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  1. I have done the trip from Sydney to Darwin and a few other parts numerous times. In NSW and Qld generally, the further you head west, the worse the roads get but there is less traffic. If you've got a lot of time, the Pacific and Bruce highways are good for small coastal towns but the roadworks and traffic make for a very long trip. If you're planning to see any of the reef and you are driving, you're sure to be on the Bruce at some point, especially if you go to Cairns which is beautiful. You can get from there to NT and the Stuart highway through Normanton and Heartbreak hotel but the roads are a lot better if you go down through Mt Isa and Camoweal to three ways/tennant creek. Either way still misses Longreach and Winton which are good to visit. Once you get north of Katherine, Litchfield National Park is awesome and I think better than Kakadu. The Stuart highway is 130 for a lot of it and is a good road so easy to do. I definitely recommend Mataranka hot springs if you are travelling anti-clockwise as its an oasis after a long drive through not much at all. If you want to do the full Stuart highway, have a look at the Ghan as you can put vehicles on it and get out at Alice. If you really want to see the outback, you could go from Alice to Boulia down the plenty or from Yulara to Laverton on the way to Perth. Any trip you do will have to be planned around weather. You don't want to be north between mid-December and Easter as you will get flooded somewhere. Tourism in Tassie is pretty much closed (except for MOFO) outside of that time anyway so its good to do the south during our summer. Hope this helps.
  2. Oil production in the US is still behind 2020 levels (the year of the CCP endorsed lockdowns) and almost 10% behind 2019. This is even worse when you consider that under Trump oil production was increasing by more than 10% each year.
  3. I'm sure the media will be very even handed in any hypothetical situation you can come up with. As evidence of how they actually act, please see how differently rape allegations against the ALP leader (Bill Shorten) were handled compared to that of a liberal front Bencher (Christian Porter). Some people who are "full of shit" as you call them will easily come up with a reason why this is ok but its just partisan BS.
  4. As you can probably tell by the replies, its not about the country that spent 30 years nuking south pacific islands and whose most recent naval victory was sinking the Rainbow Warrior. We have an election coming up which means it doesn't matter who attacks the the current PM, the ABC along with the non taxpayer funded left wing media will run this on the front page until they get a new thing to pin on him or someone he was photographed with once.
  5. Where did you find this info as the federal election before that had more than 18000 people who were recorded as voting twice or more?
  6. Never get between a state leader and a bucket of money. Or any politician really. If only the Queensland government had been given 12, maybe 18, months notice... They might have had time to get the heath system ready.
  7. NSW will still be the first state in Aus up and running as close as possible to normal again. Don't get stuck in Queensland without the ability to come home if you did wanna leave. With a government who spent millions if not billions (commercial in confidence you see) on afl finals, SOOs, Olympics bids, state grants to sporting venues, NRL finals and a vaccination hub that is unlikely to ever get used but is now going to the Scomo with cap in hand saying they don't have enough money for the health system. If only they'd had 18 months to get the health system up to a standard where an outbreak could be handled...
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