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  1. They aren’t plagued with the anxiety that self examination and the consideration of others inflicts on the rest of us.
  2. Honestly, ‘not-Trump‘ is absolutely good enough for me this cycle. I’ll enthusiastically vote for Biden without necessarily being enthusiastic about Biden the person.
  3. Nice man. I’m sure it is much easier sitting on the couch and yelling answers at the TV than it is in front of a full house with the knowledge that millions will watch at home. There are days when I feel like I’m torching through categories (from my couch of course) and could possibly beat the contestants, but then there are other days when I’ll watch a whole episode and feel like I only knew like 5 clues in the whole damn thing and would clearly have gotten my ass handed to me by any of the three. Really a lot of variables, and it’s not at all uncommon to see a contestant face-plant so I’d be thrilled to win any match, even just the first. That’s a great claim to fame, IMO.
  4. That’s awesome! How’d you do? I’ve always kinda wanted to tryout but the thing stopping me is and has always been the part where you have to tell Alex something interesting about yourself. I ain’t here to chat, Alex. Let’s get to the fucking questions.
  5. It’s also just the way he goes about it, like a bull in a china shop. WE’RE BANNING IT. The irony of it is that Trump will go hard against TikTok and Huawei - which I agree with - but in withdrawing US aid and influence around the world China is filling the vacuum in a lot of places.
  6. Ah, for some reason I thought I was in the politics thread.
  7. I know there are major societal issues with population decline and having an aging population, but this feels like good news to me? At least as one concerned with the survival and well being of the human species as a whole. When balancing the woes of an elderly society with the risks of overpopulation - especially in light of climate change, I think an 8.8B population in 2100 is way preferable to an 11B global population. The world continues to develop and the more people we have living in industrialized societies, the worse off our environment will be until we are able to shift to renewable energy sources.
  8. Dear God. Is that standard now? Granted, I’ve been out 15 years but that’s nearly triple what mine were, and I definitely had difficulty coping with that on an entry level salary in addition to rent and other expenses.
  9. Any chance Trump’s delay the election tweet backfires? Surely there is a bottom for his supporters somewhere. He might be floating it to see what it does to his numbers. Not that I don’t take it seriously, just trying to find some silver lining.
  10. I realized a long time ago that I am not wired to become a wealthy CEO because as soon as I finished year 1 of my 14.5 million average CEO salary I would fucking quit and retire. As long as you didn’t do anything obscene with the money, like buy a ridiculous castle or a bunch of dumbass cars or something, that’s a god damn fortune and you are set for life. Move to the mountains and do fun things all day and tell workin’ for a living that it can fucking pound sand. I honestly have a hard time understanding why literally everyone who gets in those positions doesn’t do that. Which, probably, is why I’ll never get anywhere near a position like that.
  11. If you have an observatory nearby you might also check if they have star parties. My wife grew up at a remote observatory where her dad worked as an astronomer and if you go there for a star party they’ll have the big guns pointed at whatever is most visible at the time. I’m sure the astronomers at something like that would have a few thoughts on hobby telescopes, and it’s a cool thing to check out even if they don’t.
  12. I tend to pop in and out so I did not see that. The reason that hasn’t happened yet comes down to abortion. Abortion is still such a powerful wedge issue in the US. For many, many, many Christian voters it is the be all, end all issue. Christian voters will start with the premise that Trump will appoint pro-life judges, which he has done, and appointing pro-life judges = doing God’s work. It’s as simple as that. Everything else, every pathetic half-assed excuse they’ll make for him, or any republican for that matter, comes down to that one single thing. The country could literally be in ashes, and it’ll still be difficult to find a well known fundamentalist leader who is going to speak out against Trump when Trump’s defeat means judges who will defend Roe v. Wade. Were it not for abortion I think there’d be a more even ideological split amongst evangelicals and socially conservative Catholics since the Dems tend to favor helping the poor, ensuring heath care, etc. But social conservatives have done a magnificent job of using the abortion issue to blind a massive chunk of voters to anything else. For the conservative Christian, all the other right-wing policies are just barnacles stuck to the bottom of the pro-life hull. They’ll go along with those policies and find ways to justify them, just as long as they can rely on pro-life being a part of the platform. Oh yea. I feel like there’s no way Biden’s current numbers will hold til November, though I’m hopeful that they will. Even without any further surprises I think most conservatives dissatisfied with Trump will ultimately return to the fold and vote for him. Just hoping the current lead is enough of a cushion to hang on for the W.
  13. I’ve seen quite a few conservative folks resort to the ‘God works in mysterious ways’ argument to defend the fact that POTUS is a scumbag. The argument is basically that God sometimes chooses imperfect instruments (cite King David here), Trump is doing Gods work (particularly in the pro-life department) and we should all just cut him some slack and not feel bad about supporting someone who is the antithesis of just about every value we teach our children. I’m not particularly receptive to these arguments, and I’m not exactly religious besides. But setting aside for a moment the obvious fact that Obama was president for 8 years - and where did God stand on that one? - I’m starting to get excited about pointing out that God must have wanted Biden to be president so badly that he literally sent a plague. Not to be callous about something so serious, but coronavirus has really done Biden a solid. Trump had been so lucky to not have faced many major external crises and then this comes along and everyone gets to see how he handles something big and he completely shits the bed on it. Now we all see how this guy ‘leads’. It has allowed Biden - a notorious gaffe machine - to seem like a stately, sane, steady presence by largely staying behind the scenes, reading from scripts, and not rage tweeting conspiracies. It has damaged the economy, arguably Trumps only strong point. Covid also might allow Biden to get out of an in-person debate with Trump where I fear he wouldn’t do well. Honestly no other kind of crisis that I could think of could possibly be more suited to helping Joe win the presidency. If only we could hold the election today. I am not one to count my chickens before they hatch, but it seems to me God’s will is being made clear. Rejoice!
  14. Good to know that if I launch a crime spree in my 60’s it’ll be deemed unfair to punish me too much.
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