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  1. S John

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    No thanks. There are plenty of liberals living in red states, just as there are plenty of conservatives in blue states. Trump and much of his cabal are New Yorkers for Christ sake. Almost every big city in the country is blue, even if they are islands in the Red Sea. Unfortunately, an amicable split along state lines is not going to be a satisfactory outcome for anyone. If it were that simple I wouldn’t be all that opposed to it, really. The political well is so thoroughly poisoned right now that I do think we are in some trouble as a unified country. Not immediate danger or anything but I think the foundations are weakening. The political discourse is really nasty and people genuinely hate each other over politics to a degree which I don’t think I’ve personally witnessed in my lifetime. I think Obama getting elected -and then getting re-elected - really sent some folks over the edge because he was such an inspiring figure. I think the opposition saw that and knew they couldn’t let it stand or they’d lose a generation of voters and so anything and everything they could think of was trotted our to demonize the guy. You should see the ridiculous things routinely said about Obama on conservative sites that are stated as though they are a basic established fact. Ranges from the birther conspiracy still rearing its head to the simple statement that Obama ‘hated America’. The unquestioned idea that Obama literally hates America is extremely common. Anyway, the reaction to Obama is where the right wing really went mainstream in courting conspiracy theorists and that normalizing of lunacy led directly to the absurd reality of President Donald Trump. And now not only can we not even agree on what is and what is not a fact, but the president of the United States actively obfuscates and fans the flames. We need a great leader to emerge. We don’t have that now, and when you look over at the bench nobody really stands out either.
  2. S John

    American Princess

    I would say she hit the jackpot IF the British royals weren't under such a microscope all the time on both sides of the pond. I would personally hate that level of fame, never being able to go anywhere without causing a kerfuffle. However, if I could marry into foreign royalty and also be kind of under the radar and I just got to go around being extremely wealthy while smoking cigars in the off-limits areas of kick ass historical palaces and manors then sign me the fuck up. Give me the address where I surrender my American passport and be expecting it soon.
  3. S John

    Screw the banks

    I don't necessarily disagree but I think it's easier said than done for most people and it's not strictly from a lack of discipline. A whole array of financial kicks to the nuts can strike at any time. It's pretty easy to get caught flat-footed and all of the sudden need a new car right after you had a surgery or had to replace the HVAC on your house, etc, etc. One thing I've been doing lately is withdrawing cash at the beginning of every month for discretionary type spending. For things like going out for a beer, getting a coffee (if I drank coffee, which I don't because it is a hideous beverage), a meal out at a restaurant, etc. That way I have a set monthly limit and I can see how fast it goes. The first month I did this, it was pretty eye opening and I would recommend anyone try it who has ever wondered what the hell happened to their bank account in a given month. It is way too easy to use a debit or credit card and not think about it too much. Plus its great to pay with cash at bars and restaurants, the servers get a cash tip and I can bust outta there whenever I feel like it.
  4. S John

    Screw the banks

    Not being wealthy is expensive and it's is a major fixture of our system. There are many, many examples of it aside from bank account shenanigans. If you can walk into a car dealership with cash not only will you avoid paying interest over 5 years or so, but you'll be able to negotiate a better overall price as well. Same with buying a house. Makes sense on some level, the wealthy get a better deal because it's surer bet, but it still sucks for those of us who will pay more for the same car or house than a wealthy person would despite being less able to afford it.
  5. 18. I don't know if I would go as far as to say that I miss it, but I'm with you here. Never had any issues living with my parents. I stayed with them for a couple months as an adult after grad school while I was working part-time and looking for a permanent job and it was completely fine. Got along with them (for the most part) as a kid as well.
  6. S John

    Careerchat II

    Congrats! Glad everything is working out. Good work on learning Python as well. I tried once and learned I'm pretty shit at programming.
  7. S John

    Laurel or Yanny?

    I hear Laurel so distinctly every time that I honestly think the Yanny's are just trying to fuck with me.
  8. S John

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    Yep. Old people love Fox News. My 87 yr. old grandma watches it almost non-stop. It really does shape the world view of a lot of people, particularly those who are old and don't really get out on their own all that much.
  9. S John

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed. There's too much noise. All the scandals on top of the tweets and whatever other crazy shit Trump is doing. There are now 'sides' even when dealing with simple objective facts. It's like, fuck, I have to go to work and pay the bills. I can't keep up with all of this. And really, whats the point? I've never had much desire to be politically active on my own time and I already know how I'm voting come November. Fuck it.
  10. S John

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    That’s what I’m leaning towards, it’s ends down now - why tempt fate? Or you’ve created a system where the good and bad luck cancel each other out. Not a bad strategy.
  11. I didn’t want to start a whole new thread but the other one was closed and this one particular small thing is bothering me. Feel free to contribute other small things as appropriate. Anyway, when you hang a horseshoe should it go ends up or ends down? There’s a couple schools of thought on this, apparently. One is that with ends up you catch all the good luck and that’s how it should go, while the other is that ends down spreads all the good luck throughout the area so that is how it should go - with the opposite in both cases obviously being BAD luck. I’m about to move to a different house so I’ve been giving my possessions a somewhat more critical eye than usual. Currently the horseshoe is ends down. I need to know if I have to change this for the new place and flip it around. I personally think they look better with the ends up, as with the Indianapolis Colts logo for example, but my luck hasn’t been particularly bad lately with my ends down shoe. So the question is if my luck would actually be better if I flipped it. Maybe having it ends down has been holding me back from really great luck instead of just standard luck. Or maybe ...having it ends down is the only thing preventing disaster in the few years since I found it and flipping it to have the ends up would assure destruction and doom.
  12. S John

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    The coal mining example is hard for most people, including me, to wrap their head around. The coal industry has raped and pillaged the state of West Virginia for over 100 years and what does the state have to show for it? Fucking jack shit, that's what. Dead last or nearly dead-last in just about every single negative category you can think of. Education is terrible, infrastructure is terrible, there's a major drug problem, environmental degradation, etc, etc. It's hard to understand how people keep floating the same old solutions and how it keeps working. Part of it is that the situation is so desperate that any jobs are welcome with open arms. And when your workforce isn't highly educated, coal and natural gas are the quickest path to meeting immediate needs. Most of my family still lives there, and most of them (but not all) voted for Trump. There are zero coal miners in my family. My great-great grandfather was killed in a mine explosion in 1912 and his son decided to open a saloon instead of making a living underground and nobody in my family has gone down there ever since. But part of it is that my relatives remember what it was like in the 1940's-early 70's when a lot of the state was thriving economically and they were (and are) eager to believe anyone who promised a return those times. That's what Trump was selling while Clinton was promising a more realistic (but less desirable locally) outcome, where the workforce retrains and basically ships out of some of these rural areas where there is literally no other work. That's a sacrifice many people have made, but it also essentially destroys some of these communities and generations of heritage in the area. It represents the end of a way of life. I think most of us who are modern in our thinking and posses a university education generally don't balk at splitting from your family and moving all over the country in pursuit of the best possible career opportunity, but historically speaking, that is kind of weird and unusual.
  13. S John

    This new forum is the bomb!

    I agree, it’s pretty cool. Looks nice. Seems like there’s some iteration of a ‘like’ button as well which I personally approve of. I was a fan of the original experiment with a voting system on here, but I think taking out the dislike is a good compromise between those who liked it and those who didn’t care for it.
  14. S John

    The Significant Handshake - France on Citizenship

    Even more than that, imo. Literally almost everyone is capable of behaving in a civil manner towards one another (off of the internet, anyway).
  15. S John

    The Significant Handshake - France on Citizenship

    Jesus Christ. Just shake the fucking hand. It’s really not unreasonable. Sometimes in life multiple things that are important to you come into conflict and you must decide to either concede on one front or the other - or walk away. That is life. Make your decision and live with the consequences.