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  1. There seems to be a consensus here, I also gave 8 for the first one and 9 for this one. The first one got the environments, the people and the little details right. The second one did the same, but it also had interesting stories to tell. Sure, they're (mostly) all from the book, but I think this episode showed that the producers did the transition from book to the screen exceptionally well. It almost seems as if ASOIAF had always been intended as a TV script. The deviations from the original text were all well done. The multiple POVs worked, the storylines worked, the chemistry between the actors worked - even the direwolf action worked, and I was very sceptical of that. So altogether a very polished episode that can stand proudly on its own, although its certainly a "transition" episode with so much travelling in it. I can only imagine how great this show will be when they get to the REALLY meaty stuff. If they don't screw up big time when it really matters, I really can't see this show going wrong at this point.
  2. waiting for the Dance