says it is. If that happens, get ready for 4 more years.