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  1. I fart in your general direction!
  2. I wonder how many times in league history that the seeds as ranked at the end of the season have played for the expected overall place? 1st place - #1 vs #2 3rd place - #3 vs #4 5th place - #5 vs #6 (#5 already won) 7th place - #7 vs #8 9th place - #9 vs #10
  3. That bites! if it makes you feel any better, I just tested positive too and have been quarantined to my bedroom.
  4. How about that projected score. 174.32 -174.33
  5. I’ll need it based on what your QB’s did last time they played each other!
  6. That was a little too close for comfort. Managed to sneak out with a win I wasn’t expected to.
  7. If only the season were over today….I’d still be in 2nd place.
  8. Are we going to change rosters back to normal for this semi-normal season?
  9. I’m going to only play in Experts this year.
  10. There went any chance I had in C...thank you Alvin
  11. Anyone else able to see the Pit-Bal game now scheduled for Tuesday? I made my pick last week but it is gone now.
  12. Saw this blurb on yahoo sports and it was discussed last night: " Eligibility for these slots(IR) requires an official designation of "out," IR or PUP."
  13. Anytime between 8-9EST is good for me. I would lean toward later given the choice but not a show stopper.
  14. Don’t worry about it Tywin. I’m good with the 2nd.
  15. Just a little colon donation...apparently we don’t need the whole thing. You’d think for $3K a night you’d get decent internet
  16. The 8th would have been best for me but it disappeared. I’m told that the hospital room I’ll be in from 9/4-9/7 may or may not have good internet reception. That’s a shame as I thought it might be interesting to do a draft while on morphine That being said, while the 5th would work better all things being equal, I’d say the 2nd would be my most stable option as I’d be in prep mode on the 3rd and surgery the morning of the 5th.
  17. I was going to vote 3, 2, 1, but I’m happy with the Super flex option as well for this year. Is this effective only in leagues A-C? I know JamieL have been involved in this discussion, but unsure if he is planning on doing something similar in Experts or keeping the status quo. I would be ok suspending the relegation for this year due to the circumstances. Perhaps we require some type of penalty, either game/league related or just for fun for those who fair the worst in lieu of relegation.
  18. Many considerations to consider including those already mentioned. I’d be ok with it; however, I also think the owner needs to share some burden of keeping up. Perhaps the backup QB’s for a team whose starter is designated COVID I/A can’t be picked up by anyone for “x” number of days after said starter is placed on the COVID list. After that, they are fair game to be picked up. Denoting the actual day they were placed on the list would be determined by the transaction date he was placed on the list. Or, to make it easier, they are off limits until after that team’s next game and then the backups can be picked up via waivers.
  19. I have no preference one way or the other. I can see the benefit this year, but I don’t think they should be very large since the rosters are already large to begin with. Trying to track COVID related IR would be cumbersome for the commish IMO.
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