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  1. I think you’re the one that needs to repent. 50+ threads on Bakker. What more can possibly be said?
  2. @Kalbear this is true. why I haven’t yet found a sci-fi book with your name in is a pure fucking tragedy.
  3. That helps me. That means I joined in Feb 2002 and my first meet up was with you iirc!
  4. A picture of EHK popped up in my memories a few days ago. Bittersweet.
  5. Sweet. I’ve added them to my tbr pile. Always on the look out for vampire books.
  6. Are we entirely happy using the word normalcy in conjunction with with place?
  7. Congrats to all of that. Wanna drop the names of the books so I can check them out?
  8. Our whole relationship is a lie. I though Zak bought it. Imma have to re-evaluate some stuff.
  9. The folding is imminent, I believe. It’ll just need IDS to bitch some more about the WA and EU will cave.
  10. Chaldanya

    Bakker LVII

    Jesus and all the little cherubs in heaven! This is still going? Well done, petals (I think)
  11. @needle pray to the fates that this doesn’t go the way of the marreid man thread
  12. Yo. it’s been a while. I married Ser Sean. We’ve been together for about 13 years and have two boys 8 and 2. I sometimes still think of this place. N
  13. We've played a couple of games of Gloomhaven. TheGamePitPodcast has Seany's take on it. Mine is: I'm not a huge fan of co-ops or D&Ds however the card mechanic that serves as actions AND health is new to me and very interesting. It puts you to game changing decisions fairly often so I find that keeps my interest. We haven't really played enough to serve as a campaign but I'm looking forward to seeing how my character develops over the next few games. I'm sure we'll get some time in over Christmas to get this to the table. Can't say much more for fear of spoilers
  14. That's yours? I was eyeing that up. There hasn't been a decent christmas game that I've seen so I've got high hopes for this and I do love a worker placement.
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