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  1. I believe, in this theory, it was the Tattered Prince.
  2. I'm with @40 Thousand Skeletons. Doran is not written to be foolish or stupid. Maybe some of his bannermen and relatives believe him to be, but the Dornish have no patience for plotting and scheming. Doran does. No matter what his plots and schemes are, if they aren't open war, or assassinations and murders, his people will think him weak and soft. That does not make him weak and soft, though. I don't believe his plots and schemes will play out for him in the end, but I do think he will surprise us all with some cunning and deft maneuvers that are yet to be plainly spelled out.
  3. HaeSuse

    If dany becomes queen, what would she change?

    Immediately be assassinated by someone or another.
  4. I've got one: Varys: teehee!
  5. HaeSuse

    When did bastards happen?

    Nah, think about it yourself. It's plain and clear and easily deduced. Bastards have existed, and have been scorned ever since.... Marriage was an institution. Can you seriously dream up a world where people swear to be together for life, swear to raise their children together, swear to be honest, loyal and noble to each other.... but where Bastards are also welcome and accepted? No. No wife would want that. No husband would want that. No child would want that. Bastards have existed and been viewed with scorn and derision, since marriage began.
  6. Naw. It'll be "... and Moonboy, for all I know."
  7. Baelish. Your question was "most fit to rule". Not, "best ruler for the people". Assuming LF can put a child on some noble woman or another to have heirs, he's the most capable ruler. Again, his rule might not be the best for each realm, each house, each kingdom.... But he'd keep it running, and keep money flowing, and hold his enemies at bay. Baelish, I say. (not A LF apologist, just being for real, here). If the question was "which house would rule the best for the smallfolk", I'd go with Tyrell. If the question was "which house would rule the best for the noble houses", I'd go with Lannister. If the question was "which house would rule with the most justice and fairness all around", I'd go with Stark. If the question was "which house would guarantee ruin and pain and destruction for all", I'd go with Targaryen.
  8. HaeSuse

    Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    I'm going with.... no one. He will die before any such thing can happen.
  9. HaeSuse

    How could Robb have won Walder Frey back?

    Yea, maybe that would've done it. But holy moses, really? That's giving half the kingdom to the worst major house in Westeros.
  10. HaeSuse

    My thoughts on the Tyrion Targaryen Theory

    For one, it wouldn't take away from any of his story. I mean, a dad hating his dwarf son, being ki;led by him, and then turning out to not even be his son? Poetic. For two, who cares. Tyrion's a beast, and the most fun POV to read. Any twists and turns will be fun, and a lack of them will be fine, too. He's just awesome, regardless of whether or not you LIKE him.
  11. HaeSuse

    Advice to Stannis Baratheon

    HOTK! ffs.
  12. HaeSuse

    The Best Fighters in the World

    I'm with you. I'd have to see it to believe it. In the only first person view of Jaime fighting, he's chained, emaciated, exhausted, unarmored, and long out of practice. And he's fighting one of the better fighters in Westeros in Brienne. And he nearly beats her, despite all of this. Brienne even muses on how bad she would've lost, if not for all of those disadvantages. I think if you gave naked Jaime a good sword, and said "here, kill Belwas; he's going to be trying to kill you," I think it would be a 50/50 tossup at worst.
  13. HaeSuse

    Lysa Arryn's treason?

    Treason that was pardoned when LF "brought her back into the fold", methinks. So many houses were turning openly against the IT in rebellion and open war, that a house who didn't do anything at all probably was let off with leniency, even if LF hadn't enacted his plan.
  14. HaeSuse

    promise me

    This is precisely the kind of stuff I was getting at. Or maybe he melts the wall, turning "snow" to "ice" as he takes his rightful place as a half targ half stark. etc etc etc. Thank you for getting it.
  15. HaeSuse

    promise me

    No, you miss my point. I made it clear, I thought. Maybe there is a language barrier. No worries. See ya around.
  16. HaeSuse

    promise me

    Oh dear jesus christ. I am not saying he would take the name Waters. I can't say that loudly enough, can I? This member of asoiaf.westeros.org is very much NOT implying that Jon Snow should, would or could take the last name Waters. However, what I AM doing is trying to ask if there could possibly be symbolism just in the very fact that he could possibly have turned out to have been a Waters. For instance, there is symbolism in Viserys wearing a crown of gold that Drogo gave him, even though he never sat the iron throne. There is symbolism in Cersei having a valonquar, even if it turns out to be Jamie instead of Tyrion. There can be symbolism in things that are yet to come, or will never come at all. GRRM doesn't rely solely on symbolism of the true, the fact, the real. He also uses symbolism of the false, the lies, the yet to come, the never to come. Oh, just forget it. I was never here.
  17. HaeSuse

    promise me

    I think you guys miss my point. I know that they take the name according to their upbringing. I'm not claiming Jon should change his bastard last name. Or that it would even be worth mentioning, except that GRRM uses symbolism like no one else. And I'm asking for thoughts on whether the surname Waters would possibly have any bearing on Jon as a person, his story arc, the greater plot of the books, etc. Regardless of the above quoted stuff, does Jon Waters potentially bring any new symbolism into the books?
  18. HaeSuse

    Tywin Lannister Plan B

    HOTK, ffs.
  19. HaeSuse

    promise me

    And... as a followup... isn't Jon Snow, if rightfully the spawn of Rhaegar and Lyanna, actually Jon Waters? And if so, is there a ton of imagery and symbolism to read into that?
  20. HaeSuse

    promise me

    I don't think there's anything here to see. Lyanna knew that Bobby Baratheon would kill the baby boy, if he knew his father was Rhaegar. Ned just promised to keep his secret. The "price" was just his broken trust with Cat, and lying to Robert. All the more reason why Ned told Jon he would tell him more of his mother the next time they met, as Jon would then have taken the vows, and be beyond Robert's reach and concern. Robert also didn't kill Aemon, though he knew that the Maester was a Targ. It's all wrapped up nicely, with a little bow on it, once you look for it. You've got to remember, so many people take R+L=J as true that it has become commonplace. The TV show has added to that. But if no forums had ever come up, if it was still a series with a small following, most readers wouldn't have even connected the dots yet. We have the dots all spelled out, due to forums like this, the Show, etc. R+L=J, if true (and it almost has to be), implicitly carries with it the required promise from Ned to Lyanna to raise Jon, and to protect his identity. Meaning, if Rhaegar and Lyanna made Jon Snow, then Ned had to do all of those things, and Lyanna had to ask for them.
  21. HaeSuse

    Tywin Lannister Plan B

  22. HaeSuse

    Dullest characters

    Because the part of the story I enjoy the most is the Stark/Lannister interaction. She is, in my mind, the most important Stark, as far as that backdrop goes. Bran and Jon will end up being responsible for more stuff than her, but not as it pertains to those two houses. She is the lynchpin in that story line, imho, and so I want to watch her get the short straws, so that when she finally draws the long straw, it will be so incredibly rewarding. I'll be heartbroken if she dies an inglorious death.
  23. HaeSuse

    Dullest characters

    For me, it's a lot of things, but mainly.... Because in most of the other parts of all of the books, a character will show up in Sansa's chapter, then Tyion's chapter, then Davos's chapter, etc. But 99% of Dany's interactions have been with people who only show up in Dany chapters (this gets less so in aDwD, I guess). Sure, she impacts the story tangentially. But, Xaro Xoan Daxos (or w/e his name is)? Literally, only Dany's chapters. etc etc etc. That's why I do enjoy Whitebeard. It's like trying to keep up with TWO copies of War and Peace. One is enough.
  24. HaeSuse

    Dullest characters

    I think a good barometer for "dull" in the sense the OP asked it, is "do you enjoy, and really want to read that person's chapters", assuming they are a POV character- if not a POV character, then the same question but change the end to "chapters involving that person". I literally can't stand reading about Dany. And I can only a slight bit more stand reading about Jon. That's the definition of dull. It is work for me to read about Dany. Whereas I enjoy reading about Sansa, Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei, Catelyn, Brienne, Davos, Arya, Bran, and even Theon.
  25. HaeSuse

    Dullest characters

    I love warging, and the direwolves. I love the green dreams, and Bran's plot. He doesn't have to be a defense against the Others. He could just as easily have fulfilled his destiny by saving the realm.