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  1. There are times when I feel that some on the American left need to re-examine the obvious truth that in order to become President of the United States the candidate is going to need a significant number of white people to vote for them. We are changing demographically, but you still can’t alienate vast swathes of the largest demographic in the country and expect to win. We have to operate within the framework of the country we have. I think one of the reasons Obama was so successful is that his message was one of unity. I don’t think this country is fundamentally unwilling to elect women, people of color, lgbt folks. All of those things will eventually happen. What I think unites the umbrella of voters on the American left are messages of hope and unity and pride in a shared vision for a better future for all of us. If the left actually has significant factions of people accusing Buttigieg, of all people, of being a white supremecist, and that is the tone we are going to strike in this primary - then let me be the first to congratulate to Trump on his 2020 victory. Fortunately I do not think there is a large faction doing that, I think this is the internet where we tend to find stronger opinions than those found IRL.
  2. I had 2 loans, a big one and a little one. I paid off the big one a while back and I busted my ass to do it. I’ve been letting the small loan ride, it’s not much money per month and I think I only owe 3k-ish on it. Anyway, I am for reigning in the cost of college and all that, but on some level it would suck balls that I jumped through hoops to buy my freedom from debt way ahead of schedule only to have that effort nullified, and in fact kind of made to look like a foolish and rash decision, via a general amnesty. Should I be eligible for a 40k check? Student loans set me back too, I just made it a priority to get out from under them. Should people like me also be compensated for having had to start out underwater?
  3. S John

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Lately finished The Light Fantastic for a little closure on the Rincewind / Twoflower / Luggage saga. Enjoyed it, but will take a Discworld break for a few books I think. Over the weekend finished The City and the Stars by Arthur C. Clarke. I liked it but probably not quite as much as the other Clarke novel I read this year (Rendezvous with Rama). Overall though I have found myself really digging the old sci-fi stuff I’ve been sprinkling into my reading diet over the past couple of years. Even if certain ideas fall flat after 40 to 70ish years its always interesting to me to read speculations about the future that come from that time period near the dawn of the space / computer / atomic age. And really, a lot of it is impressively prescient. Maybe they didn’t nail the exact form but there are plenty of ideas way ahead of thier time. Makes it fun to delve into occasionally. For a complete shifting of gears I’m currently reading A Distant Mirror by Barbara Tuchman. It’s a general overview of the numerous disasters that plagued 14th century Europe with a lot of information about the culture and structure of society at that time. Good stuff so far, but it’s fairly lengthy and I have a feeling I’ll be at this one for a few weeks.
  4. S John

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    Will be nice that no matter who wins it’ll be a new champion. Suck it blue bloods . On the other hand this kind of makes me depressed because if UVA and TTU can make it this far so could WVU. Maybe I’ll live to see it, but I doubt it.
  5. S John

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    Gotta give Guy credit for sinking all three. I don’t think there are many humans on the planet who could do the same consideringthe situation. Thought for sure he’d miss at least one.
  6. S John

    Careerchat III

    Nice man, congrats
  7. S John

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    I agree. Odd choices here. I've heard Cronin was in the mix for VT should Buzz leave but I imagine if UCLA came calling that would throw a wrench into that. Assuming he'd leave his alma mater to begin with. Shaka Smart being top 3 is just baffling to me. I've made my thoughts clear on the job he's done at Texas. It would be pretty amazing to turn that 'meh' showing into a blueblood gig.
  8. S John

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever totally struck out on the Final Four. Had Duke, Gonzaga, Tennessee, and Houston. Ouch. I was down on Texas Tech going into the tourney becuase the last thing they did before the first round was lose to a BAD (though admittedly kind of improving) WVU team. Now I’m fully on the TTU train because this season was so bad for the Mountaineers that at least if TTU wins it all I can say, ‘Ha! We beat them.’ It is not much to hang your hat on, but it’s all 2018-2019 has left me with.
  9. S John

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    Yea I think I'm done after Tenn. lost. I had them in the final with Duke winning. So many other people picked Duke that without getting both the champ teams correct I'm definitely toast.
  10. S John


    Good timing on the necro! My wife and I are going to pick up our new dog in San Antonio on Saturday. He's a 3yr old Aussie/ Terrier mix of some kind. He's got good reviews from the shelter people and he's also really cute. We've had an eye out for a while, ever since we had to send our little foster guy back to his real family. We had a hard time deciding between a puppy from a breeder or a shelter dog because the dog we were watching (Winston) was a King Charles and we both loved that dog and when we looked up personality traits of the breed it seemed like all the major things we liked about Winston were typical characteristics. He was awesome... but they are expensive dogs and navigating whether or not a given breeder is good or not is a difficult task. We really thought about biting the bullet and getting one, but this guy we're getting Sat. popped up at a shelter we follow in west Texas and decided to snatch him up. Excited about it!
  11. S John

    How often have you cracked your phone?

    Lol, I wish!
  12. S John

    How often have you cracked your phone?

    Probably twice. I love the sleek look of an iPhone without the stupid, clunky suit of armor everyone puts on there. Completely ruins the aesthetic of the object. But, so does a cracked screen, and ever since I started using an otterbox a couple of phones ago I have not cracked the screen again and I drop my phone all the time.
  13. S John

    Careerchat III

    At this point in my career I would take the money. I have pursued jobs that paid less and stayed in them for a long time because I liked the work. After a while though, for me anyway, a job is a job. Even an enjoyable one comes with bullshit sometimes, and if I’m showing up somewhere and putting up with bullshit, I might as well get fuckin paid. Obviously there is a line somewhere where the bullshit exceeds being worth the money, but I’d err on the side of the cash. I stayed in my last job making less than I should have been for too long probably. If you’re making 20-30k below what you could be, think about how that adds up over time. In 3-4 years time you’ve earned ~$100,000 less than you could have. I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I have no financial safety net, neither my wife nor myself can expect parental financial help at any point in our lives. Without the prospect of an inheritance floating my way one of these days, the older I have gotten, the more Ive realized that taking the 50k job that makes me happy when I could be doing 30% better than that is a luxury that I do not really have in this country where we don’t have much of a social safety net to carry us through times of illness and old age.
  14. S John

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    Recently finished 'The Mask of Apollo' by Mary Renault. Historical fiction set in Ancient Greece from the perspective of an actor who is sort of a minor character in the lives of Dion, Dionysius, and Plato. Book is split between Athens and Sicily and pretty much revolves around political turmoil in Syracuse. Picked this one up on a whim at a University surplus sale about a year ago and I'm glad i finally got around to reading it. The author clearly knows a lot about the time period. I appreciated that it was a different take on most historical fiction that I read where the main character is a king or a warrior or something. The perspective of an actor was an interesting take on the genre and injected the story with all kinds of interesting nuggets about Ancient Greek theater that I had no previous knowledge about. It didn't blow my mind or anything, but this book was solid and I'm curious to read another one from Renault now. Last night finished 'All the Pretty Horses' by McCarthy. My wife was borrowing it from a coworker and asked me if I wanted to read it before giving it back. Figured, what the hell. I've not read much McCarthy, and don't know if I intend to, but I found several sequences in this book to be really enjoyable. Not sure what I'll read next. I'm leaning towards The Light Fantastic while The Color of magic is still relatively fresh in my mind. Got a couple of Arthur C. Clarke books on stand-by I want to read too, as well as Bank's Player of Games, which I bought anyway after saying I wasn't going to until I'd cleared some other books.